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  2. @VizionVR - SteamVR tracking is a proprietary Valve technology (alongside the SteamVR compositor and the SteamVR/OpenVR SDK) which means that Valve controls the overall hardware and software tech-stack and it's implementation. Valve hasn't really released any confirmed information about how 2.0 tracking works beyond the basics for in-home setup. At a high level, it would appear the current behavior is that it pulls data from the first 4 stations it sees but overall, the system is dynamic and those dynamic elements have not been documented publicly. We recommend training room setup with only the desired stations powered on to generate a clean lighthousedb file and essentially try to get the system to know which stations are essentially primary stations which are the desired ones for that specific tracking universe. Past a certain point, Valve is the only entity who can truly speak to the function and behavior of their algorithms. One of our engineers has created an open source tool for arcades that attempts to "lock" configurations. It specifically has a feature to prevent SteamVR from making changes to the lighthousedb file which may be useful in your case. You can access it here. Doing roomsetup with the desired stations and then applying this tool may help. I can see the behavior your describing in the logs - it looks like a bunch of this: Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:58.061 - lighthouse: ... SOB: add S-8 also seeing S-9 S-11 S-13 Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:58.208 - lighthouse: ... SOB: add S-12 also seeing S-3 S-4 S-10 Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:58.477 - lighthouse: ... SOB: add S-3 also seeing S-8 S-9 S-11 S-13 Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:59.047 - lighthouse: ... SOB: drop S-11 seeing S-4 S-8 Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:59.277 - lighthouse: ... SOB: drop S-11 seeing S-3 S-8 S-9 S-13 Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:59.326 - lighthouse: ... SOB: add S-13 also seeing S-4 S-8 Tue Oct 22 2019 15:09:59.885 - lighthouse: ... SOB: drop S-4 seeing S-3 S-10 S-12 Outside of the software/compositor side stuff, I would note that putting 2.0 stations in corners cannibalizes their horizontal FOV. They have a 150x110 degree FOV with the long axis being the horizontal axis (hence the curved front). When you mount in a right angle corner, you effectively reduce that 150 degree horizontal FOV to 90 degrees and can cause bounceback issues (although I'm not seeing bounceback in your file). Mounting them in locations that maximize the 150 degree horizontal FOV and are within 5.5m of each other will help you reduce your overall station count and maximize each stations coverage potential.
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  4. Good Day HTC Team! @Tony PH Lin Unfortunately, SRWorks using Unity always crashes on our PC after pressing the play button. (Win 10, GTX 1070, 8gb ram, Unity SteamVR 1.2.3, Steam VR app 1.7 ) I tried most of the advice in this forum but with no luck. Is it okay if you grant me access to the beta program so that I can also test it with our PC and see if it works? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for your help, I need all I can get. I can confirm that bluetooth power management is disabled for every SteamVR instance. My initial screenshot is a bit misleading, as in reality it will occasionally 'connect' to 1-5 base stations. They will light up on steamVR, but the headset will never come off of 'searching' while urging me to make sure it's visible to the base stations. I am more than happy to only use 4 stations per headset, I had initially planned for it that way when mounting the stations since I was unsure of 4+ base station support at the time. Attached is a layout of my space, as well as the location and channel of my lighthouses. You mention that I should only turn on each base station that will be used per tracked area when setting up room scale. If I were to do this, would steamVR then ignore or block all other stations once they are turned on again? Is there a way to permanently ignore or block all other base stations based on channel, or whitelist specific channels in some sort of config? for instance C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse ? I'll be sure to message HTC's enterprise email, though I was unsure if they were more of a sales team and less of a technical support. I have also attached the log files of the headset sitting in the middle of the playspace for a while, if that clears anything up. SteamVR.txt
  6. been looking for battery packs this morning, most are 5v and 3 amp or 4 max so fall under 20w. ive had more luck looking at laptop power banks and ones that will charge a ipad pro (needs 26w )....i cant recommend any cause havent tried but make sure the qc3 is on the right usb cable with the extra wattage... ill be looking into it more over next few days as my cosmos has arrived and ill be getting the wireless in a few days so ill update if i have any luck 🙂
  7. @VizionVR - A couple of notes: Bluetooth power management must be disabled on each and every single SteamVR instance. You can ensure it's disabled via SteamVR -> Settings -> Bluetooth as well as SteamVR -> Settings -> Developer -> Disable Power Management. If you do not disable this on each and every station, an idle command can be sent out from one SteamVR instance that can affect multiple stations used for tracking by another HMD/session. Based on your description, this is my primary suspect. Currently, a SteamVR instance can only accept signals from a maximum of 4 stations during a tracked session. You cannot track an HMD using more than 4 stations currently. SteamVR doesn't have the most robust UX/UI for multistation setups beyond the basic channel configuration tool and they haven't released any documentation on the topic. Here are some tips that can be used: When setting up advanced spaces like this, we'd generally recommend that you run roomsetup for each station with only the stations that will be used for that tracking session plugged in. For instance, if you plan to have an HMD tracked by 4 specific stations, ensure that those are the only ones that are plugged in when you run roomsetup and ensure all others in the space are unplugged. The basestation channel manager has an icon that denotes a station is "observed in a tracking session". This icon generally means that a roomsetup has been run with those stations used as the primary tracking stations. Use this to validate that roomsetup is being trained to the correct stations. "Reflective surfaces" in practice are extraordinarily hard to track down without specialized equipment because materials interact differently with IR light than optical light. A material may not be reflective in the visible spectrum but may be highly reflective in the IR spectrum; the same is true with opacity, some visibly opaque materials will be complete transparent in IR and vice versa. To detect reflections, generate a system report or open up the SteamVR web console and search for the term "back-facing". I'll post an example of what a reflection looks like in the logs below. Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session I'll shoot you an email with some more information but I'd also generally recommend contacting support.enterprise@htc.com as this is an advanced use case.
  8. Thank you for your answer - i will wait for that. Because as i told - from wearing comfort and the crontrollers and everything i am very happy with the device. Its just that the main part is currently simply "not working" for me (and i believe for the thread starter as well - i dont wanna hijack his thread). Its not "a "small update" that is needed from my point of view...its currently completely useless (as Patrick said - 'unplayable') and thus very frustrating. After boxing the comsmos again i just tried my old headset - even without light the tracking is working - i need to turn on my deksk-lamp to not make it sometimes recalibrate the floor but the controllers are always fine (i somehow have the imagination they rely more on the motion sensors - but dunno). But the cosmos is a completely different thing. If you can fix that on that level - kudos to you and our devs and engineers! But i am afraid, that i stay very sceptical 😞 I would hate to have to send it back but i will at least wait for the next update...
  9. @The_Donkey, See our offical blog post on tracking updates here: https://blog.vive.com/us/2019/10/18/vive-cosmos-release-notes/ There should be another beta channel release before the end of October.
  10. @Pulse Sorry things have been moved around a bit. I have attached the Cosmos controller Unity package to this post. cosmos_controller.unitypackage
  11. I completel agree. my Room is lit like daylight - the software tells me "too dark" - i turn on my projector - the walls in my room become like shining and i can just finish the room setup. I own multiple VR-headsets with inside-out tracking - NONE of them has issues under these conditions. I play beatsabre on expert+ with no problems on them. With the cosmos? good luck beating the easiest difficulty. The device itself is wonderful in comparison. Good fit, best quality - i would love not to have to send it back. But the tracking is like non-existent - every move is delayed, your hands are warping around. I had expected a lot after reading the reviews but thought "i will not be the best, but i am not that picky". But this is like its not working at all. Firmware Version 1.0.5.
  12. @Kilanat The solution has been identified for Kastle in a separate thread. Kastle needed a vBIOS update. Shoutout to T for the help. Please refer to this thread:
  13. stvnxu

    Unplayable !

    Hi @Patrik, We apologize for the tracking issues you're experiencing! Let me help you try to resolve this - I'll need a bit more information from you to fully understand your tracking situation: 1. What software version are you currently on? To find out: Open Vive Console > Click Dashboard (three lines on top left) > About 2. Are you getting any notifications about your tracking environment when in the headset? (e.g. low lighting) If so, then try optimizing your environment based on the notification message. For example, a low lighting notification would suggest to have brighter lights to help with your tracking. Please submit an issue report for us to improve your tracking experience: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/ 3. What is it exactly that is not tracking? Your controller or headset? or both? Check your Vive Console dashboard - do all three hardware icons (2x controller, 1x headset) light up? 4. Could you specify what part of the process is unplayable? Is this regarding a specific content or hardware such as headset not displaying? Again, we apologize for these issues you're having. Our team is committed and addressing these with fixes in ongoing updates. Here's our promise: https://blog.vive.com/us/2019/10/07/vive-cosmos-continuing-update/ Here's our recent update v1.0.5: https://blog.vive.com/us/2019/10/18/vive-cosmos-release-notes/ Steve
  14. You could try Eroding and Dilating in OpenCV to remove small islands, referring to https://docs.opencv.org/2.4/doc/tutorials/imgproc/erosion_dilatation/erosion_dilatation.html
  15. Hey there, I seem to be having issues with my setup. When plugging 4 base stations into power, my Vive Pro tracks and detects the base stations flawlessly. However, I have 16 base station 2.0's in my area, and when all of them are on, SteamVR does not detect a single base station on any computers Worth noting: -Every station is labeled with their channel number and there are no conflicting channels (all 16 used) -Happens on both SteamVR and SteamVR Beta -User is not admin, but also happens on an admin user -Every base station was individually tested and updated to latest firmware -Every headset and controller was tested and updated to latest firmware -SteamVR/headset/Computer were restarted in-between tests and changes -At any point in time, 6-7 base stations may be visible to the vive, this changes as I move around (odd shaped play space) -All 16 stations show up in 'base station channel management' in steamVR settings. -There are no reflective surfaces -There are 6 other Vive pros in the area -There is no outside light -All Vives are wired -This same issue happens on all 7 computers in the area Thanks for any help or direction you can point me in, I was led to believe that multi-vive setup with 2.0 was solid enough for normal use, but it's completely unusable as far as I can tell. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Attached is what SteamVR looks like after a couple minutes of the headset sitting in the center of the area.
  16. Thanks a lot. VBIOS update worked! Now i can test my headset.
  17. I've been working on a project using the depth map occlusion offered by SRWorks and am relatively happy with the possibilities offered by the SDK. The depth map does have quite a bit of noise in it, presumably due to the limited resolution of the cameras. Enabling refinement improves the image, but I there are still some artifacts present. For my project I only need to differentiate between two regions: close and far. Everything that is beyond the far occlusion distance should be culled. Since I only need such a simplified depth map, I thought about using OpenCV to process the map to my requirements. Unfortunately, I ran into trouble trying to convert my OpenCV mat back into the Rfloat texture format seemingly required by the material/shader. SetPixels only works for limited formats, so I'm at a loss for how to turn my mat back into a Rfloat. Is there a way to either configure the refinement process used by SRWorks, or implement additional processing using OpenCV to apply connected component analysis or similar? Attached is a screenshot of the current depth map with occlusion visualised. Ideally, I would like to refine the map so that the small islands disappear.
  18. Hi @krasi_quarkvr, This ROM code update isn't related to your issue. We can repro. your issue under RD environment based on your sharing app. Will keep you posted once we find further info. Thanks.
  19. Patrik

    Unplayable !

    How can you release a product that is not finished? My tracking is that bad that its unplayable... It is jumping around not even tracking... Hope fully this will be fix really soon or i want my money back.. what a joke
  20. It's all still a bit of an unknown - we don't know what causes the mic to go mute and not be able to be turned back on again. But we do know that pressing the volume buttons on the Vive Pro LH earpiece can also mute the mic for some strange reason which is a bit worrying - it seems like all the buttons are a bit flaky causing odd behaviour. My best hope when it happens again is that maybe in the depths of the old Control Panel's Microphone properties/recordings/levels there is a mute button that the user may be able to mute/un-mute the VR headset mic without the need to run the trouble shooter as administrator.
  21. Hi @pascalvanbeek, Sorry for missed your request. We have new ROM update this week with 2.04.623.2. Could you check on your side, and let us know what's your expected upgrade version? If nothing happen on your side, we may need your S/N via PM to check from the server side. Thanks.
  22. @h-shirakami Please update your SDKs (VIU v1.10.6 from Asset Store and WaveSDK 3.1.4) to the latest version. And add below code, Under Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\Modules\WaveVRModule.cs, line 771 after the override function TriggerViveControllerHaptic, #if VIU_WAVEVR_3_1_0_OR_NEWER public override void TriggerHapticVibration(uint deviceIndex, float durationSeconds = 0.01f, float frequency = 85, float amplitude = 0.125f, float startSecondsFromNow = 0) { var deviceInput = WaveVR_Controller.Input(s_index2type[deviceIndex]); if (deviceInput != null) { if (0 <= amplitude || amplitude <= 0.2) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Weak); } else if (0.2 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.4) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Light); } else if (0.4 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.6) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Normal); } else if (0.6 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.8) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Strong); } else if (0.8 < amplitude || amplitude <= 1) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Severe); } } } #endif Now you can trigger vibrate by calling ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibration(role, hapticValue). hapticValue is in seconds, if you set it to 1 sec, it will roughly be alittle bit more than 1 sec up to 2 sec. I double check internally that Vive Focus Plus' controller does not have any intensity level, I hope this new API is enough for your development.
  23. I am sorry that my English is not good, so I am currently using Google Translate. Currently I am using HTC Vive, as long as I play a very fast custom song in BeatSaber (more than Ex+), I will lose track quickly, Saber will fly away directly, or stop directly. Then I tried not to play the game, and I quickly shook the handle and still lost the tracking. And as long as I don't wave as fast, I never lose track. I have a video below showing this situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMsBWkEDXao As you can see from the video, the right hand is faster than the left hand, and it is also easier to encounter lost tracking. After the left and right hand handles are interchanged, it is still easier for the right hand to encounter loss tracking. I joined a Beat Saber group, most of which are in the top 1000 in the world, and the level is close to me. Most of the HTC Vive users in them have also encountered the problem of loss tracking, and even some users have lost the tracking frequency as much as I am. This seems to be related to the speed of the swing. Those who respond faster, swinging the handle earlier in advance, are less likely to lose track, because they don't need to swing too fast to keep up with the speed of the song. And I may not respond so fast, I can play this high-speed custom song, it depends on my hand fast. So it seems that I am more likely to encounter lost tracking? I have tested a lot of troubleshooting operations: Adjust the positioner position to ensure that each handle can be kept visible to both base stations while playing BeatSaber. I have also tried a variety of different positioners. There are no reflective objects in the house except the windows, so I pull the curtains and turn off the lights. BC base station interchange, after the test problem remains, also tried to switch to AB mode using wired synchronization Link box replacement to connect to different USB ports on the motherboard Make sure all firmware is up to date The SteamVR camera has never been turned on. Re-complete the room setup and leave the handle face up on the ground and wait for him to automatically calibrate Disable SteamVR Power Management Reinstall USB driver Reinstall SteamVR Reset the handle and re-install the latest firmware for the positioner Tried a variety of different postures to hold the handle Update the graphics driver to the latest version The 2.4GHz transmit power of the wireless router is adjusted to a minimum and moved to a location 2 meters away from the linkbox and play area; there are no other Bluetooth devices in the room. Later, I even went to four VR experience stores and tried their 7 sets of HTC Vives. All of them will happen. As long as I wave too fast, I will lose track. They are all diagonally arranged in a double base station, and there is no glare and no reflection. I am pretty sure that this situation is related to the speed of the swinging handle, because as long as the tracking is stopped and the wave is stopped, the tracking will be fully resumed in about two seconds. As long as you keep waving, you will almost never resume tracking. After I learned the SteamVR console address, I observed the log after each loss tracking and found that every time I just swip the handle quickly, even if there is no missing tracking, "IMU went off scale." There will be some jitter in the handle position, but the position will be restored immediately, and no tracking will be lost. This frequency of occurrence is so high that each song can appear dozens of times. And every time I quickly wave the handle in the BeatSaber to lose track, the log will show Resetting tracking: unlikely gravity 10.3 m/s/s (If you do not stop the activity at this time and continue to wave, the log will continue to output Resetting tracking: IMU misalignment unreasonably large (11, 3.7, 10) deg sigma 1.1 ) When I don't play the game every time, use my wrist to force the handle quickly, and after the wave is lost, the log will be displayed. Resetting tracking: rotating at 4545.0 deg/s A complete loss tracking log when playing BS is as follows: Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:17.647 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: Resetting tracking: unlikely gravity 10.3 m/s/s Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:17.647 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: Dropped 4 back-facing hits during the previous tracking session Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:17.647 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: Saw 4 early IMU related panics, using factory IMU cal Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:17.998 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: ----- BOOTSTRAPPED base E0919D0F (immediate) distance 2.87m base pitch ~26.9 deg roll ~-9.1 deg ----- Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:18.055 - [Status Warning Added LHR-F743DB41 ???(3)] ????????0x0008? Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:18.094 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: IMU went off scale. Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:19.664 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: ----- CALIBRATED base E0919D0F at pitch 9.88 deg roll -14.47 deg ----- Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:19.728 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: Resetting tracking: IMU misalignment unreasonably large (-8.5, 1.2, -12) deg sigma 0.9 Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:19.728 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: Dropped 4 back-facing hits during the previous tracking session Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:19.728 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: Saw 5 early IMU related panics, using factory IMU cal Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:19.796 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: ----- BOOTSTRAPPED base E0919D0F (immediate) distance 3.21m velocity 1.35m/s base pitch ~26.9 deg roll ~-9.1 deg ----- Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:20.054 - [Status Warning Removed LHR-F743DB41 ???(3)] ????????0x0008? Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:21.462 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: ----- CALIBRATED base E0919D0F at pitch 24.50 deg roll -8.42 deg ----- Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:22.978 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: ----- SECONDARY base 9BC41F9D distance 2.56m ----- Thu Oct 17 2019 15:59:23.207 - lighthouse: LHR-F743DB41 C: ----- RELATIONSHIP bases E0919D0F <-> 9bc41f9d distance 3.15m, angle 141.18 deg ----- So, I can be 100% sure that this is not a problem that I have myself. Detailed system reports, and more videos (I recorded a lot of videos simultaneously in the shooting angle + game perspective, and also uploaded SteamVR logs into the video to simultaneously record a video, and I also recorded videos in 7 VR experience stores) ) I uploaded it to Google Drive, One Drive and MEGA for sharing, and the files for each share link are the same. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OFlTnqYSAK20GDehxcxBX1AHceoXYINe https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjwnhNq7-wCxpAoFnpIPEJ_xP_3d?e=s8qctT https://mega.nz/#F!VPpkhA5J!KDiXPNl2eTae9_CpNEy9Hg I want to know how this problem actually arises? Is it a software limitation or a hardware limitation? And can this problem be solved? Thank you in advance, and sorry for the long post! BeatSaber.mp4 SteamVR-2019-10-19-AM_11_17_51.txt msinfo.nfo
  24. Thank you very much for the help! Unfortunately I have one of the newer model trackers so won't be able to make those changes. I mentioned the tracker shows as disconnected but it does in fact show itself as connected (can see the tracker in steamVR). The issue comes with re-configuring it to become a controller. I really need to have it appear as a controller, with the steamVR role changer but when I do try and change it in the role changer the tracker shows as 'disconnected' thus won't change. I don't necessarily need to have 2 controllers (rather 1 tracker and 1 controller will be fine). Could I just disconnect 1 of the controllers completely from the computer and then try setup the tracker in its place?
  25. Hi @JCSegula Thanks for your test. I will investigate why Unity 2019.3 does not work on my side.
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  27. @Claud It doesn't matter what account you use to download the installer. It seems the issue/bug is with accepting the license agreement. The calibration button will be grayed out until you have accepted the agreement. @Daniel_Y
  28. @Doodle - Most likely the limitations would be cabling and heat dissipation/shielding followed by occlusion. The wireless adapter has unique output parameters - basically the output/signal is optimized for the short cable. You won't be able to use the stock ~5m long tether that ships with the HMD, you can only use the short cable with the wireless adapter. The kit ships with additional foam to help shield your skin from heat - any other mounting solution would need to have some sort of shielding. When mounted to your head, you have the least potential for occlusion - if it's mounted to one side of your body, you can fully occlude and block the signal from the PC side transceiver. The head-mounted design ensures 360 coverage.
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