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    One of the reasons for me to buy the Cosmos is the Inside-out tracking so they can't argue that I should get the faceplate/sensor mod. I ask for a fully functional inside-out experience, nothing more and nothing less... @Dickytwo you playing on Steam account? Would like to have some Vice Cosmos competitors on my friends list. https://steamcommunity.com/id/a__jey/
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    Just for fun I thought I would try to install my Cosmos on my 2yo Alienware 17r4 gaming laptop (i7 7700hq 2.8/3.4Ghz, gtx1060 6gb, 32gb 2400 ram, 256mb ssd, 1 tb hdd). All I needed extra was to borrow a friend's Oculus Rift S mini DP adapter that came with his Rift S and does not need to use since he uses a desktop. Hard to believe that the much cheaper Oculus Rift S includes these for free but Vive doesn't. Anyway, it installed fine once I got past the error in the setup when trying to pair my controllers. The setup said to press the Vive button to pair but this did nothing. Drilling down a bit I found I needed to press the Vive and an upper controller button and then it paired fine. Actually works pretty well, much better than I expected. Of course I need to lower graphics setting, including SS quite a bit compared to my i9 9900k/gtx1080ti desktop but overall it still works and looks great with most VR games (not so great with X-Plane 11 though). Tracking with the latest beta still kinda sucks, lol! At least now I will be able to monitor its progress.
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    Where is the REST VIEW/RE-CENTER VIEW within the UI? Guess the message was passed along and the engineering "team" will get to it when they get to it. One picture shows a desk lamp that works perfectly fine with Oculus RIFT S, QUEST, etc. Laying in bed and watching movies is a real life action people with VR units do take advantage of in low light (with inside out tracking). Never does Oculus products tell you the lighting conditions are too poor to play with...at all. Other picture shows MAX lighting in room and the VIVE COSMOS will still from time to time say something regarding lightning, not enough features, or dont block cameras when putting on the HMD. Which is all a bunch of bull shit. (Please excuse the room; Contractor oversees.) Long story short: Oculus Rift S - NO issues on lighting, tracking, or to reset view within the UI. On a $400 device Vive Cosmos - Terrible issues with lightning, very poor tracking mentioned sooooo many times and will continue to be mentioned, and NO reset view at all within the UI on this $700 device. VIVE Cosmos Community Forum is dead. Nothing like Oculus or Valve's forums on consumer devices. Days go by with no action. Maybe the HTC team does see they dont have to play ball, because their following is dying off dramatically.
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    @stvnxu @C.T. Ok, as promised I spent some hours on recording stuff and putting it together and hopefully HTC uses this to get things done. @Dickytwo I guess you find yourself pretty much often in the same Beat Saber situations you'll see in this video. All tracking issues in a nutshell: But as I already told earlier: the tracking itself is more precise WHEN you • NOT turn your wrists inside or outside • Don't do movements which turn the controllers out of sight. Here's a proof for that (you can see that I don't do full swings to reach this level error free, also I avoided to turn the wrists in- or outside):
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    I rolled back to the stable version after that last beta update made my controllers unusable. I played some fallout 4 and the scopes were all over the place and aiming was impossible. I made the change you recommended and now I can actually aim properly. It's still a little unsteady when really close to the HDM but much better so either it works or there is some other variable that changes from day to day. So for me until proven otherwise this is a keeper. Thanks they should pay you for troubleshooting 😉 Fink @stvnxu @C.T.
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    @A-Jey Great videos, I haven't done as much in depth testing as that but I can see what you mean. Lighting doesn't look too bad and you have shelves etc. The one that plays up for me every time is Gangnam Style in Expert mode. You have to reverse the sabers for downward swipes and quickly jump left to right and vice versa to do the same. The Cosmos just cant cope and sabers stay where they were for a bit. Fail follows quickly.... If they could sort that stuff out plus decent tracking when the controllers are next to the headset, I would consider the critical stuff sorted. But given the time HTC has had, I'm not sure this will happen now. Which means that either you spend more to get base stations / faceplate or you realise you may have wasted £700 or equivalent on a dud. Either way, sad times..... Plus, with more impatience now apparent by the Cosmos posters on here, I am not seeing as many responses by HTC as before. Silence speaks volumes....
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    You can't answer three simple questions? You've certainly not convinced me that my original advice is ill-informed.
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    If you can see where it's been glued, then just glue it again. Leave if to cure/dry for at least 2 days to ensure all moisture has evaporated from the glue. It won't fog the lenses then.
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