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    VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released November 26th 2019  [System] Improved system stability for use over longer durations. [Tracking] Controller Optimized tracking trajectory for boxing style movements and archery games. Support simultaneous movement of occluded and non-occluded controller within the headset's field of view. [Vive Runtime] Added fallback controller type, support added from SteamVR Beta 1.9.4 onwards. [Vive Console] Solved a bug where the HMD firmware update might be interrupted during a software update. Synced camera pass-through settings with Lens. [OOBE & Room Setup] The how to wear the headset video now lets the user know they don't need to take off their glasses. Room setup can be triggered when in an untracked state by a long trigger press for 2 seconds (previously 3 seconds). Improved the OOBE flow when requesting a GPU driver update.
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    Two-handed shooting got better. In the past it was terrible. It’s very bad now. The problem with the loss of controllers. Often they are not there or they are not where you need to. Especially after starting the helmet. This has always been, but is now a little worse.
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    @EvanU5 - The base-station issue that's most feasible to self-repair is re-gluing a detached lens from the laser aperture - you can usually hear that lens floating about the device. Most other types of repairs require specialized equipment and usually requires the station to undergo a precision re-calibration process. @TomCgcmfc - That "fix" isn't really a fix. It simply reverts the firmware of the station back to an earlier version that lacks self-diagnostics and internal error reporting features. The issue will still be be present - it just doesn't get reported. In some failure states, this "fix" will an allow a rotor to emit bad sweep data rather than cutting power to the affected rotor/diode which can more negatively impact tracking than if only one of the rotors was outputting sweeps. The Valve employee who initially shared that procedure has publicly posted about regretting that they shared that procedure due to how much confusion it's caused on the care side. Most people who are using this "fix" still actually have an issue with their station but it certainly can help in some cases where firmware becomes corrupted or an update fails.
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    Sorry to say, but only minor improvements daylight tracking got a little better, but in a completly lit room, my controllers go sometimes everywhere, i had one time 10 minutes ago i had to wait a least a minute before the controllers where online again. I have been postiive for a long time, have tried to be supportive, but we need real improvements NOW. I want HTC Cosmos reward also the people who have already bought this headset and tried to help you improve it , we all paid maximum price ( but next friday it will 100 dollars less and 1 year viveport) so you could sell a headset that was working without the wordt tracking problems. I will not add this up to poor life choices, this is NOT a kickstarter or beta product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Open up the configuration file located in <Viveport install directory>\VIVE\Updater\App\ViveVRRuntime\ViveVR\ViveVRServer\config\default.vrsettings Under "collisionBounds" and "camera" you'll see options for the color (RGB) and alpha (A). Try setting these to zero. Feel free to mess with other values in this area to get rid of the bounds.
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    Apparently my repeated complaints about disabling the boundary - or setting the boundary to completely transparent, i.e. exactly zero, didn't get passed on to the engineers. If I sit near the boundary, the lines are still clearly visible and there's no way to disable that. I don't understand where did HTC get the idea that all users must always want to stand in the center of the play area and will never once in a while sit on the sofa which happens to be located exactly at the freaking play area boundary to enjoy some movie with the VR headset. Yeah the users must still want to see the boundary lines so much even though they drag the opacity settings all the way to the far left. Let's always show them the boundaries in the movie player, it's good for them. Please, HTC, this should be a very easy fix. I mean, this is my last post about this. If this never gets fixed, I'll just accept my fate and be responsible for my poor life choices.
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    Damn, whished to have more space in my cellar. But if I would place a pool table in there I would need to get rid of my Pinball Tables, C64, Amiga, Multimedia place and desk... *sigh*
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    Help.... I started the cosmos up tonight, updated the drivers. Found myself under the virtual floor? On top of that, if I cross the controllers in front of my face/headset, the virtual ones bounce in and away from me. The tracking issue appears to getting worse, not better. I keep defending HTC and this purchase but I’m starting to get the feeling that I’ve backed the wrong product... the oculus S is starting to look better and cheaper. I know this sounds ridiculous too. Another thing that’s adding to the feeling is that fact of asking over and over to get a clear idea of how the controllers are tracked so that I can assist in my own troubleshooting and diagnosis of a growing tracking issue, yet I’ve received no replies or info regarding this simple inquiry. I downloaded and printed up the cosmos 67 page user guide only to find it’s useless when troubleshooting the controllers? 50+ pages of info and directions for the headset, 2 pages of nothing really helpful about the controllers. Again. Just a little help please. Not asking for super secret HTC technological info here, just a basic understanding of controller tracking. I know they are mostly tracked by the cameras on the headset, what is tracking them when they are outside the range of camera view? @C.T.
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    My own apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’ll try and get the requested info back to you soon. Tonight, I started up the computer and cosmos to check for updates and found myself under the floor? My room settings need to be reset. Lol, having fun trying to understand why the setting keep changing with each new patch.
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    @SimonBritto - Reflections are the top cause for grey screens which usually indicate a tracking issue so you'll first you'll want to rule them out. To do so, generate a system report via SteamVR -> Generate System Report. Save it as a .txt, then open the document in notepad (or SteamVR's system report viewer) and search for the following term "back-facing". Here's what a reflection problem looks like in a system report: Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02.:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session You'll also be able to scan through and look for other tracking error messages - if something's wrong, you'll usually see the message repeated a bunch indicating it's a problem. If that doesn't shed light on anything, you'll want to look at where your antenna is pointed. It should be at least 3 feet off of the ground and pointed toward your playspace. It has a 150x150 degree FOV and a range of ~6m. You'll also want to check to see if the basestations are going into standby. Sometimes the stations will go into power management mode and shut off leading to a grey screen. If you plug in the linkbox's power and connect it via USB to the PC (without the HMDI/DP) you'll enable SteamVR to communicate with your basestations via bluetooth in wireless mode for station management. You can try going into the task manager and seeing if your CPU/GPU constrained when the grey screens occur - you'll be able to tell by the utilization being over 96%. @TomCgcmfc - is right about overclocking and voltage control, it is known to increase instability with VR hardware, specifically the wireless PCI-E card.
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    @EvanU5 - Basestations are high-precision mechanical devices that spin around at high-speeds. Each rotor in a basestation rotates at ~3600 rpm (~216,000 rotations per hour) so depending on your usage and a handful of other factors, they can eventually encounter wear and tear and other mechanical issues which can only be fixed by physically servicing them. It's simply a trade-off of being a mechanically based tracking system (with the benefit being higher fidelity tracking than other consumer systems). The newer 2.0 basestations are mechanical devices and thus share very similar constraints - issues just report under a different error code (usually a flashing red light) and there is one rotor rather than two. This is actually why we went with optical tracking as the default tracking mechanism for Vive Cosmos. Although optical tracking currently not as precise as basestation tracking, it doesn't rely on expensive mechanical devices such as base stations and offers an overall lower barrier of entry and maintenance than current externally tracked solutions Warranties very by country so I can't speak to your specific case. I'll PM you an address you can email for a second opinion.
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    Never mind. I uninstalled all "vive" programs and manually delete all "htc" folders in system drive but keep the app / game folders, and it finally work.
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