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  2. Recently I got a 3070 laptop, it has no DP or mini DP, so I got a adapter type c to DP(4k 60Hz) and when I plugged it in, it would work for like 10 seconds, then turn off and give me the HDCP error, and no headset cable is perfectly fine along with other thing because i used it on my desktop and it works perfectly fine I also made sure that type c is to the dGPU, not the iGPU
  3. Have you tried with other USB 3.0 ports already? If so, mind if you share your PC spec with me? Thanks
  4. With the 8kx and new firmware an pishell tool, it was a case of pressing up and down volume until lines disappeared. It's a shame Vive don't do something similar, I get the impression they don't care, not enough customers are effected or complain I guess.
  5. Wait till the vive pro is warmed up,then its there again...
  6. I did experience some vertical lines with head movement, but the newest firmware appears to have fixed it. Haven't seen it again so far.
  7. Agreed. I had this problem and returned my unit largely because of it. This and also wanting more specific engineering information about the risks associated with forgetting to turn off the distribution box since I'm afraid doing this may have been the thing that caused it, and there's no way I can guarantee that if I get another unit I'll never forget to turn the box off after use--or leave it on longer than the time limit. I'm following this forum closely since I very much like the HMD otherwise, but want to see these issues acknowledged as fixed (or fixable) before re-purchasing.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I wish you guys the best, from what I have seen across multiple forums Pimax can be a bit hit or miss. I have several headsets but never had one of theirs so can not speak from experience there, just stuff I have read.
  10. yeah i ordered an 8kx and their customer support is fast and responds instantly to my questions about the hmd,mine didnt arrive yet but if i notice this pixel inversion issue i will contact them too,im pretty sure they just made you do what valve did with the index,some collumn corection that fixes this easily for the majority of people,their hmd displays are highly customizable too,like the colors,backlight,brightness even tracking code if you have an issue with tracking,unlike htc that doesnt even aknowledge this pixel inversion issue is present,its good to know that pimax is aware and willi
  11. Ah ok yeah something is definitely amiss there.
  12. It is on Fixed with Ultra/Extreme. HAGS is off, but no matter what SS i set in Steam, the picture dose not change. vive support suspects the cable.
  13. Make sure resolution in the Vive Console is set to fixed rather than auto. Make sure HAGS in Windows 10 is disabled. Steam VR reports my resolution as 150% which is around 4k per eye.
  14. Hello there,alot off people with the same problem like me did this already(me to) But they dont seem to care,its a big problem on the vive pro 2 units.
  15. @cees Please contact customer care for your device, my colleague in care support team cannot help you if you don't do so.
  16. If that's not working well for you, I've found recently that SideQuest gives me a lot of the same functionality.
  17. I tweeted a quick note to the HTC Vive account about this, but I thought it might be good to share for others who are looking for OpenXR support. Oculus/Facebook just took a big leap forward into fully making OpenXR the true standard for interoperability. I'm fully backing HTC in this fight right now, so I hope to see something similar posted publicly! There are 2 months left in Q3, c'mon we can do this. 🙂 Oculus All In on OpenXR: Deprecates Proprietary APIs
  18. Last week
  19. So still no fix for the vertical lines with head movement issue?
  20. Not sure on device performance but things seem to be ok on my end after the update.
  21. I Did, the resolution in the console is at maximum (ultra). yet Steamvr reports 2348X2348. for comparison if i hook the G2 instead, Steamvr reports 3864X3780 in 150%. there's definetly something disturbing the vive to go full res.
  22. Hello everyone ! We are playing with our new Focus 3, it's a nice headset but in our Unity App we can't get to access Joytick data on controlers. Buttons inputs works fine but no axis data. As our moving system is based on axis input, we can't get our app to run correctly. We tried with Unity Input system and Wave SDK, nothing to do it doesn't work. Here is our basic script (translation only) : public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour { VRControls controls; public Rigidbody Player; public enum ControlerType { ViveFocus3, OculusTouch, Gamep
  23. Set your resolution in the vive console. I'm getting 4032x4032 on 3090 on 150% and it's very sharp once you get used to the glare on the edges and set your sweetspot correctly.
  24. This is a resolution issue as its not a "slightly" better situation, its overwhelmingly different. and from what i hear from others, its supposed to look as crisp and sharp as the G2. i have a index level resolution with the Vive Pro 2. steam reports 2348X2348 resolution on 150%. something is just not working correctly.
  25. I had the hp g2 also,The G2 is just alot sharper and clearer then the vive pro 2.. You cant do nothing about that..
  26. VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes Released July 23rd 2021 Vive Pro 2 [Firmware] Updated firmware to improve device performance and stability Vive Console [General] Modified typo on vive console [Vive Pro 2] Added Audio feature – Ambient noise cancellation Fixed a bug where flicker is observed on the right-eye when playing content using R.E.A.L mod [Vive Lens] Improved initialization time
  27. For those following this thread. I added those ports allowing them to be passed without inspection to the GravityZone Firewall module. I still get error Wi-Fi streaming 912 on the one PC I tested. it is weird because I can see the IP address and name of the VBS server clearly. I also tested a Static IP on the PC but if you do that the VBS application gets a loop back IP of . VBS Server application seems to only run with a PC set to DHCP. I will try uninstalling GravityZone from one of the computers and then test to see if I can connect to the VBS server via Wi-Fi over the weekend.
  28. Hi i was wondering if someone had this issue and can shed some light. I bought the VP2 today, coming from a mixed VR of knuckles and Reverb G2. People saying the VP2 is clearer / exactly the same as G2 in terms of clarity/graphics, but i just don't see it! The G2 seems WAY more clear then the VP2, something in my resolution is not working, i tried every trick in the book. adjusting my straps, my HMD, lens distance and IPD, changed resolutions both in vive software and in steam. (150% in steam and Ultra in Vive) i also reformatted the PC to eliminate bad drivers left overs from p
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