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    Hi all, Our latest update is out now to improve your overall Cosmos experience! Open your VIVE Console, and you'll automatically see a "Software Update" button if you're not on this latest version. VIVE Cosmos 1.0.5 – Release Notes 1. Room setup performance improved for low light environments. 2. Resolved a USB audio driver compatibility issue where audio would not play on certain system configurations. 3. Updated multiple languages strings throughout the out of box setup, Vive Console, and Origin. - Support for multiple languages on “Learn more page” in controller pairing (Arabic, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Czech, Denmark, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Spanish-US, Swedish) - Fixed Russian string overlap issues in Vive Console - Fixed Japanese missing character in Origin - Support Czech language in Origin Next Update (Late October Beta) We have seen the community feedback and are continuing to work to improve tracking overall. Our next update targeted for beta at the end of October will work to improve the following scenarios: HMD: Improved low light tracking, with better prediction during fast movements Reduced tracking jitter Compatibility for Vive Wireless Adapter Controllers: Low light tracking stability – we will be continuously improving tracking accuracy in low light conditions High brightness tracking stability – we will be improving tracking accuracy in high brightness environment Overall improvement for prediction models when a controller exits the headset’s FOV Faster and more accurate positional recovery when returning into the headset’s FOV Improved near HMD tracking, which should improve archery mechanics in games Improved slow movement occlusion tracking prediction We will have more optimizations and improvements not mentioned here that we will detail closer to release.
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    So, 3 years ago someone with a DK1 agreed with you. I'm sure your mother is very proud, lol! As far as I can see (no pun intended) none are currently using this tool and none are marching to your drum. Sorry but if there were an Ignore option with this forum you would be first on my list. However, please do not expect me to reply to any of your posts from this time on. Hopefully this will suit you as well. Maybe in 3 years time you can post this all over again, just like groundhog day lol!
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    Googling your VBIOS version of 86.04.7D.00.29 brings me to this result : So at least for the GTX 1070 at the MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF laptop the 86.04.7D.00.29 VBIOS is broken for the Rift S and there is an updated version for it that fixed it. Also from the same thread the updated version fixed the problem for the GTX 1070 for a MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RE. Another post for the Valve Index which also shows that the problem is not limited to one headset: You can't blame me if I think that what MSI support told you is wrong. In that last post for the Valve Index, a workaround that has been discussed in other cases is to use a old nvidia driver that doesn't produce the fault like the 417.71 one. Mind you the latest drivers claim that they added support for the Cosmos so old driver might not work.
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    @Dicehunter & @TomCgcmfc, I hear ya. I've personally submitted this request to our SW team. Please stay tuned. If I hear any updates, I'll be sure to let you know in this thread! Thanks, Steve
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    @hamez88 & @oxygen4004 & @TomCgcmfc Oh I understand what you're asking. With the current version, I don't believe that feature is available. This is great feedback though that I will share directly to our team to evaluate and potentially implement. I'll submit today and provide you any updates here when I hear back. Please feel free to follow up anytime by tagging me here or just PM me.
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    @ggvive000, I have a couple of notes on this: Focus/Focus plus are enterprise headsets - we strongly advise against consumers purchasing the Focus HMD - it's not a consumer product. It can only be purchased via enterprise.vive.com Focus is 3DoF - you'd need Focus plus and it's 6DoF controllers to being to approach parity for desktop usage We did announce a WiFi streaming solution to launch Viveport builds of SteamVR/OpenVR enabled content that is expected to enter early access in Q4 2019. That said, WiFi has limitations and our implementation is still not consumer oriented. In this case, rendering occurs on the GPU - the processor on the Focus is nowhere close to meeting the computational requirements to render PCVR content. Overall, if you're going to try and leverage the power of your PC GPU, you'd want to pick up a Vive wireless adapter to convert your desktop HMD into a wireless unit. The wireless adapter uses WiGig technology which enables multi-gigabit per second transmissions between the PC and the headset which is required to achieve quality parity to a tethered HMD.
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    @VizionVR - A couple of notes: Bluetooth power management must be disabled on each and every single SteamVR instance. You can ensure it's disabled via SteamVR -> Settings -> Bluetooth as well as SteamVR -> Settings -> Developer -> Disable Power Management. If you do not disable this on each and every station, an idle command can be sent out from one SteamVR instance that can affect multiple stations used for tracking by another HMD/session. Based on your description, this is my primary suspect. Currently, a SteamVR instance can only accept signals from a maximum of 4 stations during a tracked session. You cannot track an HMD using more than 4 stations currently. SteamVR doesn't have the most robust UX/UI for multistation setups beyond the basic channel configuration tool and they haven't released any documentation on the topic. Here are some tips that can be used: When setting up advanced spaces like this, we'd generally recommend that you run roomsetup for each station with only the stations that will be used for that tracking session plugged in. For instance, if you plan to have an HMD tracked by 4 specific stations, ensure that those are the only ones that are plugged in when you run roomsetup and ensure all others in the space are unplugged. The basestation channel manager has an icon that denotes a station is "observed in a tracking session". This icon generally means that a roomsetup has been run with those stations used as the primary tracking stations. Use this to validate that roomsetup is being trained to the correct stations. "Reflective surfaces" in practice are extraordinarily hard to track down without specialized equipment because materials interact differently with IR light than optical light. A material may not be reflective in the visible spectrum but may be highly reflective in the IR spectrum; the same is true with opacity, some visibly opaque materials will be complete transparent in IR and vice versa. To detect reflections, generate a system report or open up the SteamVR web console and search for the term "back-facing". I'll post an example of what a reflection looks like in the logs below. Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session I'll shoot you an email with some more information but I'd also generally recommend contacting support.enterprise@htc.com as this is an advanced use case.
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    Hello! I just recieved my vive and after connecting it, there's no image on cosnos and Console shows error 210. Restarting doesnt help. I dont have a DiaplayPort on my laptop, only mini Displayport, so i forced to use a adapter. Can this adapter cause these problems?
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    @Doodle - Most likely the limitations would be cabling and heat dissipation/shielding followed by occlusion. The wireless adapter has unique output parameters - basically the output/signal is optimized for the short cable. You won't be able to use the stock ~5m long tether that ships with the HMD, you can only use the short cable with the wireless adapter. The kit ships with additional foam to help shield your skin from heat - any other mounting solution would need to have some sort of shielding. When mounted to your head, you have the least potential for occlusion - if it's mounted to one side of your body, you can fully occlude and block the signal from the PC side transceiver. The head-mounted design ensures 360 coverage.
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    I covered my 2 front cameras and moved the controller between the up/down and 2 side cameras. When the controller was in front the 2 covered cameras it would lose tracking but when it was seen by any of the other 4 cameras it would start tracking again. So the side cameras are tracking but how good I can't tell. I also had problems twice on my right controller, it would appear as being some meters in front of me and looked like it was still tracking or it was only sensor tracking. Even if I touched the controller to the cameras it wouldn't come back to me and I had to switch it off and on for it to work again. @Synthesis
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    Hallo, Deine Tipps waren gut, aber leider hat es nicht so funktioniert, dass ich das Spiel spielen kann. Es waren schon Community-Bindungen da, aber leider hat keine davon gut funktioniert. Nur zum Teil. Aber noch einmal vielen Dank für den Tipp. Liebe Grüße.
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    UPDATE; I have tried this again during the day with a lot more light in my room and it starts up perfectly. So, this issue was probably due to lower night time lighting (which I still think is pretty bright). I thought I better let you know. Also, I am enjoying using my Cosmos and love the new Vive Reality System. I have also let Vive Support know this. Cheers.
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    Thank you for the update and timetable. My return window is early November, so I should be able to evaluate these changes. I will be optimistic that "optimizations and improvements not mentioned here" refer to the field of view issues, which I'm looking forward to just as much as tracking improvements.
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    HI all. I upgraded from originale vive to cosmos. but do get this message nomather what i do... first i thought the head sett was broken. i do not get any picture in the head sett. so i changed it in for a new one. but i still have the same problem. 210 The compositor is disconnected. Restart VIVE Console to fix this. Restart VIVE Console. tryed everything. but cant figer out whats wrong.. somebody please help!. regards Kim from norway.
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    Hey rolfdiet, Welcome to VR! Great question. The short answer is you can use either viveport or steam app, however, before launching either of those two - you should launch Vive Console. This will turn on your Cosmos and ensure everything is up and running with your computer. 1. On computer, the first step is to turn on VIVE Console. Make sure your headset and controllers are on. 2. Launch either Steam App or Viveport App. 3. Click the VR title you want to play. 4. Put on VR Headset Both of these are great platforms with a variety of different VR titles you can choose to play. Launch the platform based on what title you purchased it from. Steve
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    You are right Steve, it often depends on the Developer of the game/app. Unfortunately most that show any stick instructions do not include the Cosmos right now. Hopefully this will change soon. UPDATE: By hit-and-miss methods I have finally got change of direction in Origin by moving the thumb stick in the direction you want to turn, then pressing it down. Works pretty well and makes for strong thumbs, lol! This also works for some games like Nature Trek VR. BTW, that's a nice relaxing (and free with infinity) app to use after a hard day of trying to figure out how to use the Cosmos, lol!
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    @Dicehunter - Mirroring the cellphone market, alot of this stuff is best left to third party accessory manufacturers who specifically specialize in aftermarket accessories. I'd generally recommend buying a "bust" like this that is hardware agnostic and can serve whatever HMD you're sporting on a given day. Beyond being agnostic, a bust will prevent sunlight from reaching the lenses and damaging the screens which other common stand designs fail to address.
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    @Jean-François Watier Regarding the ability to shut down the boundary system, try this : Click Vive button on right Cosmos controller > *Opens Lens* > Click Settings > Scroll to Boundary Transparency > Set parameter to 0 Steve
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    Don't know how to remove this post so I shall just reply for others with a similar issue. I checked my battery cable by swapping it with the link box USB and that fixed it. It was just a janky usb cable...
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    I am using the Vive Cosmos over wireless with the Vive Pro adapter kit. I am experiencing random audio drops for about 1-5 seconds before the audio comes back on. During the drops the video plays smoothly. The drops are very random. Sometimes they come every 30 seconds, and somtimes I can go an hour without any drops. I did not have any drops on wired. I am currently using a Omnicharge Ultimate to power the HDM. I am using a i7 5820K, Asus Deluxe x99 motherboard. ROG Strix ASUS RTX 2080ti. 16Gb DDR4 RAM 2400. Windows 10 Pro version 1903. I don't know if is a issue with my computer or due to the drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi, I've sent the report yesterday night, The batteries that I'm using is Alkaline. I will invest into NiMH Rechargeable ^^ Thanks for the tips
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    @Phr00t Thanks for detailing your troubleshooting process. This is awesome and helpful for the community members that may experience this issue. Keep us posted on what you find with your new cable. I know you've already found which DisplayPort that's dedicated to your GPU, but for those that need help identifying this, you can follow these quick steps: Right click desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Set PhysX Configuration Shoutout to @Caesar T for this tip!
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    Tks...I updated to 1.0.5 with beta channel...I will ckeck...keep you posted
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    I contacted support which I should have done earlier. They walked me through troubleshooting the issue and fixing the issue. Just leaving stuff here that could possible fix the issue for Google people. If you have multiple graphics card: Make sure your VR headset is plugged in the same graphics card as your main monitor. Follow the rest of the steps below. Solution: Turn off Steam VR. Turn off your firewall and antivirus. They said that sometimes the firewall and antivirus detects the SR_Runtime installer as a threat and corrupts the file. Download the SR_Runtime installer. If you already downloaded it before step 1, Re-download the SR_Runtime installer. You can download it here. If you have installed SR_Runtime before, *Remove it first. If not, skip to the next step. Install SR_Runtime. Run SR_Runtime as Admin. Right click > Run as Administrator. Start Steam VR. Go to System Dashboard in VR. Select Vive Pro Eye. Read and agree to the license agreement. Calibrate the eye tracking *Not sure if just repairing it fixes it but I think just removing the old SR_Runtime instance is better. Just to be safe.
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    Thank you for the reply, It was actually an issue my ISP, It just reared its head when I tried my Cosmos, All sorted out now 😀
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    Much appreciated thank you 😀
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    Hi Please refer to below posts for detail 🙂 Thanks, https://forum.htc.com/forums/topic/6655-cosmos-beta-release-105/
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    @Dicehunter - This is my first time hearing of this game. Looks awesome. From what I'm reading, you do not use the VR controllers to play? Do you, then, use keyboard and mouse with a VR headset on? If that's the case, it wouldn't seem like it'd be a controller binding issue which we could've solved with custom ones. I'll pass this internally and also reach out to the studio to see if we can fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hang tight and please feel free to follow up with me here or PM.
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    Awesome, thanks for the response
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    I have the same exact issue. Audio and controllers work, display doesn't. HTC Support had me completely remove the device, reinstall the software & drivers, and then remove and re-attach the faceplate. None of it fixed the lack of display. The screen flashes black a few times, and I get the 210 compositor error. Very disappointed since this is my first VR headset and HTC can't seem to make it work.
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    Check windows privacy settings, enable access to the camera.
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    No, that is never going to work because those adaptors will never supply enough bandwidth. If your laptop has a proper DP capable Thunderbolt 3 connector that is connected directly to your dGPU (not iGPU) you may be able to use an adaptor for this, but this does not always work well. So I think you are going to have to return your Cosmos or buy a better PC (preferably a gaming desktop). Next time do yourself a favour and do a bit more research before buying. This will save you a lot of time and money.
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    Edit: Audio problems solved when plugged into usb 2.0 port.
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    **UPDATE** after I completely deleted and removed all previous Vive software, it's getting me the correct Cosmos setup installed. So I should be good to go. I just hope my current graphics card will be enough to handle the upgrade.
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    The VIVE family of virtual reality products proudly offers the only native support of wireless for PC VR and we’re excited to extend that distinction to the new Vive Cosmos. We’re fine-tuning performance of the Vive Wireless Adapter with Cosmos and are very close to releasing official support. We expect to deliver adapter compatibility with Cosmos in late October. For existing wireless owners, a new Cosmos Compatibility Pack will also ship in late October. The pack will ship with a new 21W power bank, the connection cable for Cosmos, and a new pad to attach to the headstrap. Due to the new inside-out tracking on Cosmos and other features, the headset draws slightly more power than the current Vive Wireless Adapter battery can support, so this battery is needed to power this headset wirelessly. In addition, Vive Cosmos processes all the camera tracking data solely in the headset and never sends the visual tracking data to the PC. While this means we are securing user privacy in their play space, this approach results in a higher headset power consumption. The compatibility pack will retail for US $49.99 or regional equivalent. Overtime, we’ll simplify the wireless adapter assortment so only the new battery is shipped to Vive Wireless Adapter customers. Thank you for being a part of the VIVE family. We will share the release date with you as soon as possible.
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    Just watched a few videos that released today on YouTube and people were told that the average battery life is going to be 2 hours on the Cosmos controllers which is kind of short and I know I will easily burn through that in a single play session, I'm guessing it's due to the extremely bright tracking lights on the controllers. How about this for an idea, Let us turn the lights down with a slider ranging from 0% to 100% with a "Tracking Precision Meter" letting us know how inaccurate/accurate it will get as we increase or decrease the lights ? @Caesar T
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    Alright folks, let's keep this thread on topic.
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    @Dicehunter - We don't have any announcements around hand-tracking on Cosmos at the present moment. We have a hand tracking SDK that's in early-access that supports hand tracking on Vive and Vive Pro but we haven't made any SDK support announcements surrounding Cosmos.
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    Hi @TomCgcmfc Thanks for bringing this up. Typical PayPal integrations such as ours will have the funds charged immediately. This is actually listed in the cart as you check out but clearly the messaging in the confirmation email is not stating this. Our estore team are working to update this so that it is clarified. Unfortunately this isn't an element we can change on our end as far as the account being charged immediately for PayPal. I have attached a screenshot of a sample cart for your reference. I apologize for the confusion this caused.
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    I think I have found the problem. SteamVR 2.0 or above must be used. The Wave SDK porting guide is out of date because it says to delete SteamVR: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/ViveToWaveVR.html. I suspect that SteamVR 2.0 is compatible, but any earlier versions are not compatible and must be removed. I had SteamVR 1.2.3 previously and it conflicted with Wave SDK. I am not sure the cause of the x64 build error I had earlier. I had not imported SteamVR 2.0 yet, it was simply Unity 2018.4.0f1 with VIU from github and Wave 3.1.1. If I had to guess, it would be that I was switching platforms manually in the Unity Build Settings, rather than using the VIU settings in Preferences. Hope that helps anyone else facing these errors! @chengnay @Tony PH Lin
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    Deleting & reimporting the SRWorks Plugin package solved the problem, thank you very much ! @reneeclchen
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    Maybe you should use private WaveVR_Controller.Device nonDominantController; Start() { nonDominantController = WaveVR_Controller.Input(WaveVR_Controller.EDeviceType.NonDominant); nonDominantController.TriggerHapticPulse(); }
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    After upgrading your project with Unity 2019.2.6f1, have you tried deleting & reimporting the SRWorks Plugin package? This is the first time I saw this exact question on this forum. If there are any other questions that haven't been properly answered, kindly share the link; we will be more than happy to respond to it. Regards, Renee
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    Hi @Ellen If you need to write your own code logic for handling teleport based on gesture input. You can disable the remote grab game object, so the same gesture does not trigger remote grab. You can refer to the HandStateChecker script for triggering actions based on gesture type.
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    SRanipal FAQ • Download Links • How do I calibrate the eye tracking? • Do I need to calibrate eye tracking for different users? • Can calibration be done during app while framework is running? • What drivers are required for SRanipal eye tracking? • When starting a SRanipal program Windows UAC prompts for permission? • How do I update the SRanipal runtime? • How do I update the Vive Pro Eye Firmware? • Eye Camera Version N/A Issue? • Eye Tracking is not working? • FAQ Suggestions • Download Links SRanipal Runtime and SDK can be downloaded from the developer portal. Please apply for SDK access here: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/vivepro-eye Afer application submission the SDK can be downloaded here: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/profile/material-download If you need access to the foveated rendering plugins please reach out to your HTC contact. • How do I calibrate the eye tracking? Eye Tracking Calibration Launch Instructions - Plug in Vive Pro Eye HMD - Right Click "Vive-Super-Reality-Runtime" notification tray icon, select Eye Calibration Eye Tracking Calibration Steps - Turn on a controller - Put on HMD - Press system button on controller or HMD (below trackpad on controller) - Select Pro Eye from SteamVR Dashboard - Select Start Calibration - Position HMD to center eyes - Set IPD (slider should be centered in calibration image) - Follow the dot with your eyes - Press system button to close dashboard • Do I need to calibrate eye tracking for different users? Yes, each user will need to do the calibration steps. • Can calibration be done during app while framework is running? Yes, the calibration process can be run while the framework is running. • What drivers are required for SRanipal eye tracking? NVIDIA Public Drivers: 430.39 (April 2019) or later NVIDIA Private Drivers: 417.91 [*VRSWrapper] (Beta driver) • When starting a SRanipal program Windows UAC prompts for permission? Currently the runtime causes Windows UAC prompts when using a program with SRanipal integration: "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Vive-Super-Reality-Runtime" Select yes to continue or press Alt+Y as a keyboard shortcut. If you would like to disable the UAC prompts follow the instructions below. To turn off UAC: Click the Start menu. In the search field type UAC. Click "Change User Account Control settings." In the window that comes up, move the slider down to "Never Notify." Click OK and then restart the computer. • How do I update the SRanipal runtime? Download the latest runtime "VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_v0.7.2.1.msi" and run it to install Apps Installed: Tobii VRU02 Runtime VIVE_SRanipalInstaller • How do I update the Vive Pro Eye Firmware? Eye Tracking FW vs. SteamVR Watchmen Firmware When the Vive Pro Eye is plugged into your PC and SteamVR is running it may offer updates to the Vive Pro watchmen tracking modules. Feel free to update these as suggested by SteamVR. There is a seperate firmware for the eye tracking modules. Only update the eye tracking firmware if you have an older dev kit that requires an update to work with the latest runtimes. Instructions: - Unzip update_xxxx.zip - Run update.bat - Wait for the update to complete - Do not unuplug the Vive Pro Eye or interrupt the firmware update process! • Eye Camera Version N/A Issue? Right click the SRanipal notification icon and select "About" you should see the "Runtime Version:" and "Eye Camera Version: 1.88.0-8106667" If the Vive Pro Eye is unplugged or if you are using a devkit with an older firmware it may show the eye camera version as "N/A". If you are using a devkit with an older firmware it may be incompatible with the latest runtimes and will require a firmware update to work properly. • Eye Tracking is not working? If you are having further issues with the eye tracking please reach out to your HTC contact for support or post the issue in this forum. • Eye Calibration Initialization Error and OpenCL Error? Please see the troubleshooting guide here: https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/6482-vive-pro-eye-calibration-initialization-error-troubleshooting/ • FAQ Suggestions If you have any suggestions for documentation feedback or improving this FAQ please let us know.
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    Running Steam as administrator and then running ViveWirelessSetup, fixed the issue.
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    Hey @Kastle, Thanks for reaching out and apologies on this initial issue you're experiencing. Let's fix this. Adapter could be the problem, but we'll need more information to reach that conclusion. Let's check if the mini Displayport port is directly for your GPU. Presuming you have Nvidia, you can check through these steps: Right click desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Click "Set PhysX Configuration" If you're mini DP is connected to your GPU, then we can presume what you proposed - the adapter. Another user (Phr00t) with a similar issue said, "It appears DisplayPort 1.2 runs @ 17.28GBPS, so you will need a cable or adapter that supports at least that speed." - Post link Hope this helps. Let me know what you find.
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