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    One of the reasons for me to buy the Cosmos is the Inside-out tracking so they can't argue that I should get the faceplate/sensor mod. I ask for a fully functional inside-out experience, nothing more and nothing less... @Dickytwo you playing on Steam account? Would like to have some Vice Cosmos competitors on my friends list. https://steamcommunity.com/id/a__jey/
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    @Dickytwo - Just for full transparency - the faceplate incorporates TS4231 sensors. That means you can use either SteamVR 1.0 base-stations and controllers, or 2.0 base-stations and controllers (including knuckles). The real key with base-station compatibility is that if you're using 2.0 stations, you need to ensure your controllers have the updated TS4231 sensors - for instance you can't use 2.0 stations with the controllers from the original Vive because the sensors on the original Vive controllers can't detect 2.0 signals (this is the main scenario you need to look out for).
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    First, I want to say thank you for continuing to update this device. I know there is a ton of negativity, but all we really want to see is this device live up to its potential. Keep the updates coming, please. I kept this Cosmos device and I'm trying it out as my primary VR headset. I definitely notice the reduced jitter on the user interface. This makes the headset tracking appear more solid. I enabled the "performance priority" mode, but not sure exactly what it does. Why wouldn't we always want this enabled? I always want to reduce processing overhead! Hard to tell if tracking has actually improved. There are many different things to test with the controllers and some things might be better (and hopefully others are not worse). I notice the worst tracking when I rotate my wrists away from the headset, so the cameras see less of the ring (but still enough where you'd expect tracking to still work). Oddly enough, the virtual hand came into my face when I rotated my wrist away from the cameras (while my hand was still outstretched). I think the two biggest areas of tracking improvement needed are: 1) Detecting tracking position accurately when less of the visible ring is available (either by wrist rotation or mild occlusion). 2) Smoother exit and entry from camera views. Another smaller issue: the IPD popup appears sometimes when moving your head... like it is a bit too sensitive. I'd make it require more IPD movement before making the popup appear.
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    Just for fun I thought I would try to install my Cosmos on my 2yo Alienware 17r4 gaming laptop (i7 7700hq 2.8/3.4Ghz, gtx1060 6gb, 32gb 2400 ram, 256mb ssd, 1 tb hdd). All I needed extra was to borrow a friend's Oculus Rift S mini DP adapter that came with his Rift S and does not need to use since he uses a desktop. Hard to believe that the much cheaper Oculus Rift S includes these for free but Vive doesn't. Anyway, it installed fine once I got past the error in the setup when trying to pair my controllers. The setup said to press the Vive button to pair but this did nothing. Drilling down a bit I found I needed to press the Vive and an upper controller button and then it paired fine. Actually works pretty well, much better than I expected. Of course I need to lower graphics setting, including SS quite a bit compared to my i9 9900k/gtx1080ti desktop but overall it still works and looks great with most VR games (not so great with X-Plane 11 though). Tracking with the latest beta still kinda sucks, lol! At least now I will be able to monitor its progress.
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    VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released November 26th 2019  [System] Improved system stability for use over longer durations. [Tracking] Controller Optimized tracking trajectory for boxing style movements and archery games. Support simultaneous movement of occluded and non-occluded controller within the headset's field of view. [Vive Runtime] Added fallback controller type, support added from SteamVR Beta 1.9.4 onwards. [Vive Console] Solved a bug where the HMD firmware update might be interrupted during a software update. Synced camera pass-through settings with Lens. [OOBE & Room Setup] The how to wear the headset video now lets the user know they don't need to take off their glasses. Room setup can be triggered when in an untracked state by a long trigger press for 2 seconds (previously 3 seconds). Improved the OOBE flow when requesting a GPU driver update.
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    @stvnxu: I recorded some videos to identify all the culprits. Give me some time to cope this all into one single short video. I'll provide you then with all tracking issues in a nutshell. I guess I get it ready on Friday or Saturday. Then you got your homework to sort all those things out. Hopefully you blast me with the result in the next update.
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    I've been comparing Cosmos tracking to my Samsung Odyssey+, which also uses inside-out technology. It only has 2 cameras to work with, and is much cheaper, so you'd expect less performance from it. If Cosmos could match my Samsung Odyssey+, I'd consider that a significant improvement. I do believe there is room for improvement over the current software; that isn't the problem... it is how good can it get and how long will it take to get there? I know you don't have the answer... I'm not even sure the engineering team does. I am thankful for the updates you've provided thus far, and how well you've been listening. I'm really rooting for you guys here, we need as many (good) VR options on the market as possible.
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    Yeah but 2 months for the Rift S wasn't it? Just around the corner for the Cosmos and not yet near an acceptable state imo. I agree with you with the improvements and it's a valid point, but that should come after getting the headset doing the basic functions upon which it was sold. They need to get the basics right, then the rest can come.
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    That's always my 1st appearance... if it's not working I opt out of SteamVR beta (no uninstall), just opt out and it actualizes itself to stable version. In most cases it fixed my problem. Then just opting back into beta after nest beta update.
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    @joellipenta , If I were you I would opt out of SteamVR beta and go to the latest stable release (currently 1.8.21). The Steam overlay access works fine with that release btw. Actually everything feels a little snappier with 1.8.21 for some reason. Also, it will save you wearing out your link box power button, lol!
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    Skyrim and Fallout are specifically bad examples because they're made using Bethesda's custom engine which brings with it a ton of complexities. In short, neither app is super great with Index or Cosmos controllers currently to my knowledge. Most apps that don't have native support can use SteamVR's remapping but the custom engine here breaks alot of that. I'll ask about the current status but I don't think Bethesda has added native support yet
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    It doesn't appear at minimal adjustment just to avoid it popping up on head movement during play. Just keep adjusting until the window appears and then continue adjusting until you got the right setting for your eyes.
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    Hi @bossayres, You may have a failing controller. I am going to start a support ticket for you and you will receive a response from our Customer Care team soon. They will be able to help you with a bit of troubleshooting and see where to go from there.
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    @Zacware - I'm sorry, I was actually wrong on this one. We sell replacements for the OG Vive but apparently it's a more involved system with the Pro; I simply was incorrect with my statement and I apologize for the confusion. Please reach out to the support inbox that Jaggibson recommended - that's an advanced support team that will give you the most accurate information possible about your specific case. @TomCgcmfc - Apparently the Vive Pro nose guard actually makes internal contact with the device, it's not just a surface mounted thing. I have never actually seen a detached nose guard IRL so I'm simply out of my element here - I'm a developer and the forums aren't actually my primary role at Vive - I'm just a strong advocate for community. You're very correct that adhesive tape is going to carry far less risk - thanks for pointing that out!
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    I played for a bit yesterday and tracking does seem like it has improved some. I have one incident where the controllers were completely lost but it was for a split second and they came back pretty quickly. Keep up the improvements!
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    @TomCgcmfc - I believe that's the current standby behavior. Valve has pushed quite a few updates to the base-stations in the last 45 days that I'm not personally familiarized with yet including a completely new behavior (v1.8.20 notes below). You can't use power management in places with more than 1 HMD and thus we need to keep power management disabled in-office or it wreaks havoc so I haven't tested the new behaviors firsthand. I'm currently traveling abroad otherwise I would test at home to verify. As long as the rotors start and stop according to your usage - I'd imagine everything is working correctly. The overall key with BT power management is that it's mediated by commands outputted by the compositor - if you abruptly stop the compositor (like a hard PC reboot) or it crashes - you may need to cycle SteamVR to re-sync everything.
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    @Jakey - Sorry for the delayed reply, we're seeing the peak of our yearly inquires due to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The standby mode depends on your SteamVR settings - if you enable basestation power management within SteamVR's settings, when you shutdown the SteamVR compositor a bluetooth broadcast is sent out as part of the shutdown process. It's not a timeout thing like it is with the controllers - it's an actual command sent out by the compositor so while it's generally reliable, it sometimes can trip up if the compositor crashes or you hard reboot the PC without shutting down SteamVR. Don't use this if you're using more than one HMD in the same space. First go to SteamVR -> Settings -> Bluetooth and ensure it's enabled (you'll need to be using a linkbox for this to work). It may prompt you to install a driver. Next go to SteamVR -> Settings -> Basestation and click Power Management to access the correct interface page. Yes - since the basestations are mechanical devices, if you leave them plugged in without power management enabled and they stay fully powered on and spinning - that uptime will count against the unit's lifespan. Each rotor in a basestation rotates over 200,000 times per hour so it's definitely recommended to either use bluetooth power management or unplug the devices when not in use to ensure the maximum lifespan. You can definitive tell if a basestation's rotors are spinning and emitting data if you can see the faint circles from the 9 sync LEDs on 1.0 stations or the two laser sources on a 2.0 station (final two pics). You can use a smartphone camera to see the IR sources inside the station if you can't quite see it with the naked eye.
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    @Phr00t Good eye on the new performance priority option, thanks. I tried it and did not notice any difference. I also tried all this again this morning under brighter lighting and this did not make any difference compared to last night. So, maybe this beta is a little less light sensitive = a good thing. My IPD adjuster does not seem too sensitive like yours. I need to turn it quite a bit to get it to display. At least now it stays on a little longer so I can fine-tune it better.
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    I just tried this beta and I hate to say it but it's certainly not any better (actually maybe a little worse) with bow and arrow games (eg. Lab Longbow) or slingshot games (eg. Angry Birds). Both of these are now unplayable. Tracking with the magic marker in Origin does seem a little better though and I never saw any low light warnings. I did notice one minor problem. When I double click the left controller Vive button to go into the steam menu to exit a steamvr game then click on it again to go back to the Vive Void, the bottom steam menu bar remains in the background. No significant tracking improvements since imho. I really wish I could get my hands on the new Steam Faceplate module so I can just use my 2x 2.0 base stations and Vive controllers. Unfortunately this does not look like it's going to be available for a few months. I'll try this again tomorrow morning with a little brighter lighting conditions and see if I get a better result.
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    @tstark - It really depends on what your target ultimately is. Generally speaking - we'd recommend developers use the Vive Pro (full kit with 2.0 tracking) due to the higher precision tracking and because it's simply designed for a much larger range of use cases. It has more ergonomic adjustments so you can fine tune the HMD to yourself and you can use the HMD natively alongside other SteamVR devices like the Index controllers (knuckles). It's also important to keep in mind that the bulk of Vive owners are using Vive wands and so you'll want to ensure you have a pair of wands to calibrate your input mapping. The SDK situation is very project dependent. At a high level: You'll need to integrate or enable the OpenVR/SteamVR SDK/plugin in your project to drive any sort of input or output to any Desktop Vive HMDs (Original Vive, Pro, or Cosmos). You'll also need to integrate this SDK to drive IO to other SteamVR devices. There's a high level overview of our Vive SDK's here. There is some hardware dependency https://developer.vive.com/resources/ None of them are flat out required but they can bring out specific hardware dependent features The Vive Input Utility can be very helpful for input mapping https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/vive-input-utility-64219 If you have any specific questions - feel free to post here and I'll try my best to answer your questions or connect you to a subject matter specialist. Regards!
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    @stvnxu @C.T. Ok, as promised I spent some hours on recording stuff and putting it together and hopefully HTC uses this to get things done. @Dickytwo I guess you find yourself pretty much often in the same Beat Saber situations you'll see in this video. All tracking issues in a nutshell: But as I already told earlier: the tracking itself is more precise WHEN you • NOT turn your wrists inside or outside • Don't do movements which turn the controllers out of sight. Here's a proof for that (you can see that I don't do full swings to reach this level error free, also I avoided to turn the wrists in- or outside):
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    I agree, as soon as the Steam Faceplate module is available I will go for it. My only concern with this new module is that apparently it only has ~1/2 the number of headset sensors compared to the original Vive. Until then, my Cosmos is back in its box, under my pool table. I will continue to use my Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors and Vive Pro. I do hope that the Cosmos works well with this new module because I do miss its flip-up screen and the Lense/Origin VR system.
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    HTC Vive / HTC Company - Still no way to re-center the display, turn off set boundaries, controller tracking is pure **select negative word**, now if I x2 click the LEFT controller (home) button to display the Steam overlay, the Steam overlay will not go away at all. The RIGHT (home) button will still from time to time if pressed x2 display totally different pass-through than what I selected. On HTC's Black Friday Instagram ad and on their own website, they display someone playing the Vive Pro https://www.instagram.com/p/B5TC8eQh1BW/?igshid=6z9cryopqp6x I truly understand not wanting to display the NEW troubled HMD that cost $700 USD that staff cannot and will not fix. Maybe they should just do more false advertising OR controlled showings of this janky HMD that is by no means close to functional. Let's point out some transparent facts: HTC Website Forums/Reddit page - they are not as active as Oculus nor Valves'. Days go by with little to no one talking COSMOS, Vive Pro. More talk/chat of OG Vive than anything. YouTube - No one is watching or posting for the HTC COSMOS. Every heavy hitter from YouTube has provided their input which was not good for the HTC COSMOS and they recommend consumers to look elsewhere. Open YOUTUBE right now and search "HTC COSMOS or VIVE COSMOS" and narrow your search to just "TODAY"...watch the underwhelming results. Piss poor performance and production that HTC will not bite the bullet for! Staff will continue to ignore, sweep matters under the rug, and not take credit. HTC VIVE team and all staff - just go ahead and take on outside consultants from OCULUS / VALVE teams and pay them well to fix this mess you all created. OR provide free hardware (HMD and controllers) that work. Why continue to put the consumer though this? To be straight up...no company or organization is to big to fall. Tired of HTCs' $h!+ already. One and done...but never again!
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    Open up the configuration file located in <Viveport install directory>\VIVE\Updater\App\ViveVRRuntime\ViveVR\ViveVRServer\config\default.vrsettings Under "collisionBounds" and "camera" you'll see options for the color (RGB) and alpha (A). Try setting these to zero. Feel free to mess with other values in this area to get rid of the bounds.
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    Ok, since I'm not too happy with my Cosmos right now I decided to give Vive another chance to stay in business. I've ordered a Vive Pro McLaren limited edition that includes 2x 2.0 base stations plus controllers. I'll let you all know how this all works out. I'm happy that I can afford to do this btw. My next step may be to order an Index headset/controllers if these ever are ever made available in Australia.
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    @TomCgcmfc - The delay was completely unrelated to Cosmos. Cosmos should definitely be supported - I tested the build on Cosmos several times during pre-release and will validate on the production release. @hamez88 - Infinity is an opt-in subscription model - in this case, we couldn't reach a deal with Cloudhead for inclusion into Infinity as it doesn't currently fit their business model and long term plan for Pistol Whip. Another way to think about it is that by purchasing Pistol Whip for their asking price, you're supporting their studio and making future game development sustainable for the studio; most VR developers like Cloudhead are still indie developers so every purchase matters to their bottom line. There are hundreds of other titles available in Infinity to select from, many of which are over $15 msrp - if you keep track of what you play you'd likely track a decent amount of savings that outweigh the subscription cost.
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    What is happening with the release, it said it was meant to be released on the 18th of November, which has come and gone, but it still says coming soon. Now the release date has dissappeared from the page and it says latest update to the game was the 19th of November. (back on the 18th) Does anybody know what is happening?
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    It’s all good on this end, sorry if I came off hostile 😞 At this point, I just want to troubleshoot the damn controllers. Still waiting for an answer of “how they are tracked”. As the forum is showing, questions are becoming plentiful, answers are vague or non-existent.
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    @stvnxuI just feel we are going around in circles lately, We are now approaching the 2 month anniversary since launch, and it;'s still not in a condition that I would say 'marketable'. You are still having issues with near field tracking, along with some other elements of tracking. Bow and arrow games along with gun games like Pavlov etc still aren't playable and you should be getting this kind of thing sorted before any of the 'window dressing'' updates as of late. I just want to know that I haven't wasted £700. If I was head of HTC Vive, I would be going mental at the people who developed this headset and launched it in such a condition. So please, just give me a date when this thing will be properly usable and make sure this happens. At that point, I will switch off my OG Vive and consign it to the archive.
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    Thanks, @stvnxu! I look forward to it. Here's hoping it's before the holidays so I can ask Santa 😄
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    Hi all, I am thinking about purchasing a Vive Cosmos. However, i have seen all over these forums and online, people having issues in using a Mini DP to DP adapater in order for it to work with a laptop. I have also seen there are USB C 3.1 to Display port adapters, would these work also? I cannot get a straight answer from the live chat support, it's always the same answer. Why doesn't HTC provide an adapter considering this may block out some of their potential customers? I have also heard of issues regarding MSI laptops as a whole, using this post as a reference for all: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6702-cosmos-headset-not-nor-has-worked/page/2/ Is there any guarnteed solutions? Or do i just have to buy and hope for the best? The only other solution i see is investing in a Rift S as the original Vive is now way over priced. Any help would be appricated and let me know if you need anything from me.
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    @stvnxu: did I see wrong or did you change something with the inside out cam settings? The camera view seems to be different as with the old beta (kinda more milky/brighter appearance of the see through view now. Under the same cloudy conditions that I got yesterday there were situations where the controllers went crazy with the new Beta. This time I tested Racket NX, first with the and directly after that with the new Beta update. With the Racket NX was working without problems. With the new update I missed quite a lot of hits. Back in the main menu of the game the controllers stuck in front my chest, doing all turnings but no movement sideways or up/downwards. Also I got more dark light messages again. For me this Beta update feels a bit like a step back.
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    Look for a DisplayPort icon on the side of the NVIDIA card in these NVIDIA PhysX settings: There should be a DisplayPort icon on the USB C port indicating it supports this "alternate" mode. If not, there might be another MiniDisplayPort on the laptop that outputs from the NVIDIA GPU, which case you'd need a MiniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. I haven't confirmed any cables of that type to work personally -- but I suspect one exists. If it says it supports DisplayPort v1.4 or 8K video, you should be OK. EDIT: This information should be pinned, in my humble opinion.
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    This one works, *IF* your USB C port is also a DisplayPort in "alternate" mode, *AND* it connects directly to your NVIDIA GPU: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-DisplayPort-Aluminum-Compatible/dp/B07F17ZHJY/ I use it with my Vive Cosmos. No other USB C -> DisplayPort cables worked.
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    Same here - 2 hours playtime and 3 hours charging ( 18W QC3.0 charger).
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    Another thing that is bugging me. I set up the chaperone borders and that's fine and works when using non-static games. However when I then want to do a static game whilst sitting at my PC which is by the border, I get the boundary permanently. Even when turning the transparency all the way down, I can still see it. Can you provide a way to turn this completely off when not needed? And then back on when it is needed?
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    Hello everyone,, If your Vive Focus+ dev kit is having storage issues it may be caused by the ChripController log files. To clean up space use these instructions. Vive Focus Storage Full Steps to Fix: - Settings - More Settings - Storage - Apps - 3 dots, top right - Show System - ChirpController App - Clear Data - OK
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    @stvnxu , ya tracking now seems to be the same as Pretty good improvement over original but still need more work of course. Looking forward t Pistol Whip! Thanks.
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    Hi All. I've only been getting a little over 1 hour, maybe 1.5 hours on my Cosmos with the wireless adapter and the 21w battery. I queried this with HTC and they asked me to send the battery back to be checked. I'll hopefully ship it tomorrow. At the moment they are not selling just the battery (21w) so I ordered another Cosmos attachment kit which has the battery as well as the cables. Should be here soon. It will be interesting to see if that gives the same play time?
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    @Mr George, Just wanted to update you, the studio behind Racket Fury got back to me saying they do have plans to integrate the Cosmos bindings. They're aiming for the next 2 weeks. Stay posted on their game updates / announcement! Thanks for your patience. Steve
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    Hi @TomCgcmfc I feel irony in your words, and i want to explain my actions : i I spent two hours to configure PCars2, 'i played only 10mn, the default of center view is critical, every time can i play, the screen slipped or left or right, I understood that it was necessary to launch the game with the head in front of the screen to have a Chance to have a centered screen, and again it didn’t work all time. I I had to do it again a room setup several times. But i confirm with this actions my battery pack lasted 2 hours. Please @HTC resolve this issue as soon as possible ! My config : MOBO 7270 PRO GAMING M5 I7 6700K 16GB Ram SSD 1To RTX 2060 T500RS + Paddle + Gear
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    Hey @TomCgcmfc, Totally fair request. This isn't a report I could raise to our engineering team, but I'll escalate it internally to get some traction. We do have a 18W battery sold separately, which we know isn't for Cosmos, but hope this pattern means there is already a 21W battery individual SKU in the pipeline. I'll update you on what I hear. Thanks, Steve
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    A simpler way, 1. Perform 3D reconstruction like this video first and save the scanned result as OBJ. 2. Reload the OBJ into you scene. 3. Through SRWorks Unity API, ex: GetAllHorizontal(Vertical) / GetLargestHorizontal(Vertical) / GetColliderWithProperties( property array ), to get your desired collider property for your virtual object placement. 4. Or, you could even perform 3D Semantic Segmentation like this video to find wall or floor. A Sample code provided in Experience_Unity > Assets > ViveSR_Experience > Scenes\Sample9 – Semantic Segmentation.
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    Its a brand new PC I bought specifically to do VR and it was working fine for about a month. I was playing Beat Saber, modded SkyrimVR and Arizona Sunshine on it without a hitch and this problem litteraly popped up out of nowhere. Because it was working previously I have a harder time believing its hardware related. Motherboard is an ASRock H370 Pro4 https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H370 Pro4/index.asp Cards inserted into the MB are Wi-Gig, GPU, Wireless adapter. Not sure what you mean by 'fix your CPU' speed. The i5-9400F is a 2.9GHz processor currently turboclocked to 3.9GHz. Unfortunately I cant effect what CPU usage the compositor is chugging: at just the idle screen it chews 60% of the CPU but when in an actual application it usually falls back to 30-50%. I can only assume its using all available CPU for its own processes and just dials back when other applications need it. There's no way the compositor should need to use 60% of a 6 core 3.9GHz processor doing 'nothing'. Setting CPU priority did not change the effect or I dont know what application needs priority. Steamtours.exe is the steam home application which quits on its own when a new VR application is run. Force quitting it did not effect the stutter for me either.
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    @A-Jey Great videos, I haven't done as much in depth testing as that but I can see what you mean. Lighting doesn't look too bad and you have shelves etc. The one that plays up for me every time is Gangnam Style in Expert mode. You have to reverse the sabers for downward swipes and quickly jump left to right and vice versa to do the same. The Cosmos just cant cope and sabers stay where they were for a bit. Fail follows quickly.... If they could sort that stuff out plus decent tracking when the controllers are next to the headset, I would consider the critical stuff sorted. But given the time HTC has had, I'm not sure this will happen now. Which means that either you spend more to get base stations / faceplate or you realise you may have wasted £700 or equivalent on a dud. Either way, sad times..... Plus, with more impatience now apparent by the Cosmos posters on here, I am not seeing as many responses by HTC as before. Silence speaks volumes....
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    If you can see where it's been glued, then just glue it again. Leave if to cure/dry for at least 2 days to ensure all moisture has evaporated from the glue. It won't fog the lenses then.
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    hi all, my feedback with wireless adapter : 2hrs with controller battery 50%
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