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  2. Hi! I updated my computer, then re-installed all of the software needed for Vive, and Steam VR is asking me to plug in my headset, although Vive Wireless is telling me that my headset is connected. The Vive Wireless was working fine untill now (I purchased my headset at the end of last year). Attached is photos of the Vive Wireless application and the Steam VR application.
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  4. Just thought I'd throw this up here. This is my VIVE setup for Fallout 4 VR. Let me explain what I've learned. The chair is the big thing. I make my play area a giant circle that goes through my walls when I'm standing here in VR. This keeps the frame from showing up in game and breaking immersion. The seat is there so I can sit whenever I come to a Terminal or a Puzzle in game. Arm rests get in the way, and a swivel chair is not dependable as it will turn when you stand up. Headrests get in the way. The water bottles and tool box is a reference point. So I can touch the toolbox with my foot and know where I am. I can the reset myself. This setup is why I wish there was a wireless signal + AC power supply option for the headset to make the cable thinner. It would just need to keep the batteries up then. And this could be set up in anyone's home. I can go all over Fallout 4 and feel like I've left home. I just have to be responsible for keeping my actual location in the room in mind so I don't destroy anything. Work in progress. Live long and prosper.
  5. Has anyone encountered and have a fix for Error 220 (DP HDCP Compatibility issues) with non-MSI laptops? I stopped using the Cosmos for a couple months since the tracking problems were driving me up a wall. Decided I'd give it a shot today and now I'm consistently encountering this Error 220. To be clear, everything was working (tracking issues aside) previously. What currently happens is: Everything will start fine (video / audio / tracking). Then after a little bit (less than 1 min), the display will turn off. This typically lasts 6-7 seconds. During this time, audio and tracking are still working. Just the display that goes black. Then when the display pops back in, the audio will cut out and pretty much stay off from there on. Then on a very consistent 40 second cycle, the display will go black again for another 6-7 seconds. If you look at the Vive Console, you'll see the Error 220 pop up every time the display cuts out. Running latest public release and I'm on a Razer Blade 15 (2019 model with 2080-MaxQ) I'd appreciate it if someone could point me towards a solution. Otherwise it looks like i'll be packing this up for good and ordering an Index.
  6. Thank you for the reply. By your description it must be the GPU: I bought it used and it is slightly overclocked BUT these "artifacts" were present on the Vive's screen before I bought it, the previous owner warned me about them. Yesterday I contacted a repair service and the guy confirmed it is the screen, not a loose connector or anything else. After some hesitation I agreed to send my Vive Pro across the country for a repair that will cost almost half of what I paid for it (DAMN). I hope to see it again.
  7. All drivers are up to date. ram is a DDR4 I think 3000mhz GPU 8GB not overclocked The PC is completely new And i have the Z 390D motherboard Before I got my PC ( 2 weeks ago) it has been updated....
  8. Maybe i"m misinterpreting your second line but you seem to of taking the tone of comment the wrong way.
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  10. Try to activate Beta and let the Headset do an update. Afterwards deactivate to let the Headset update again back to the public. Maybe something worked wrong with the initially update. Otherwise you could also stay on the Beta if it works for you as it does on my side.
  11. Update Highlights SteamVR 1.13 makes it convenient to re-center and re-orient your play area across all games. Check out the new button in the dashboard and try it for yourself. Index users should try out Room View 3D, which more accurately shows objects at their true locations and sizes. Please share your thoughts about this experimental feature, here. For developers, SteamVR 1.13 introduces preliminary OpenXR support. Over the next few years, OpenXR will enable developers to ship a single build of their game that works well across multiple VR headsets, and will also ease friction in creating polished VR experiences.
  12. Is it under warranty? How long have you had the controller? Where did you buy your headset? Have you tried the support section? https://www.vive.com/uk/support/ ----- Please change region accordingly. Have you contacting HTC vive a support ticket? https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ ---------- Please change region accordingly You can change region at the bottom right of the webpage!
  13. THIS THREAD MAY NOT HELP EVERYONE..... I've noticed a few threads popping up about issues, artifacting, computer not detecting your headset e.t.c Things you should and shouldn't do;;;;;;;; Update your Motherboard Bios. Make sure gpu drivers are up to date. If you've updated your GPU BIOS DRIVERS (not recommended) please revert to the original version. Do not turn a 290 - 290X or a 2070-2080 via claims of a BIOS UPDATE (this is an example) and not recommended.. Make sure your USB port drivers are all up to date... I'd recommend using the USB UPDATES that can sometimes be found on the manufacturer site of your motherboard, DO NOT, I HAVE TO CAPITALISE THIS, DO NOT BUY A GPU FROM SOME RANDOM STRANGER FROM LIKE EBAY.. WHY? BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT NO IDEA HOW IT WAS TRULY USED, SOME PEOPLE USE CARDS LIKE 2080TIS IN BITCOIN RIGS AND MORE AND CAN HEAVILY IMPACT A GPUS... EVEN KILLING IT AFTER A WHILE, also only because a GPU is new doesn't mean it wont have artifacting or issues. How to do a fresh headset install after doing the common add/remove via htc e.t.c ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; On windows 10 go to your bottom left search box and type in (Device Manager) Open Device Manager Look for the headset in device manager Right Click the device Choose properties A new box appears, choose (Driver) Uninstall the device Click yes to whatever it asks Remove the device from your computer Restart the computer Plug the headset back in If you are one that trusts Third-Party Software, you can either use (CCleaner, or Driver Booster) Both are fantastic applications and can do the above automatically for you, but manual is also a good way. Always Make sure your Computer meets the minimum recommended specifications for the headset. Please note, the required specifications for each headset, are just the specs to use the headset, all games have there own required and recommended specifications, if your PC doesn't meet these then your computer may not be able to run those games in VR! And if it does, then any issues will be related to you and your system alone Random System file fixes;;;;;;;;;;;;;; On start type (CMD) Right Click Command Prompt and Choose administration. Type SFC/scannow This will do a random PC scan to check for any system files that maybe boinked and will attempt to fix them https://www.ubackup.com/windows-10/repair-windows-10-using-command-prompt.html The above link is a really basic knowledge on how to do a windows repair if you ever have any system issues that could be ruining your PC like file related, games not running, files not opening e.t.c Resetting your headset;;;;;;;; From your computer, open the VIVE Console app. Click , and then select Settings > Troubleshooting > Reset headset and settings. I MUST MAKE THIS CLEAR......... I AM NOT A HTC STAFF MEMBER, I AM NOT MICROSOFT, I HOLD NO RESPONSIBILTY FOR ANYTHING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOUR PC This thread is just some basic how to on some small resolutions for making things work e.t.c or if you ever need support for your PC, Always make a support ticket to HTC if you have done everything else you can think of, and always check vive support. https://www.vive.com/us/support/ ----------- This is US support https://www.vive.com/uk/support/ -------------- This is UK support https://www.vive.com/eu/support/ -------------- This is EU support At the bottom right hand side of each of those pages will be a region selection box, please select the region that matches yours, or otherwise, please select support at the top of the page ^ And at the very bottom will also be a support section choose the "Contact Us" https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ to submit a ticket, please note chats and such are time and region based, and please select your appropriate region!
  14. That's GPU artifacting (Seems like it) I could be wrong, but I know a bit about artifacting, you can also google this stuff,, your GPU is having issues, what GPU do you have, how long have you had it, please note what I'm about to say is honest and serious Your GPU maybe brand new, but that wont matter, brand new off the line GPUS can have artifacting sometimes it's like a lottery, the same as a CPU, 2 people may own an i9-9990k and both may have the same cooling, but one person could get 4.4Ghz the other could get 4.9Ghz (EXAMPLE) The visual error or ARTIFACTING is usually down to VRAM. Have you overclocked your GPU? Have you updated the GPU BIOS? Some people do that and they shouldn't, and it can ruin the GPU! What GPU do you have? Was it yours originally, or was it brought from someone, or given to you? Also only because your monitor may not experience issues doesn't mean other things wont, loads of factors come into artifacting, frame rate and more. Please try the following, if any of the above have been done; Remove the GPU OVERCLOCK REVERT THE GPU BIOS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL UNDERCLOCK THE GPU - yes sometimes this can help but if you have to underclock, your gpu has issues for sure. Update the GPU DRIVERS Update your motherboard bios? Some people never do this and they should every once in a while, this isn't done by "Windows updater" this is a manual task and you have to pay attention to what you're doing or risk screwing up your motherboard.
  15. First of, you are obviously new to computers, only because a monitor works, doesn't mean the graphics card isn't dead... a VR HEADSET is more demanding than a usual monitor.. it's like artifacting, one game can get artifacts the other wont... a brand new 2080ti off the line can have artifacting... your monitor working doesn't mean CRUD.. so don't act like it means anything, that's really arrogant.. Also 199 euro? could have saved tons if you claimed the repair on the house insurance... And if the device is still under warranty and I'm guessing it's not because you paid, it would of been a free repair by htc, so you've done SOMETHING... I had to spend money on 2 new 16TB HDD's because of my the cables, I didn't blame the HDD's I blamed myself and the cables.. Anyway, I'd suggest trying the headset in a different PC.. if it works in another, then it's your device, until then please don't blame the headset straight out.. you've made no claims to having tried it in another computer! Because it sounds like a graphics card input error, have you changed the bios on the GPU, have you updated the BIOS on the GPU, sometimes people do that when they shouldn't..
  16. Okay first of all, you should have gone with 4x8GB sticks.. not 2x16... ROOKIE MISTAKE.. How fast is the RAM? what's the ram speed? Are all the parts new, is the PC new, is it used? What cooler are you using the for i7 9700K, is the GPU overclocked, is the ram Overclocked.. Have you updated the MOTHERBOARD BIOS? that has to be done MANUALLY via a really not so simple process.. depending on how you wish to do it, it's not done via windows updater... Have you updated your gpu drivers?
  17. So hello ! I got my HTC Vive Pro almost 1 and a half month now. I have the vive pro starter kit with Basestations 1.0 Everything worked at first UNTILL suddenly my vision got red, green and blue pixels floating around. How i solved it= Just straighten out your 3 in 1 cable. This thing curls up so fast. So that was the first problem. Then I decided to buy the wireless adapter +3 trackers 2.0 Back then I had my old PC with mid range specs. But when I used the wireless adapter my PC was almost dying. So I bought a COMPLETE NEW ONE for 1.900€ With an Intel i7 9700k OC to 4.9 Ghz, 2x 16 GB of ram and a RTX 2080 SUPER First of all I still have laggs when I move my head to quick (With this setup yes.....) But yesterday something happened. I once in a while had blue/grey fadouts while playing vrchat and then I had to restart my whole steamvr bc my trackers were suddenly my controllers etc. Then I reconnected my vive and at one point it said my PC didn't recognize something from my vive. Then ingame I noticed that my vive mic was not found. So I disconnected it again and now the green light on the adapter won't light up anymore. I used this adapter for 1 and half of a week and it is broken now ( I guess? ) Never fell down or anything else. I tried it with 3 different powerbanks and 2 USB-USB cables. The red light on the left side of my vive pro lights up when I connect the powerbank but nothing is happenening for the wireless adapter. I also tried to press it to pair but no matter what it doesn't turn on. Has anyone else had this many problems with va htc vive ? And if yes how did you solve it ? Kind regards xKrito
  18. Hi I am developing VR projects with Unity( for Oculus Rift CV1, Gear VR, Oculus Go) and I am Oculus Start Program Member and I am interested in developing VR projects for Vive heaset, for it, Is there a Development Edition of the Vive headset at the moment ? Thanks for your time
  19. Yes, I'm still not too late. I've already had more problems in 3 weeks than I did with Oculus in 7 years. Also found that to avoid frame drops I need to hide the mirror window in iracing. What's that about!
  20. Last week
  21. Sadly the recent update seemingly broke mine as well. I can't even get into the environment or room set-up screen. Just stuck with, "Please enter your play area!' message.
  22. This update broke my headset entirely. Won't track a single thing. Can't even get into the environment or room set-up now.
  23. So to keep things short, sweet and to the point. This headset has been NOTHING SHORT of a total god damned nightmare. Upon initial purchase. It would not work period, let alone track anything unless the lighting was literally studio quality. Finally, after some time collecting dust and some updates later, it was SOMEWHAT usable. After more time had passed, and updates, it was at least a decent headset, though VASTLY OVER PRICED! Now? A recent update completely broke the headset and it's back to being totally unusable yet again. God what I wouldn't give to just get my money back and get a headset that the developers actually gave two-shits about. What a shame.
  24. A recent update completely fucked my headset and now it refuses to track anything. I can't even get into my environment or room tracking set up. Honestly, I wish I did more research about this headset before buying it. It's been nothing short of a nightmare. Sadly probably too late for me to return it now.
  25. @tedw4rd I don't believe so. I am double-checking with my team.
  26. I was having problems with my Vive after a SteamVR update. Naturally, I thought the problem was with the update and not the Vive. After contacting Valve support. Based on the support files that was generated, I was told it's a hardware problem. I tried everything in the Vive and Steam Forums. Nothing worked. So, I send the goggles to the Vive Repair. I was sent everything that I need to send the hmd in for repair. Printer Label for the box. Everything worked fine. The hmd was received two days ago. All the cables were plug in and I start steamvr. Since it has been a long time since the hmd was connected to my computer, I had to go through the room setup again. This worked fine, but I made a mistake by saying the hdm was at a 0 meter height while standing and hold the hdm. Naturally, I redid the setup and set the height to that of the chair when I had placed the hmd. Everything went well. After about 2 minutes the hmd went black. I restart my pc, then steamvr and all of a sudden the hmd is only showing green in the display. Now, I am not a happy camper, because the hmd just came from repairs and costed me 2 Bills (approximately €175). So, I started the troubleshooting tests again. After an hour trying to figure out where the disable driver option was, I got everything back installed. Still green display in hmd. This time, I connected the hdm to a laptop that also meets the VR requirements. Room setup went with a problem and everything works. Now I realized that I may have a problem with my Desktop. Nope, graphic card is working properly. If it wasn't, I should have seen the problem on the monitor connected to the HDMI port. The monitor was working fine. So, I did the remove drivers in SteamVR. restarted the desktop. Then Plugged the hmd cables into the desktop. Problem still exists; however, I did notice that the system didn't say that the drivers were being loaded. Into Device Manage, I go and the Vive is seen. But the display is green 🤢 (see attachment) My conclusions: 1. Graphic card is working properly, otherwise I would have noticed problems when I connected the monitor. 2. Drivers weren't reloading. Then I would have to say that the drivers were never deleted (even though the SteamVR driver removal said it did): Desktop: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core Processor, 3400Mhz 128 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 If anyone has an idea, I'm all ears. Regards, jazfree 1387778247_DSCN04041.MOV
  27. Hi @JesúsM To use the Tobii SDK will require the VIVE Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal) also be imported into your project. SRanipal SDK Download https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-sranipal-sdk/ Tobii XR SDK Setup https://vr.tobii.com/sdk/develop/unity/getting-started/vive-pro-eye/
  28. @BlueLee Please download the SDK and documentation to get a better understanding of the available data. To be clear, for #4 I am referring to the raw video of the users eyes. For eye_openness you get a float value between 0 (closed) and 1 (open).
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