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  2. For the question 4, then what is the format of eye blinking data? For example, do i get the opened or closed data(binary data) or the percentage of closed eye(ex_ if half is closed, then 0.5)? Thank you.
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  4. It worked yesterday, but today it's not so today i'm using SteamVR v1.12.5 , unity v2019.3.10f1 , SRWorks v0.9.3.0 yesterday is working thanks.
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  6. I've purchased a number of Vive Focus Pluses and I'm starting to set them up to be distributed. The batch config utility works great for getting my built application onto the devices. However, I would also like to update the devices' OS to the latest version before shipping. Is there a way to do that using the batch config utility? I'm currently manually updating every headset patch by patch, and it's a huge pain. Also, is there a way to have a device automatically sign into a Viveport account with the batch config utility? @Cotta @JustinVive
  7. Okay, so one at a time: Processor: intel core i7-7800 (not k) Graphics card: Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Motherboard:Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming-CF Ram: 16 gigs Ram speed: 3000MHz OS: Windows 10 PRO My drivers are up to date and this problem has been presenting for a while
  8. @Daniel_Y, Link does not exist from previous post. Here is a similar question about gaze origin, https://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRanipal-SDK/Vive-Pro-Eye-Finding-a-single-eye-origin-in-world-space/gpm-p/31592#M20.The diagram is updated. The gaze origin is with repect to System Origin. @iuilab, Did you get your answer? If so, Please let me know about gaze_origin_mm interms or left and right eye. If I take average of these two points, then does it mean the position of the object in the scene where user looked at? Thanks
  9. For the record, I did do this to try and help my tracking but it ultimately did not help very much at all 😞 I filled my playspace with these and tried various temperatures: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/lifx-mini-day-dusk-a19-smart-wi-fi-led-light-bulb-english/11456458 Ultimately wasn't the silver bullet I hoped for. Hopefully you have better luck.
  10. What graphics card, what motherboard, how much ram, what's your RAM SPEED, what OS are you using! Are you using the latest GPU DRIVERS, they can be updated almost every week
  11. @Lhannan Interesting, thanks for sharing your test results! Also, make sure you have recently calibrated ( I find it helps with more accurate facial animation, less twitchy).
  12. 3. Yes, it is possible to show the fixation point on the PC monitor and record it. Recording functionality is not built into the SDK but can be implemented within engine or via 3rd party tools. 4. No, access to the raw eye camera video is not enabled.
  13. During usage of my HTC vive, the display will randomly black out for a few seconds with the status led turning red before returning to normal after a few seconds. I had experienced this problem a long time ago and contacted support about it. They offered me a seres of solutions that I believed had worked, as after that in a period where I didn't use the vive too much I didn't run into this issue again. Today however, I have confirmed that the problem is still present and I can't follow the cross analysis of the vive's cables due to the lack of enough hdmi ports on my computer. Thus I would like to either find a solution or have the product replaced.
  14. Hi @AtomicOtaku, Could you provide logs in $(Driver)\Users\$(UserName)\AppData\LocalLow\HTC Corporation\SR_Logs? Thanks.
  15. Trace number is 20200709051231
  16. I bought the Vive Cosmos Elite last week and a brand new system to run it. 16 GB of ram, an I7, and GTX 2060 graphics. This was able to run Beatsaber very smoothly and Half life Alyx tolerably well. This morning I noticed that the frame rate is less than 1 FPS even in the home screen and my graphics card is at 100%. I don't understand this sudden drop in performance. restarting the PC had no effect. I tried the reset headset and settings option and also saw no effect. SteamVR-2020-07-08-PM_08_59_15.txt
  17. Found out that only one of the base stations isn't working, the other one seems fine. It wont connect to my computer, it had a blue light on but wont connect to my other base station. Slight clicking noise, I took the internals out and their seemed to be nothing wrong with it. The motors spin fine, but are a bit louder compared to my working one. (Yes, they worked before, they are set up right, they can see each other and the headset). The none working one is on the "c”channel.
  18. I was bored today so I decided to take out my Vive and play some VR. But I was halted because my base stations won't connect. I took them down, researched, and here's what I found: One of the base stations makes a slight constant clicking noise when on blue light. I tried to connect the two base stations together by aligning them up and making them face each other. They connected after forcing them too by resetting them but quickly lost connection. SteamVR says theirs a base station error that something is blocking the line of sight (this is when they were facing straight at each other with no obstructions). After this, either one of the base stations will just have a green light with nothing else, no sounds or vibrations from it, while the other one stays on with a blue light (when testing they would switch which one does this). They also disconnect from steamVR constantly, maybe that they just can't see the headset, (yet it should be seeable), maybe a problem These base stations are old, probably around 2 years, and a month or two prior when they were working they were buggy and I would have to constantly redo my room setup (floors too high/low, tilted view, etc.). Video link of Clicking sound: [(Probably will have to turn up volume)](https://youtu.be/w-liV2dmgzc)
  19. I cant play this with a GTX 2060, cosmos elite, I7 16GB RAM. Everything is fine from the start location to the elevator, then frame rate drops to less than 1.
  20. 3. Can I get the video that i am looking at? I mean the video with the fixation point something like below. 4. Additionally, can i get the eye video? Thank you for your answer.
  21. @Corvus For me it seems to work better in 4.22 than 4.23! In 4.22 I got the v2 to work, it tracks eyebrows well in the beginning but then seems to lose tracking a bit. Gonna try to darken my eyebrows a bit to see if that helps (they're pretty light naturally, so figure it's worth a shot). In 4.23 the face disappearing was also an ongoing bug in both tests, but with v1 I just needed to restart to get it to pop back in. Haven't had any similar trouble in 4.22 yet so very promising! Just thought I'd update you, thanks for your help so far!
  22. Hello guys. I recently became an owner of Vive pro, got it from a VR club with an issue with the left screen. I was planning to buy a (pricey) screen replacement until I started testing it: turning on/off the headset, steamvr and PC and after another launch dead pixels were gone, for about 2 minutes. Another time I was using video player and these 'lines' became black which are much less vissible. So I thought, maybe these pixels aren't dead and it is an issue with the cable or linkbox or display connector inside the headset which needs cleaning or readjusting. I would appreciate any diagnostic help. No one in my city repairs VR headsets and I am too afraid to send it across the country to unofficial service center.
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  24. Fascinating benchmarks which proof to let this setting switched to "off". https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3599-windows-10-hardware-accelerated-gpu-scheduling-benchmarks
  25. Take a look at all Internet Explorer iterations... there must be hundreds... no... thousands of versions missing!!! There's no excuse... I need access to those, I just don't care about the latest release....
  26. If you got no problem in loosing your guarantee, you could apply the lense mod to your headset which gives a nice clear view with a larger sweetspot.
  27. I ended up sending the HMD in for repairs 199€. Finally got the HMD back (mainboard replaced). Plugged everything in and the system worked for 5 minutes. Then the HMD disconnected from SteamVR. I restart SteamVR, and now the HMD is showing just a green display. So, I tried the HMD on a VR ready laptop. It worked fine. Now before you say my graphics card is broken, which it is not, I've plugged my monitor in the HDMI Port without any problems. I have gone through this community and tried every suggestion and I still only seen a green display (see attachment). I've even ran the SteamVR Performance Test and my system is well above the requirements. DSCN0404[1].MOV
  28. Cosmos Elite is more advanced, the PRO EYE if you want a PRO, because it has eye tracking. The Cosmos Elite Isn't on AMAZON YET, and i'm still waiting..
  29. right click should be bumper key "A"/"X". try it
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