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  2. Hi @C.T. You received my HTC Vive Pro 2, link box and cable on Monday. This was after the 1st RMA when I received it back from HTC Romania. Did you experience the same issue? No display and error 200? My 1st RMA only took 1 week. Do you have an update for me please? Thank you.
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  4. Can you run this .exe from below path and choose uninstall? D:\Programs\Viveport\VIVE\Updater\App\PCClient\ViveportDesktopSetup- And then run the vivesetup.exe which download from vive.com again. If it is still not working, please get me below log for further investigation. D:\Programs\Viveport\VIVE\PCClient\xxx.txt Thanks
  5. I know it's probably not worth it but, I need to add my voice to the complaints about not supporting Valve's Motion Smoothing. I was planning to upgrade my OG Vive and ordered a VP2 but have now cancelled when I realized you do not support Valve's Motion Smoothing (mainly play DCS, MSFS, ETS and some others where this tool is invaluable to be able to play smoothly)! Who thought that was a great idea? Let's not support it and instead implement an inferior software...what a joke! Well, order cancelled...I suppose I'll wait for the Index 2 and more money to Valve instead of HTC.
  6. Hy, I tried to reinstall Viveport after trying to perform an update from within Viveport which failed. On the Vive FAQ it said to reinstall the software to fix this issue...well. I've read and tested all suggestions from multiple forums posts about what to do regarding this issue and am in contact with Vive support (which is leading nowhere) but I cannot reinstall Viveport. I am in the middle of developing a Unity app for my university as part of my thesis and I have not been able to make progress for two weeks, since I am using a Focus Plus headset and need to stream to the headset using Viveport. There are two applications to download from Vive as far as I can tell: 1) Vive setup 2) Viveport Vive setup has a nasty "Sign In" Button in its installer that does not work at least since 2018: Viveport will try to install and shows "Installation complete" followed by a generic windows popup "how do you want to open this file" but with no options other than microsoft store, or an error from explorer.exe saying "file not found". I've tried: 1) Force uninstalling all HTC and Vive related apps with microsofts tool ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed) 2) Cleaning out all Temp folders related to HTC or Vive 3) Cleaning the registry from everything HTC or Vive related with the help of professional IT-Support 4) Adding a new user and trying to reinstall on their account I have provided all logs I could find if anyone cares to check them (Vive support certainly did not care for them - although requested by them). Any help would be extremely appreciated!! Updater_20210921_165940_015_225241.txt Updater_20210921_165928_675_277361.txt Updater_20210921_165939_917_272241.txt Updater_20210921_165923_481_177681.txt HeadsetUtils_20210921_165923_098_278721.txt ViveSoftwareInstall-log-20210921-165918.txt HeadsetUtils_20210921_165919_901_354761.txt Updater_20210921_165937_428_207241.txt Updater_20210921_165924_464_121561.txt Updater_20210921_165928_771_322881.txt Updater_20210921_165928_748_197521.txt
  7. Thank you for the write up, Vive support seems to have adapted your approach. Sadly, it does not work for me...
  8. Were you ever able to find any solution? Whether making SRanipal 1.3.2 work better or by finding 1.3.1 or 1.3.3?
  9. Hi @hunteer11743, We haven't tried to use full body mesh before with our sdk. Can you please share more detail about the crash, i.e. crash code and stack trace from visual studio?
  10. Hi @RRob Can you please share the full adb log? I would suspect that hand tracking plugin doesn't detected arcore and thus getting camera stream using ndk camera, not from arcore apis. Although you may have done this, please make sure you follow the instructions in the ARFoundation sample to replace "AR Session" and "AR Session Origin" game object with latest version. Can you please also try Unity LTS versions? I have previously tested on 2019.4 and 2020.3 which should work fine. I'll check if I can reproduce this on my side.
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  12. Cross posting this for visibility.
  13. Having same issue. "Cannot perform upm operation: Request [GET https://npm-registry.vive.com/-/v1/search?text=com.htc.upm&from=0&size=250] failed with status code [502] [NotFound]"
  14. Currently getting com.htc.upm.wave.essence: Request [GET https://npm-registry.vive.com/com.htc.upm.wave.essence] failed with status code [502] from the package manager
  15. Hi guys, Great work on this hand detection sdk. Im working in unreal with Vive pro2, i have a metahuman pawn that was originally used for interaction in game. I would like to switch out the vr controllers to this hand detection plugin. Currently I have a crash whenever i try to switch out the skeletal mesh of rigged hand to my mesh, but this is probably because the bone heirarchies dont match. My question is: is it possible to use the hand detection on a skeleton mesh that has the full body, and the respective hand bone names are matched exactly to what the rigged hand skeleton had? To elaborate, id have a full skeleton structure including both hands, and i want to map the hand detection to this skeleton. Let me know if you have any suggestions or have done it already and i might have missed it in the documentation Best regards, hunter
  16. You're right. This looks like a mistake. Anyone knows where the SDK v1.3.2 is to be found online?
  17. One thing I am curious about is, has anyone found the installer for 1.3.3 or is it only in SDK format? I would assume 1.3.3 would have a fix that would reduce the CPU requirement.
  18. Hey, sorry for the late response. Couldn't get onto a computer until now and the phone wouldn't let me login. I am using an i7-9700k. I sent a message into Vive Support and will update here when they respond. Hoping they have an answer for us. I appreciate your work around. Unfortunately from the sound of it, it will not help me out very much though if the eye tracking lags. I am using this to test programs, software, and a video game I have been working on. It definitely isn't being cause by the vive facial tracker, since with eye tracking disabled, I can track my mouth with the facial tracker at 4% usage. Eye tracking with facial is around 40 to 45% for me, and without facial tracker it is about 35% to 40%. Like others have said, even if I do not have the headset on my head, or any programs using it, it still drains 40% with the eye tracker. And based on what testamundo presented, 1.3.1 works just fine at about 8%. I think there is something wrong with the 1.3.2 version itself. Both you and I shouldn't have any problems even with our weaker processors. I am surprised after how many months nobody else has mentioned an issue though.
  19. The current release should be okay to run on Win11 (22000.194). Let me know if you find any issue on your end
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  21. I was able to get rid of my errors by removing essence and samples. Thanks
  22. Good Afternoon, I am trying to setup direct preview on my Focus 3 headset. I have successfully (I believe) installed the Device APK and started the server. When following the steps on the direct preview guide page, the server begins to respond to headset packets, and when started remotely, the headset can control the camera rotation & position within Unity. The problem is that the Connecting... text never goes away and there is no streaming from Unity to the headset. I've tested this in a variety of configurations/plugged-in/etc and have been receiving the same results. Any guidance would be appreciated. Headset - Focus 3 Wave SDK - 4.11 We are attempting to use Hand tracking also if that helps
  23. For me, the solution was adding the android SDK tools to my system path variables I.E adding stuff like this C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2020.3.18f1\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer\SDK\XXX for tools, platform tools
  24. @HackPerception Thank you. I spoke with the Manufacturer and they state that the NVidia is connected to the USB-C port and the Display Port signal is from it. But yet, when I connected my Cosmos to the laptop the VIVE Console give a 201 Error: "The headset display cannot be detected...". My USB-C to DP Convertor support 4K/60hz. - Is it possible that this is not enough and I should get 8K version instead ???
  25. I just bought this and am very happy with it (not affiliated with seller in any way). Specifically made for the Vive Focus 3 and the build quality is solid. https://unboundvr.eu/htc-vive-focus-3-travel-case?sqr=vive focus 3&
  26. Hi, I have two issues using Firefox Reality and am unsure whether it's a browser or an HMD (Vive Focus 3) issue. 1. Many websites aren't accesible due to their security certificate being out of date (which they aren't, because I can access the site using a different browser on any other machine just fine). It gives me the option to ignore the warning, but it won't let me select it and continue. 2. I can't download anything to the HMD such as different backgrounds or browser addons. I feel like the first issue lies with Firefox but the second seems like Firefox doesn't have permission to write to local storage. However, I have found no way to give it permission. Any thoughts?
  27. Hi, everything was working fine (Windows 10 Vive pro with Wireless adapter) then I kept loosing the display in the vive pro. That may not be relevant here but basically I decided to uninstall and reinstall the vive wireless software. That was a mistake beacuse I can't now install it again. I've checked for the issue and found a post from 2018 here but nothing more recent. I've checked steamvr is on the c drive, cleaned the displaylink install uninstallled everything and installed again etc etc. Still the same issue. If i run the vive wireless install is downloads and then fails saying "Fail to install DisplayLink. Please reboot and try again". Any ideas?
  28. No, not a proper solution at least. I'm suspecting my CPU (i5-7500T) is just not fit for SRanipal--what are you using? My work-around so far is to set affinity of the process to 2 cores. This helps a lot, but makes the eye-tracking lag a lot. Are you using this for gaming purposes or lab purposes, or...?
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