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  2. @Khronno - It's hyper-dependent on where you are - some regions are pretty locked down. To my knowledge, there are currently no major delays within our fulfillment centers but once that package is out in the world it's going to be really specific to where you're shipping to. In the past few weeks the overall volume of packages has decreased alot and things are generally starting to recover a bit but if you're shipping to really hard hit regions like NYC, Italy, or France - you could incur additional delays.
  3. @csabal Instructions for what part of the tech stack? If you're talking about the Optitrack hybridization - that support comes from Optitrack. We do not work with Optitrack to develop their hybridized tracking solutions - that's solely their effort and it technically is a competitive tracking solution to the tracking solutions we're integrating into our products.
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  5. les leviers tremblent toujours en visant la position du fusil 😞 , il y a toujours un blocage de mouvement vers la gauche ou vers la droite à un certain moment pour viser avec la position du fusil pour viveport peu sur la résolution du problème de la date de naissance? car il faut à chaque fois le retour à l'école pour voir la vidéo 🙄 ,
  6. Wow that sucks, might sound stupid but A sounds like the display is rotated 180 are your base stations displaying A, b, c the right way up? if they're sending out the laser signal in the wrong orientation to reality your headset and computer might think it's upside down. For me my power LED is at the top If that helps with the tracking you might be able to find something that works to resolve B. I know when certain things are loading for me I get jitteryness, certainly opening up each dimension in the lab gives me 10 seconds where tracking just fails because my computer is probably focusing on other things this usually clears itself up though.
  7. Have you run the ViveSetup.exe HTC sent you when you brought the headset? (is this what you meant by Vive cosmos elite software?) Have you plugged everything in as directed? There's an order to setting things up, I don't know if it matters but I know it's easy to forget a power lead or think a cable is optional when it isn't Can you start the Vive Console? that should make the headset come on at least with a totally white display. Can you run Vive Room Setup? it might be if your floor is calibrated wrong then the screen might not have anything to display You should be able to drop in screenshots, or photos even if you have to save them, use the snipping tool to take and save your screen shots it's super useful *hopes I can help I'm new to VR stuff myself*
  8. Is there anything specific to your Windows To Go install? e.g. which specific Windows Version, is it the standard setup with a certified WTG USB or a modified setup?
  9. can you help give a few more details please? Which headset? What are you PC specs? If you can, please also use the Report Issue function and provide a trace number
  10. Hey all! Got a Vive Cosmos Elite today and I'm either A: Having the Vive work well from a hardware perspective BUT the X and Y axis are BOTH mirrored so not only is the image upside down but the text is backwards! B: The same as A but the WHOLE HEADSET is flickering white. Usually if I reset the headset a few times (Reseating cables then running a reset from the Vive console) it EVENTUALLY works but I've yet to track down WHAT causes or fixes it I've tried researching but all I've found is a forum post that's ongoing between a few people and who I'm guessing are Vive Devs going "Huh that's weird" Anyone encounter this yet and figured out a workaround?
  11. Ive been trying to download this due to not being able to see anything on the headset even when the green light is on and its just stuck on 60 mins left nearing the end of the download with it saying, Installing vive cosmo elite software and steamvr, software installation almost complete. What should i do. Id send a screenshot but i think it doesnt let me on this sub
  12. I first thought I read my post in the BETA thread, I wrote: I was on the beta so I reverted back to Public, which wasn't then 😞 Also reseted my SteamVR which I also used beta back to public. Then I could upgrade back to beta which worked. I guess you can't do this now. What happens if you Opt in to beta? You might get the "beta" instead so at least the firmware re-applies, which solved my issue.
  13. Hello, Doing the same, but with Optitrack Primex13 series. (10 of them), 6x6m play area, 3m high truss system. Full skeleton tracking, with active pucks. Decided to go with the HTC wireless adapter, not backpacks. There gonna be only 2 players at the same time. Did not choose the HMD yet. Maybe we go w the Cosmos, bacause it has hand tracking, so we can utilize that inside the VR environment. Can you send me some instructions too? Thx in advance.
  14. I ordered on Sunday29th arrived Tuesday 31st, Ordered a spare lighthouse yesterday before 12noon and arrived today, basically still seems DPD do next day delivery within the UK
  15. My Trace No is 20200409071117.
  16. Anyone order a Cosmos Elite recently? Thinking about purchasing one but not sure how long it would take to arrive. I know all this Coronavirus craziness has delayed some things. Just wondering before I spend a lot of money.
  17. Hi @Nivelis, Could you submit an issue report and tag "rd_log_request?" Here are instructions on how to do this: Please provide me your Trace No when completed. Thanks! Steve
  18. My first comment in the community, I bought my vivecosmos even after seeing huge complaints. I say that not all complaints are valid, he does have tracking problems but nothing to not have a lot of fun (depending on the game), and I see that there is a team working to fix this. I believe that the next updates of the team should be considered in concert with the screening problems, because it is the biggest complaint of the community, the rest can be fixed later. After using it for days I have some points that I want to highlight, I realize that one of the big problems is tracking close to the cameras, when I get too close it gets completely lost, and some games when I see an item up close it becomes a problem . Another problem is when I try to use it over my head, it is also easily lost. When playing beatsaber I realized that by relaxing his arms (down) leaving him beside his leg he also loses the track. I believe that in addition to the most common tracking problem which is the aim (mainly in shooting games) these other problems are quite boring, I would love to see an update where this can be fixed. My score for the tracking 6,5/10 - Sorry for any mistake in writing, I'm Portuguese
  19. Hey, So, It is still okay to run 6 monitors with Cosmos on wired, the key is that you just need to make sure the Main monitor and Cosmos DP is hooking up on the same GPU. And your setup should work fine. Don't do the HDMI to DP stuff, it won't work for sure. Cheers,
  20. Same issue here. Tried resetting and reinstalling multiple ways and times. Also deleted the default Steam VR Settings cache and removed USB Devices via Steam VR in case my (Sadly returned due to breakage) Vive Pro had leftover artifacts. Every time I have the headset on the x and y axis are inverted, to the point where turning upside down looks the exact same Thoughts? @Shen Ye @C.T.
  21. Hi grovelearning, I test SDK 3.1.6 on Unity 2019.3/1f. I did not see the issue you meet... What's your gradle file for? BR, Sean Lu
  22. @egolikeness Cosmos wired requires a Displayport 1.2+ compatible port because of the resolution of the panels. This is the standard Cosmos variant. The wireless Cosmos is a desktop-only add on that takes an existing Cosmos and makes it wireless via an accessory. That requires a desktop motherboard with an available PCI-E slot. There is no way to get it to work with laptops. As far as I can tell, if using Vive hardware - you'd be limited to the original Vive as that's the only HDMI headset we ever made.
  23. Would it work with the regular Cosmos? The wireless ones?
  24. @egolikeness So that'd fortunately run first gen HMDs (Vive, Oculus CV1, first gen WMR) but I'm not seeing any documentation that says that this laptop line has Displayport 1.2+ support or that the USB-ports have Displayport capacity that's driven by the dGPU. You can try running the question by Asus but I unfortunately think you're limited to first gen HDMI-driven headsets with this laptop.
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