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  2. Yes I have the UPS tracking, it says it will be here tomorrow. Thank you. Remember when you said it should be fixed on the 1st RMA? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don't get my hopes up. I will just test it tomorrow and see what happens. I hope my link box and cable is also sent along with my Vive Pro 2, as I was told to send them for the 2nd RMA
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  4. @akakuralab.vr - Quest + Tracker: It's not at all officially unsupported but you can hack job it using something called OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator. This is not suitable at all for production or real-world use. SteamVR updates frequently break this tool. It's a single-person open source project. Quest + Focus +: You could theoretically use Viveport streaming to initiate a SteamVR session and then try to use OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator - but this is likely going to be super janky and extra unstable. I probably wouldn't recommend trying this - you could invest a huge amount of time trying to get this to work and get it working, and then it can break with an update or with a reboot.
  5. I believe your VP2 is on the way back to you already. I've also checked the ticket, I think they have tested it before sending it out. It should be fine.
  6. Hi, I have been trying to setup the HTC Vive Pro Eye for some time now but I keep having this one issue: the tray icon eyes won't turn green (unless the face gym demo is open) but stay red instead. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I have followed all the steps multiple time and the issue seems to persist. Can anyone help me please? Many thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm working with HTC Vive Pro Eye in Unity, with SRanipal and SRworks SDK. Starting from defaul scene Eye Sample stored in ViveSR, I need to replace the "ray" of combined gaze a UI Canvas made inside Unity. Which script a would add to my canvas in ordert that canvas move according to user gaze in the same way that Gaze Ray Sample" in Eye Sample scene? Thank you kindly, Mattia
  8. For anyone still struggling with the CPU bottleneck, this link should do the trick: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.3.1.1.msi Uninstall the latest SRanipal installer and use the one above instead. Thanks to @TheTheThe.
  9. Aha thanks for that @Dario I will bear it in mind. I actually solved my issue, which was very similar to the one posted here by @kjakubison, in the following thread. Looks like a bug in the Unity Wave SDK.
  10. Hi all, This actually turned out to be a bug with the Wave SDK and an issue with my inability to not click everything. There is an option called Enable Shader Stripping that I must have clicked at some point that was causing the issue. The problem is that the Wave SDK logic is not coded correctly for URP. Let's take a look at the code below for this option (ShaderStripping.cs). If we click this button the second function will run and set the Editor Preference to true, yes please strip the shaders. But then the validation function runs (the first one) which prints a message saying "Wave Essence Shader Stripping: Current Rendering Pipeline not supported." and setting the menu to show false. Can you see the bug? The menu entry indicates the option is not enabled but the underlying editor preference boolean value is still set to true. [MenuItem(MenuItem, true)] private static bool SetShaderStrippingVaildate() { isShaderStrippingEnabled = EditorPrefs.GetBool(EditorPrefEntry, false); #if URP_INSTALLED if (GraphicsSettings.renderPipelineAsset != null) { isShaderStrippingEnabled = false; Debug.Log("Wave Essence Shader Stripping: Current Rendering Pipeline not supported."); } #endif Menu.SetChecked(MenuItem, isShaderStrippingEnabled); return true; } [MenuItem(MenuItem, false, 2)] private static void SetShaderStripping() { isShaderStrippingEnabled = !isShaderStrippingEnabled; Menu.SetChecked(MenuItem, isShaderStrippingEnabled); EditorPrefs.SetBool(EditorPrefEntry, isShaderStrippingEnabled); Debug.Log($"Shader stripping {EditorPrefs.GetBool(EditorPrefEntry, false)}"); } What this means is that when I was building for URP the ShaderStrippingBuildProcessor was still activating and stopping shader variants being compiled. Now the bigger issue with this is that it uses EditorPrefs for storing this value, which means it goes in the registry on Windows. Which means it survives Unity uninstalls/re-installs, project re-imports, basically everything you would normally do to deal with it. This explains why it was an issue for me but not a colleague's fresh machine. The value is actually stored in the Windows registry at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unity Technologies\Unity Editor 5.x The fix is pretty simple. Hit the menu entry again and it should toggle the value. However a better fix that does deal with the issue as intended is simply modifying ShaderStripping.cs: #if URP_INSTALLED if (GraphicsSettings.renderPipelineAsset != null) { isShaderStrippingEnabled = false; EditorPrefs.SetBool(EditorPrefEntry, isShaderStrippingEnabled); // I am new and solve all your problems :) Debug.Log("Wave Essence Shader Stripping: Current Rendering Pipeline not supported."); } #endif Hope this helps someone else. Only took me 2 days of project re-imports and Unity installations. Best (โ˜ž๏พŸใƒฎยฐ)โ˜ž
  11. For anyone still struggling with the CPU bottleneck, this link should do the trick: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.3.1.1.msi Uninstall the latest SRanipal installer and use the one above instead. Thanks to @TheTheThe.
  12. No this won't work either. Thanks, but I migrated from my existing support ticket(s) to the forums in the hope of getting better support. I canceled my Infinity subscription and am using RiftCat software now, which works flawlessly and costs a way less than my Infinity subscription. It's a shame that Vive is uncapable of solving 3-4 year old issues with their Viveport software. I wish I had done better research beforehand and avoided the HTC Vive line of products, but now I am stuck with it.
  13. Can you try to uninstall it from the windows -> settings -> remove apps ? I'm opening a support ticket to related team for this issue. Thanks for the patient.
  14. NullReferenceException means that you are trying to use a reference variable whose value is Nothing/null . When the value is Nothing/null for the reference variable, which means that it is not actually holding a reference to an instance of any object that exists on the heap. string str = null; str.ToUpper(); Above c# code throws a NullReferenceException at the second line because you can't call the instance method ToUpper() on a string reference pointing to null. So, check your code once again.
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  16. Hello @C.T. My headset has been returned for a second time for the vertical scan lines with head movement issue and the static noise from the headphones as the repair team kindly told me it will be repaired this time. I would like to have some updates on this when it arrives to you please : Repair ticket number: 321398250000016
  17. Generally, you wouldnt change materials or scripts in Packages (shared across projects - hence may be set to read-only) - but if you need to make an edit - it's best to copy the package into your local packages repo cache and then make edits there or copy what you need to edit and include it in your assets (avoiding script name scope issues).
  18. Hello. Several questions for people who owned both headsets: - Do vive wands 2.0 consume more battery charge compared to 1.0? - Any jittering, sudden loss of tracking on newer wands and Pro headset? - Are base stations 2.0 more likely to fail than 1.0s? - In general, which hardware version had more problems in your experience?
  19. Hey all, so while trying to solve my high cpu usage issue with SRanipal, I have no run into a new issue. Eye tracking works perfectly fine, but my facial tracker is only sending data (or SRanipal is only receiving data) for about 5 frames every 2 seconds. In Unreal Engine and in other apps like Neos, I will open my mouth, and after about 2 seconds it will get the data and open the avatar mouth and move slightly over the course of 5 frames, but then it will freeze and receive no inputs, until 2 seconds later in which case the mouth will update. The Eyes work fine and receive data consistently so it is something to do with the Facial Tracker to SRanipal. This was all working fine just a few days ago. I know the problem is not a delay issue, because every 2 seconds it will match my face at the current time, but then it will simply freeze at that point ceasing any further data until 2 seconds later. Sorry if any of this is confusing, I am quite mentally exhausted after struggling with this device for the past week.
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  21. We were updating our upm this week to ensure that the latest versions were selected as the default. The times seem to correlate roughly when this work was happening, from my best understanding. Thank you for your patience ๐Ÿ™‚
  22. @C.T. I just got my 2nd RMA report. It says no fault found. Yet in their email earlier, it says they fixed the problem. I hope to God when I get the Vive Pro 2 it will produce a display and no more error code 200. Email received earlier today before the report was done... Now I just got this report... ***EDIT*** Oh wait... ANOTHER report has just come in... ๐Ÿ˜‚ I don't know if I should laugh or cry, or if I'm going to get a working Vive Pro 2 back for a 2nd time.
  23. Hy executing the file did nothing. It just won't open. The path you mentioned regarding the log files sadly does not exist.. Thank you for helping!
  24. Have set up everything on a colleague's machine and it works perfectly for them. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Unity and so on but afterwards I still get the same issue. Just re-importing the library folder now to see if that will fix it. Otherwise I must assume that something is very wrong with my machine, but I have no idea what. It still only refuses to compile shader variants when deploying with Wave XR checked in the XR Plug-in Management part of settings. This could be related to the following issue as it seems pretty similar:
  25. @Dario could you possibly elaborate on what you mean by read only materials in Packages?
  26. My requirement is that when users use HTC Vive Pro Eye to watch panoramic videos, I record the time stamp, video playback time, and eyeball position data. The official SRanipal SDK C source code solved most of my problems. But I donโ€™t know how to record the playbacktime of video when the user watches the video. In addition, there is a structure about eyeball information in the C source code, in which I am very curious about timestamp which indicates the time when the frame was capturing in millisecond // The code is in SRanipal_EyeData_v1.h which is offically provided. namespace ViveSR { namespace anipal { /** * Eye module */ namespace Eye { /** @struct EyeData * A struct containing all data listed below. */ struct EyeData { bool no_user; int frame_sequence;/*!<The frame sequence.*/ int timestamp;/*!<The time when the frame was capturing. in millisecond.*/ VerboseData verbose_data; }; } } }
  27. Hi everyone! I have one question about the Vive Tracker. Currently, I would like to detect the posture of the user when running while wearing the HMD. I would like to use the Vive Tracker to detect the user's movements. Since the HTC Vive ProEye is too heavy for the user, we tried to use the Oculus Quest 2 or Vive Focus Plus. Is there any way to use Oculus Quest 2 and Vive Tracker at the same time, because I can't seem to use Vive Tracker with XR Interaction Toolkit. Also, is it possible to use Vive Focus Plus and Vive Tracker at the same time? I'd like to avoid using running VR content for long periods of time while wearing the Vive ProEye.
  28. you don't need to install vive console if you are using HTC VIVE (OG Vive)
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