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  2. An easy trick without unplugging them (or using display settings) is to hit CTRL-P and select PC Screen only. Once finished, turn off the linkbox and set it back to extend.
  3. I've had this error message with only 2 monitors + vp2 connected to 3090, and 1 monitor connected to onboard hdmi.
  4. I know VIVE have said it will be added later, but can you give any idea of when it could be expected, and what kind of resolution and refresh rates will be possible? Thanks.
  5. Yesterday
  6. There are posts here, Reddit and Steam from users who have the vertical lines showing with head movement. Should we be seeking a refund, or are you aware and working on a fix? Thanks
  7. @DAN_di_WARhol you get it from within the Vive Console (which installs from the standard installer: https://www.vive.com/setup)
  8. i have a feeling they dont care,i did a support request true vive console.. But still nothing from their side.
  9. My solution was to run in 120hz mode and then turn off Motion Compensation. No more horrible artefacts and the higher refresh rate means the dropped frames are less noticeable in general. As a test I tried Elite Dangerous Odyssey (yes Odyssey - the known GPU/CPU hog version!). With motion compensation on at native resolution @ 90hz it was horrible with noticeable warping going on especially in menus etc. Switch to native resolution @120hz with motion compensation off and it is significantly better - no warping artefacts and even though re-projection is occurring due to the higher refresh ra
  10. Could be. I have had my Vive Pro 2 for one week now, using it daily around 3-5 hours a day. I have not had an issue yet, I do make sure I turn the Link box off when not gaming.
  11. Yes this! Steam VR Motion Smoothing is so much better than HTC Motion Compensation. I had to turn it off for my Vive Pro 2. I had much better results for motion compensation/smoothing with my Reverb G2 and Steam Motion Smoothing.
  12. There is no change with the buzzing sound in my headset. I can not hear any difference between the last firmware updates. It seems to be connected to the backlight brightness and framerate.
  13. Hi, I'm working on a project in Unity with HTC Vive Pro Eye headset and the VIVE Eye and Facial Tracking SDK. I try to use SRWorks with the Eye tracking but it doesnt work out.Has someone ever used it? Thank you
  14. I support this request. So we can test if this disturbing behavior truly comes with one of the last software/firmware updates.
  15. I have no issue about update notification in current version maybe you could try to update to the latest version. 🙂
  16. Hello there,is there a way to go back to the old firmware?It wasnt there before.. More and more people see now those scanlines or pixelgrid when moving your head..Or is it a harware fault? It looks like this: https://imgur.com/Q329F0j
  17. Last week
  18. The newer SRanipal v1.3.2.0 runtime seems to make my CPU usage spike up to 56% usage in task manager when using both the Vive Pro Eye + Facial Tracker, and causes performance issues specifically in NeosVR when using it. The older runtime seemed to work without using too much CPU resources (v1.3.1.0), but I have no way of testing it as I can not use it. Is there a download link for an older version of the runtime or a way to revert back to an older version? Thanks! Specs are below: CPU: Intel i5-8600k GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 16 GB DDR4-3200mHz MOBO: Asrock
  19. I am installing a VIVE Eye Pro on a corporate network behind their firewall. I have downloaded ViveSetup.exe and run, but it just says checking version and fails saying Download failed check network connection. I am assuming it is having some ports blocked by the firewall. Can you tell me specifically what ports I need to have opened by IT for the VIVE setup, wireless, and VIVEport software? thanks, Ray
  20. I think RDR2 and War Thunder is supporting OpenXR. We actually fixed something in the latest based on a supporting ticket from War Thunder Dev. Haven't had the channel to thank them yet. @Fink Would you mind option out and in the beta release again? My team found some error and corrected it already. Let me know if it is still not working 🙂
  21. Hi, are there any other higher resolution/(less hz) options possible for cards that can't use the DSC compression? I have found that there is a drastic difference in sharpness that I can achieve with my 1080ti on a Pimax 8KX which is pushing resolutions even higher than the VP2. The refresh rate being used is 75hz though. I have found the 75hz to be perfectly fine though, so if it were possible for you to implement a higher resolution option at something like 75hz then it would really help the VP2 compete against headsets like the G2 and 8KX on systems that have cards that can't do DSC.
  22. @HackPerception how is an app meant to direct or enforce the user set a device PIN? Are the standard Android APIs meant to be used or is there an alternative? These are the steps a user can take to achieve it manually; but it'd be great if we could direct users there programmatically and check that the outcome is as required (PIN has been set): https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-focus/category_howto/securing-the-headset-with-a-pin.html Thanks @Tony PH Lin
  23. Hi! I am having the same problem of Unity crashing. I am using SDK version Any chance I can get an older version somewhere? Thank you!
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