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  2. Hey, so i just bought the vive pro 2 and when i loaded up a game i noticed that the game was extremely blurry I've measured the ipd multiple times to get the ipd accurate so that shouldn't be the problem. it is so blurry i can barely read the text that is on the screen not only that but the vive headset and the controllers are vibrating, shaking in-game. wonder what's causing that. wondering if anyone got a fix or know whats causing this
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  5. Hi @Lusther Good to know the install succeeded. As for the prefab location, the document was written for the old unitypackage plugin. The package installed from scoped registry are indeed having different paths. You can just replace “Assets/ViveHandTracking" by "Packages/com.htc.upm.vivehandtracking/Runtime".
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  7. I am very crazy about Vive Pro 2 Kit. Can someone tell me about the exact shipping date of HTC Vive Pro 2 Kit.
  8. I'm 100% convinced your camera is broken from the repair. When they repaired mine 2 weeks ago, they ditched/broke the tracking sensors of the HMD after repair, I tested everything and I have 2 computers and a vive for cross testing... At least my failure is more obvious but yeah I had to return the headset a 3rd time(actually yesterday), I can objectively say that the repair team at CTDI for HTC has issues doing their jobs properly, it's not an insult by any means just a clear and straight fact, not even an opinion just look at your own case. They don't seem to do any tests at all or they are really slovenly doing it, it's not serious and really disrespectful at this point. They don't encounter the possibility of someone from far away having to return the headset and the money for shipping it costs for that, at least, please tell the repair to do some effort and deeply test every features of the headset, I can understand that they skipped the camera test, but the tracking test ? How can you even miss this ? @C.T. I would like help from you too, but seems like when someone is exposing the truth he's just going to be ignored. Happy that the team is helping you bud, I asked for my retailer to replace it with another brand new one HTC would now deal with my retailer, I'm tired and all of this should have never happened. Have a good day. H.M (RE)
  9. The other reddit poster has confirmed, it's another z390 motherboard. @C.T.can you find out how many reports of "black screens" you've had for Vive Console software users... see how many of those are z390 motherboards. I think there is an issue with the Vive Console software and z390 motherboards, as this isn't just the Vive Pro 2 now, it's Vive Cosmos Elite and anything that uses Vive Console...it's actually the software compatability with z390 motherboards. When you turn the PC on from a cold boot, go into VR and 10 minutes into the session the screen goes black for 1 second. Sometimes it can black screen and never recover, which means restarting the whole thing again. If you keep the PC turned on, leave SteamVR and go back into VR, no black screen. If you cold boot the PC (leave it off about 5 minutes) then turn it back on, go into VR and you will get a black screen.
  10. Thanks for the answer, I just installed it following the guide. Just one quick note, I tried following the Basic Usage guide but i couldn't found the skeleton model at their proper place (https://hub.vive.com/storage/tracking/unity/usage.html#draw-detected-hands-as-skeletons). With Unity, I found it under the following path : "Packages/com.htc.upm.vivehandtracking/Runtime/Prefab/RightHandRenderer.prefab" (instead of "Assets\ViveHandTracking\Prefab") I'm not sure if it's a mistake of the documentation or a problem of installation on my side.
  11. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am using the VIVE Pro Eye 2 for this task.
  12. There is a 3rd guy posting on reddit with the exact same issue he is getting for over 7 months on his Vive Cosmos. Black screen 10 minutes into the VR session, just like us. We're not alone, as I stated I wonder how many others get this 1 second black screen, but think it's normal and just never post about it. It only does it after a PC cold boot. I don't know what motherboard he has, waiting for him to reply. My Vive Pro 2 cameras aren't working in SteamVR since repair anyway, plus with black screens, HTC have offered a replacement. This will be 3rd time I'm sending the Vive Pro 2 back. 1st repair completely broken display not switching on. 2nd repair was much better with most issues fixed as per OP. 3rd is to get it replaced. When it works, it's great.
  13. Hi @Lusther The scoped registry was down temporarily, it's up and running now. Please have a try. It's recommended to install from scoped registry for Unity 2019 or newer.
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  15. how i can turn off the VR cameras ? or i have to unplug it from electricity when i finsh playing?
  16. I am the other guy on Reddit as mentioned in AmazingTechVR's post. I have literally done everything to try and debug this issue. Reinstalled windows, different cables, sent in the Vive Pro 2 and received another unit back and the issue persisted. I also own the Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, and the Valve Index and none of the other HMDs had this black screen issue. Like AmazingTechVR mentioned, it happens after every cold boot and the black screen lasts for about a second most times, but unfortunately for me quite often the game doesn't come back and I have to close the game, SteamVR, and Vive Console and restart them to get the game to come back. After that initial black screen I have no more issues until the link box has sat powered off for over 10 minutes or so. My support ticket was finally elevated to higher level support after I had dealt with numerous different support people that kept repeating the same debug steps instead of actually looking at my support history to see what I had been through. This higher level support basically told me that they have seen a 'warm up period' on the extreme mode of the Vive Pro 2 and they sometimes noticed issues until the headset had warmed up. AmazingTechVR mentioned he had the same issue in non-extreme modes and wireless mode so that doesn't seem to be the case. To me, this HMD is was in the higher price range of current VR products without going to the extreme of the Varjo and Pimax 8k, so I expected a less-buggy experience. But when it is working it is the best HMD I own as far as FOV and picture quality so I will be sticking with it until something better comes along.
  17. Hi, I followed the tutorial and tried to install the SRanipal, but I failed the first time as my account is not a admin. But the second time when I am using an admin account, I encountered the Error 1001 problem. It turns out I am not the only one who got this problems. Other users have similar situation as shown here I think @nickie123 gives a pretty clear explanation. The problem is likely due to the incomplete installation or uninstallation. I have tried all the solutions I can find online but still have no luck. I really don't wanna reinstall my computer just for this SDK. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Hi there! Are you looking to stream from Vive sync or something similar? I will test this out today, but I think one could simply run it without the sdk, and the mappings should work well. This is how vr apps that don't include the sdk are able to use something like Vive Sync to run on the f3 headset with usb or wifi. I see this is unreal 4.26 and I'll double check to see if there are other libraries/options needed to make sure that steamvr starts when the app starts, which is usually where any issues could crop up when building a standard pc app for use with vive sync can come up. Always glad to hear from our devs and help out! Thanks, Alex
  19. Hello, I'm trying to import the hand tracking SDK on the latest LTS version of Unity (2020.3.20f1) by adding the scoped registries following this guide instructions (https://hub.vive.com/storage/tracking/unity/setup.html) I filled in the following settings : Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work and I'm getting errors from the unity console. Are those registries still working ? Is there any way to make it work ? (I tried installing the package manually but the link I found to download the SDK was also a 502 error (link : https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-hand-tracking-sdk/100/)) Thanks in advance for any help provided
  20. Another solution for multimonitoring + High res VR could be a secondary graficscard so you can use 2-4 side Monitors on a low end cheap card, like an gtx 900 series and using gaming Monitor + vr on the Main card. But it could be problematic with the PCIe lane count. Using another card costs at least 4 lanes (idk. If this is a Thing with PCIe 4.0) If you try to use multiple monitors for gaming (Like Ultra wide view) and VR, there might be only the option of using 2 cards in nvlink/crossfire. But at this Moment it would never be worth the effort and price.
  21. Hi @RRob Sorry for the late reply, I just got some time to test this. Indeed the ARCore failed to start on my side. It seems that ARCore is taking more than 1 frame to start. Hand Tracking starts before ARCore and thus occupying the camera. A quick way to fix this is that, you can disable GestureProvider script in your scene. You can add a script to wait until ARCore is started, and then enable GestureProvider script.
  22. Hi @DDD_KK Thanks for the report. Have you tried to use UnityXR instead of SteamVR plugin? We recommend to use Unity 2020 with UnityXR. We have an editor script WindowsPlayModeMonitor.cs, which is used to solve this problem when using UnityXR. However the script is not enabled when you don't have the UnityXR package. You can try to copy the script in your project and remove the #if clause at beginning of the file.
  23. What's a wireless charger got to do with this thread or anything related to the vive wireless headset adapter for vive headsets...
  24. In the camera - target eye can be 'both' or 'none' - but I would like left and right - is that possible?
  25. @Denniz_HTC Link fixed: https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/srworks-sdk/download/
  26. I would recommend a wireless charger. Just put the box on the charger without wires. My phone uses wireless charging and it is great. I only use a wired cord when I would be low on battery and need to use my phone at the same time.
  27. Hi all, Is there any Qt Plugin for Qt applications? I know I can use openvr but how to connect it with eye-tracker in VIVE Pro Eye? Can we use Spanipal SDK for enabling eye-tracker and use openvr for performing Qt project on headset?
  28. Hey, I'm currently taking on the task of having test subjects play the game Half Life Alyx and record their movements at the same time. This includes the movements of the head, the hands and also the eyes. My approach was originally to write a Python script that records this data. This worked well until I started to integrate the eye tracking into this script. Here I did not find a working possibility. Therefore my first question. Is there a way to retrieve the data about the eyes via Python? If this is not possible, I would like to come to my second question. My next approach was via Unity, as I have already read a lot about the possibility of recording eye tracking via Unity. However, I have not seen any post about recording with Unity where a person is playing a SteamVR game at the same time. For me it was not possible to use SteamVR in Unity to record the motion data and run SteamVR in parallel via Steam to play the game. And this is where my second question comes in. Is it possible to run two SteamVR instances, or is it possible to record motion and position data from the HMD, the controllers and the eyes via Unity while running an external SteamVR instance? Generally, I would prefer if this could be done via Python script, but any help is appreciated.
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