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  3. @Lewis , It's a bit confusing: OpenVR is an SDK (aka SteamVR SDK) that allows you to drive images to the SteamVR Runtime (aka the SteamVR compositor). Your project needs the OpenVR SDK integrated either by downloading a Unity plugin, enabling the plugin in UE4, or by integrating the SDK's C++ native libs You need to have the SteamVR runtime running on the computer your Vive desktop headsets will not work unless you have the SteamVR runtime installed and running (via Steam). It's a hard requirement to drive images to the HMD on the end-user side.
  4. Hi @eneienei, Thanks for the question! This public update was to improve the experience in the VIVE Console, Lens, OOBE & Room setup. This specific update doesn't address controller and HMD tracking, however, I can assure you this in the works in our next couple of updates. The exact date for that is still TBD, but I'll personally tag you to inform you when it is available. Thank you for your patience! Steve
  5. @TomCgcmfc -- Thanks for your participation and feedback! @Dickytwo - Thanks for the extra notes on your feedback. Interesting finding on the carpet. Are you saying that on other types of floor you've tested works better than carpet? If you have the time, could you submit an issue report for our engineering team to look into that and address? In general, tracking improvements are in the works and the exact date for that next update is still TBD. I'll personally tag you when that Beta version is out! @Hooflee - Could you help us submit an issue report for our engineering team to look into this? We won't let you down!! Here are instructions to submit an issue report: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/ Steve Happy Friday!
  6. See screenshot of what happens when you rotate the player pawn by 90 degrees. The SR actors don't keep up and even when you do update their rotations accordingly, the transforms still don't create a properly aligned view. Similarly if you have your player facing any direction other than along the X axis then there is a mis match in the attachment/transform between the image and the player camera. @Daniel_Y @reneeclchen
  7. It appears that when you change the players location or rotation in world space in Unreal that the camera image plane that is generated in front of the user doesn't adapt to update to this. Is there a way to ensure that if the player pawn translates that the ViveSR actors keep track and follow this? We've tried manually mapping the transforms to the image plane that is generated at run time however doesn't appear to do this. Thanks!
  8. Hi. I'm a bit confused by how OpenVR works. Do I need SteamVR to use it? I'm trying to develop a script that takes the left and right camera feed from a stereo camera on my network to display it on the HMD and move the camera as the user's head moves.
  9. Ever since new update tracking seems worse. Playing beatsaber was fine when I wave on the sides now tracking misses. And while playing pistol WHIP which requires plenty of bullet dodging I would at times lose tracking and my body gets stuck in the ground. And also now I'm getting brightness notifications which I did not get on the previous update. I told myself to return your headset but I still have some faith that you can iron things out, please do not let me down.
  10. where is the improve of Controllers and HMD? and tell me next update time.
  11. Hi @VIVE_Jason_Lu Thanks for your response! With the work around (#3) it is now working in 4.23.1. Best, Maartje
  12. It would be similar to original usage. For post processing the real image scene, attach the processing to the DualCamera (left) and DualCamera (right ) under ViveSR as below instead of VR camera.
  13. Hello. I want to calculate the gaze point in Unreal Engine. I have some questions about EyeData. (I'm using Unreal Engine 4.22.3, SRanipal_Runtime, SRanipalSDK 1. Shouldn't gaze_origin_mm be used to calculate the gaze point? Why EyeFocusSample doesn't use gaze_origin_mm? 2. Is eye_data_validata_bit_mask a value that is set a bit corresponding to SingleEyeDataValidity? For example, if only gaze_origin_mm and gaze_direction_normalized are valid, eye_data_validata_bit_mask is ((1<<SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY) | (1<<SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_DIRECTION_VALIDITY))? (SingleEyeData::GetValidity() seems to be wrong.) 3. The convergence_distance_validity seems to be always FALSE. Is convergence_distance_mm supported now? Thank you.
  14. Hi @GestureLab It's weird since after you rebuild the plugin, it should work. Can you help me check some details? 1. Check the Plugin's binary files, it's in: Plugins/SRanipal/Binaries/Win64/. The binary files should include 5 dlls and 1 lib file. 2. Check the OS you are currently use, it should be Win10 64bit. 3. You can either try some work around. Open the file: Plugins/SRanipal/SRanipal.uplugin and change the "Installed": false to "Installed": true. Regards, Jason Lu
  15. VIVE Cosmos – Release Notes Released November 15th 2019  [Vive Console] Disabled USB power saving by default, which can improve the experience on Vive Wireless Adapter. Added the ability for users to set Origin as the default home environment. Users will now be notified when there’s a software update, with a link to the release notes. Updated language strings for French and Spanish. Adjusted the behavior of ViveVR startup, now will no longer launch automatically on boot. [OOBE & Room Setup] Fixed an issue where the initial setup was erroneously blocked by certain anti-virus applications. Fixed a bug that did not allow the setup guide to be resumed. Fixed a bug that could cause the Room Setup to crash. Fixed DPI scaling of icons on high DPI 4K screens. Added a pop-up dialog to remind users to pair the controllers before performing Room Setup. Fine-tuned the boundary system and anti-aliasing to improve visual quality. Updated Japanese and Czech strings in Room Setup. [Lens] Updated Viveport Infinity icon on the Overview and Viveport pages. Updated the download icon for content to now show the download progress directly on the app tile. Updated strings for German, Spanish, Finish, French, and Polish. Fixed an issue where the default minimum boundary transparency wasn’t aligned with the settings option. Fixed a bug where the loading scene does not close when content is ready to play. Fixed a bug where an extra pointer would appear during the loading scene while content is being run.
  16. No thats not what I mean. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/post-processing-stack-83912 I want to use this. But I dont know if it could be a Problem because of the live Images of the world to use it. And I dont knw where I should put the filter on. @Daniel_Y
  17. ok good idea. i will try if we just use Run Admisnistrator for saving file and if it load correctly in normal mode. I used windows 10. Thank you Chengnay
  18. @iMMERGENCE Which version of Windows? If you try to allow your application to run as administrator, will this error occurs?
  19. @PetterJhon - I'm confused. I'm seeing these listed as in-stock on our Australian/APAC store for $169 aud. Perhaps your browser is geo-locating to the wrong store? Try via this page: https://www.vive.com/au/vive-tracker/
  20. Yesterday
  21. Hi, I feedback you about binding role. it is better now with binding menu and cfg. file. for stabilize tracker role. I d like to talk you about an access violation during saving .cfg file in Program Files (x86) folder. Because i create an installer for my unity program and during installation it save the app in this folder by default. (utils for updating app) So some of my customers using my app, an access violation appear during tracker role binding process, i say to copy the unity folder program in another place (out of program file forler) and after that, it work correctly it saving .cfg file and registered tracker role. So can you look this violation error access please ? Best regards, Loic
  22. No difference in tracking as far as I can see from Two sessions on both firmwares in Box VR yielded the same results so will leave f/w at Mostly ok in tracking but every now and then, boxing gloves go everywhere and through the spheres. BUT, still lots to do. Near field tracking non existent. Plus the tracking hasn't a clue with a plain carpet on the floor (at least using bulb light, will try in natural light at the weekend). Any games using height tracking suffer greatly because of this.
  23. @stvnxu , ya tracking now seems to be the same as Pretty good improvement over original but still need more work of course. Looking forward t Pistol Whip! Thanks.
  24. Update as already mentioned in beta thread but just to keep this together with this wireless thread; Actually, low light with wireless now seems a lot better with I did get one low light warning but this disappeared pretty fast and did not seem to effect the quality of my visuals = still very good. Maybe the power saving disable option that appeared with this update (and I enabled) helped. Aside #1; Just for fun I tried using the 18W battery that came with the old wireless kit. Fully charged (4x green lights, not blue like the 21W) I got ~30-45 minutes of runtime before it stopped working properly = blank headset screen. So, not completely useless and at least I can still use this to charge things like my iPhone,. Once I get my new (kinda expensive because I needed to buy another Cosmos adapter kit) 21W battery I should be fine with hot swaps. Aside # 2; I found wrapping the headset/wireless cable one turn around the headband behind the left earphone helped get rid of the rear slack. I used the little Velcro strap that came with the very long wireless battery lead to help keep this in place and I have not noticed any problems or noticed any discomfort. Aside# 3; I found using the Link Box USB cable (L1, which you do not need once you go wireless btw)) to connect to the wireless battery works very well. It is a lot shorter but still reaches my front shirt pocket or right pant belt no problem. It also seems to be a better quality lead so maybe it is a bit more efficient, but I don't really know for sure. A lot better than the long thin wireless battery lead imho. I also like not having to use the Cosmos link Box and power adapter. Makes for a nicer, cleaner installation and frees up one DP port on your GPU.
  25. @Dickytwo , hopefully like me you will see some improvements. More to come for sure imho.
  26. @Nastaran That's correct, the bug is only with the calibration test shown in the OpenVR overlay. The offset bug should not occur in the SDK samples or other content.
  27. After an extended leave of absence (after returning my Cosmos which was refused by HTC on a technicality, your customer support still stinks on returns and repairs HTC), I have tried the latest update whilst I speak to my credit card company. I have to say this f/w is a big step in the right direction. Remaining immediate basic problems are:- Tracking whilst controllers are close to the headset still sucks. This is a basic requirement and needs confirmation if this is actually possible by HTC as it is now 1.5 months since release. If not, then the product is not fit for purpose. Bow and arrow plus gun games aren't able to be played. Light conditions still aren't perfect. Putting controllers on the floor in a normally bulb lit room results in them following you back up and then snapping back to the floor. However performance in this lighting condition has improved. Button to re-centre display still not present, again a basic function. Still waiting on that olive branch for your alpha/beta testers (oops I meant pre-orders). If you could get this stuff right, I would even consider keeping my Cosmos. But saying your 'improving' it from month to month isn't enough, I want to hear that you will do these things (and more importantly) that you are able to do these things.
  28. @TomCgcmfc, Thanks for your quick feedback! Glad the low light with wireless is better. Love your creative suggestions to make the wireless experience more enjoyable - I'm going to try to use that linkbox USB cable idea then I don't think i'll need to do one turn around the headband. 🙂 Is there anything regarding tracking performance you could share with the Beta version? I'm just hoping what 88sooner is reporting about tracking being worse is unique. I'm aware results may be different since 88sooner may be testing this version with a tethered Cosmos versus you with wireless. Regardless, it's good to hear feedback on both sides. The last thing we'd want is to push an update that negatively impacted tracking performance. If this is the case, we'll delay this update and investigate further to make sure that doesn't happen. Please remember Beta version does not have tracking improvements in its release notes. It is to improve other areas such as wireless performance. Tracking performance should be the same as, not worse. If you do feel its worse, please let us know. Thanks, Steve PS. Weekend is almost here! Pistol whip here i come!!
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