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  2. That is my code, I'm using example setup for clicking emulation void MyDevice::startEmulation() { joystickX = 0; joystickY = 0; trackpadX = 0; trackpadY = 0; std::thread thread_object([](void* device) { MyDevice* myDevice = (MyDevice*)device; for (;;) { myDevice->joystickX = 0.95; myDevice->joystickY = 0.95; std::this_thread::sleep_for(std::chrono::seconds(1)); myDevice->joystickX = 0; myDevice->joystickY = 0; std::this_thread::sleep_for(std::chrono::seconds(1)); } ; }, this ); } That's where is it calling EVRInitError MyDeviceProvider::Init(IVRDriverContext* pDriverContext) { EVRInitError initError = InitServerDriverContext(pDriverContext); if (initError != EVRInitError::VRInitError_None) { return initError; } VRDriverLog()->Log("Initializing Finally Functional's VR Shoes"); controllerDriver = new MyDevice(); controllerDriver->startEmulation(); VRServerDriverHost()->TrackedDeviceAdded("teensyDriver", TrackedDeviceClass_Controller, controllerDriver); return vr::VRInitError_None; } Is it good idea to use threading in openVR applications? @chengnay
  3. @jeonsanghyun Sorry for the late response. I will recommend to use Vive Input Utility(VIU) if you are thinking of cross platform(OpenVR <- -> Oculus or PC <- -> Android) development. You are required to import SteamVR Unity Plugin for development even if you use VIU. For Viveport and Steam, you might need to read the revenues or related stuff from their websites. But, I found this online, hope this helps.
  4. @dxrova - These types of SteamVR errors are usually PC-specific issues which makes it very difficult to remotely troubleshoot without physical access to the PC to try and troubleshoot. Some common things that can help are: Preform a clean install of your Nvidia drivers using this guide. In this case, it may be helpful to use this page to find an older version of your driver. Sometimes new drivers jjust mess stuff up for some people. Double check your PC's power management settings and ensure you're on a "high-performance" plan and not an energy saver plan Uninstall/Reinstall SteamVR fully Try switching into the SteamVR beta branch. Your problem has been happening for a while so I don't think this is likely to help. ' Go into your task manager and see what your resource usage is. You could have a virus or a program in the background eating up your resources leaving non for VR. I've seen some cases where only a complete reinstall of Windows fixes this issue. Windows updates can really mess stuff up.
  5. @ralfdestroyer As far as I know the VIVEPORT Video's owner is Viveport team. You might need to contact them directly.
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  7. @poljot Can you please share more reproduction steps? We don't control SteamVR updates - Valve engineers and pushes those updates so if there's a problem, we need to investigate and then work with Valve for a fix. @C.T.
  8. @Chris1000000 - It's definitely physical damage to the LCD. The shape is consistent with solar exposure damage. As said in previous posts, I would try to dispute the purchase or chargeback because that unit is definitely damaged. A repair like this is out of warranty and would be expensive since the LCD is one of the more expensive elements in the headset.
  9. @itzdaniel483 - What letter is the little letter in the bottom left-hand displaying? Looks like it's in channel A? Hard to tell in this photo since you can only see part of the reflection. If so, channel A is single base-station mode. You'd want to hit the button on the backs of the unit until one of the units channel B and other is channel C. That said, you need to be very careful about not moving the units too much when pressing this button as the motors inside may be spinning at high speeds and jostling them too much can damage them.
  10. @DanielePillan - The Viveport SDK only contains APIs which support the integration of Viveport store/platform features for titles which will publish to Viveport's content store (e.g. leaderboards, DRM, etc...). You're not able to derive SteamVR/OpenVR pose estimates from this SDK so I'm confused about what you're reporting. In order to derive the pose estimates and talk to SteamVR, you'll need to integrate OpenVR's native libraries into your binary. There are documents and samples on the SteamVR github. Valve is providing API access via C++ interlace classes. Integrating these libraries allow for both pose estimation data, I/O from the controllers, as well as video IO to the headset via a handful of compositing frameworks (DirectX, Vulcan, OpenGL...)
  11. We develop a CAD for robots: https://www.cmarobot.it/it/software-off-line-painting-program This software is developed in C# using a 3D CAD component provided by https://www.devdept.com/ We already integrate Viveport sdk to get in real time the positions of the trackers It is not clear to us what we should do to send to the VR headset the content of our application.
  12. I would suggest you switching to SteamVR 1.15.10 imho. They fix the color problems recently.
  13. thanks you, its works! Can I send some settings configuration to Viveport video by "adb shell am start" (use flags or exstras)? Like - display video in under-over or side-by-side mode? I cant find any documentation about Viveport video, thanks. @Tony PH Lin @chengnay
  14. @ralfdestroyer Could you try using content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/document/primary%3AMovies%2F2020.mp4 instead?
  15. good its works. but now I'm trying to to run a video like mentioned at this topic, but unsuccess too - in fact Viveport Video activity launched but stuck in main page and not load or play the video. adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -t video/mp4 -d file:///storage/emulated/0/Movies/2020.mp4 adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -t video/mp4 -d content:///storage/emulated/0/Movies/2020.mp4
  16. @ralfdestroyer I tried with "adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -t text/plain -d file:///storage/emulated/0/Movies/11.txt" and it works.
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  18. Hello guys, I've recently noticed an issue with one of my BS. SteamVR sees both BS and I can locate them to make them flash, but steamVR only uses one of them. On the one that isn't being picked up only two lights are shown. I've attached an image of this and was wondering if anyone else has had this as I can't seem to find a fix.
  19. Hi, I've gotten my headset around a year ago, and my pc 2 years ago. Around 3 months ago my vr was running smooth, with no flaws. But now, every time I go on VR, I get such horrors. Also when I turn my head, I see constant black bars on the left,right,up and down. Specs: Intel core i5-8300H CPU @2.30GHz 16 GB RAM GTX 1050
  20. hi, I'm trying to do same think but unsuccess when I run : C:\Users\rafae\Downloads\platform-tools>adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -t text/plain -d content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/document/primary%3AMovies%2F11.txt Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=content: typ=text/plain } the output is: But if I open file by file manager all good and path is same.
  21. A menos que htc extraiga algún kit de lente, cono y pantalla para el cambio, tendrás que conformarte con eso o comprar uno nuevo. Buen negocio sería para htc para vender nuevas lentes poco más cono fov y alguna nueva pantalla "Poco más resolución". Así que podría vender muchos más visores y recoger todo lo malo que genera cosmos.
  22. Sorry for delay but it´s the kids Christmas gift and they has not left the house until now. Took a better picture and one of the lens. I can see some movement behind the black spot so it is not dead but very dark. I tried to wiggle the headset, but it is impossible for me to tell where it moves.
  23. I'm glad my fix worked for you. Thanks for the message my friend and good gaming to you! I ended up selling my vive and am waiting to purchase a newer generation of VR or AR. Jeremy M
  24. I believe the vive forum admin recommended a type C DP to full size DP. This is a bit misleading when we're talking about the vive and G14. If you look at the other posts I recommended a type C to miniDP. I also said that a type c to hdmi adapter worked for me.
  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All I had to do was right-click Steam and run as Administrator. It worked great after that! It had been a few months since I used the VIve, so some updates had to be installed. After that, it wouldn't work. I "determined" that my Vive must be broken because I tried setting it up on a different, brand new, gaming PC while also bypassing the linkbox and it still gave me the dreaded Error 108. I decided to order a lightly used replacement HMD via eBay and, to my disappointment, ran into Error 108 with that unit, as well. Running Steam as Administrator fixed the issue in no time. HTC needs to plaster this fix on their home page because running into this error on after installing on a brand new computer means it must be a very common show stopping issue with a super easy fix.
  26. I just bought DP to USB-c adapter as suggested here, but my HTC Vive doesn't have DP output. So this adapter is useless. HTC only has HDMI and looks like miniDP outputs. Sorry for a dummy question - why recommend this adapted if HTC doesn't support DP? Do i need to buy some other adapter to make this set up work?
  27. @Leo Riveron Did you do the room setup for your Rift S? I just run the Teleport scene with OpenVR and it is the same as Oculus. Below is my view in compositor, does your view also stick to the ground too?
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