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  2. Sure, it's good if you can capture the log again after seeing 210 issues. I'll have teams to check if there's other tips for you Thanks
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  4. I changed the port from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 and reconnected it again and again, and that solved the problem. I don't know what caused the problem, but it may be that the driver was installed correctly. Hmmm ......
  5. I'm having the same problem. When I put the ready-made prefabricated SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in the same scene, the lips do not move. Is there any way to solve this?
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  7. Nothing has made any difference - the vive eye and lip tracking do not work together at all. Even after using the USB chipsets recommended by HTC (and high end PC with best possible cabling) and all I get is constant USB disconnect sounds and SRANIPAL keeps crashing after starting eye tracing then starting lip tracking. This even happens on multiple PCs in my studio and on multiple OSs. I can't understand how this can be a product if it does not work. I have tried so many things, no on here is offering any advice - just complete regarding the subject. What do I need to do, fix o
  8. Update: I found it was the cable, somewhere between the textile loop that holds it in place and the headset itself.
  9. Hi @HackPerception, thank you for the suggestion. I performed a "clean install" of the 466.27 driver, as you suggested. Unfortunately, this also did not appear to have any effect on the problem at hand. To enumerate all of the other things I've also tried, I've updated the PC's BIOS, and completely uninstalled and reinstalled all VIVE software, and tried the "Reset headset and settings" option inside VIVE Console. I've tried to opt-in to the Beta version of VIVE Console, and tried to opt-in to the OpenXR version, then reverted back to the base Public version (a process which involved d
  10. If you're still having this issue - please post here with your region. I suspect Testgrounds is right and that this could be tied to region but more data would be helpful. Any and all data points are appreciated - if you've posted here thus far, you inadvertently created a timestamped record documenting your problem and so we'll make sure you're taken care of.
  11. @drwrose (moderator note: If you make any additional changes to your driver, try preforming a "clean install". It simply deletes old settings and which could be a contributing factor).
  12. Hi C.T., Thank you for your reply! I have updated the Nvidia driver to 466.27, as you suggested. Unfortunately, it did not appear to change this behavior. I just spend the past 30 minutes or so launching and re-launching VIVE Console and restarting the VIVE Cosmos. It never successfully connected. Also, it's worth mentioning again that I observer very similar behavior on my other VR PC, which has an AMD card, a Radeon RX Vega M (and has current drivers). Would it help to re-upload the log files from today's failed experiments? Is there something else I can try next? Many t
  13. Sorry I was confused. Did you mean if we would have a Vive Origin update for cosmos?
  14. Sorry if it was misunderstood. 1-Update interface in cosmos vive lents and a current problem is that it disappears or is not properly focused, it is out of date. Problems. 2- is it feasible to connect the vive cosmos with usb-c to the direct gpu ?. Increased resolution apparently in steam appears a rescued .txt to a percentage I drink it much better with data loss artifacts. The question is htc vive cosmos had in itself more resolution?
  15. Hi C.T. While you're at it could you please fix the zoom function for the Desktop browser in the Lens? It stopped working and is a bit on the large side and too close for comfort @-@ Thanks, Fink
  16. Can these changes affect performance? I've tried OpenXR yesterday with Vive Cosmos Elite and my subjective feeling was that performance was better in terms of lower perceptible latency to inputs. I've also switched to SteamVR beta, is OpenXR available also in main branch?
  17. You can find some help here : https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/WaveVR_CameraTexture.html
  18. Hello, I am trying to start with SRWorks Experience in Unity. When running the sample scene I downloaded from here and run "Assets/Vive_SRExperience/Scenes/Demo", I get the follow error: [SteamVR] No pose action set for this component UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object, Object) Valve.VR.SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose:Start() (at Assets/SteamVR/Input/SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose.cs:76) I couldn't find much info about this. What's causing the error? Now I see video pass through in HMD, but nothing happened. - HTC Vive Pro Eye - Unity 2018.4.33f1 - SRWorks_v0.9.7.1_Unity_Plugin - Uni
  19. Hey David, We have reviewed the logs you send to us, could you update the NV driver to 466.27 or newer and try the cosmos again? Thanks
  20. @HackPerception does the HTC Vive Focus Plus will still support this feature ?
  21. Hello, Since two days ago I've started having this issue with my cosmos where it just disconnects and reconnects randomly. I have to reset the audio output each time and sometime depending on the game I can't even set it unless I restart the game. I tried moving the cable to see if that was causing it to reset, it wasn't that. I tried disconnecting all cables and reconnecting them to see if that fixes the issue but it didn't I tried updating my graphics card driver, didn't help. I tried using a different USB3 port, didn't help either. The Vive software updated and
  22. Hi, I just updated the Wave XR Plugin from v1.0.1 to v4.0.0-r.28 in our project and one of the provided scripts that I was using for Camera Passthru now says deprecated. This is probably related to the front camera access issue mentioned by @Fangh. We have a similar use case for QR code reading and not sure where to go at this point. What is the best way forward for developers? Thanks, Sidhant
  23. Well apparently I have problems with the vive lents and a problem that I no longer know how to solve. I will try to explain a problem, when I want to be in the center of the beginning I appear as on the side, making me out of phase in the games. I already border the room and doing it again I do not frame. Another problem rather than a problem, a question is it possible to increase the resolution of the viewer without entering steamvr ?, since I notice that it is viable but it gives me the feeling that htc with its proprietary cable does not give it and distortions or losses appear.
  24. @cusa123 that's for sure, we will fix the issues before it goes to public. @Beta_Testerkindly send me a crash log, would you? thanks in advance
  25. I'm sorry I'm not good at English. I have the same problem. Did you solve this problem? It's really hard not to have a tutorial video.
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  27. At some point it will update live lents. I find it old-fashioned and slow.? Since many of us were disappointed with cosmos and with the new htc live pro 2, at least one update wouldn't hurt.
  28. @C.T.Selecting that option makes no difference. SteamVR still doesn't launch automatically and if left alone, eventually the compositor crashes out (see screenshot).
  29. @Beta_Tester @sgtprobe If you enable Vive Origin as your default VR home under setting - general. It will bring up steamVR at launch. @Beta_Tester We will fix the double images on left controller in next update Thanks
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