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  3. I tried testing FaceGym and there was no face tracking available. But what's really strange is that when I connect the USB cable from the Linkbox into a USB2.0 port the camera is detected and almost works (it is very jumpy and less than 1fps) but it works!!! When I move back to USB3.0 port it is not detected. I have tested using onboard USB3.0 ports and a PCIE USB3.0 card (intel chipset) and both the lip camera is not detected. Why would USB 2.0 work better than a USB 3.0 ? Is there anything I can do??
  4. Thanks for letting us know about the overcharge protection mate. Since the 2.0 controllers are actually made by Valve it's probably a Valve issue anyway. Although, my Index controllers that I now mainly use with my Vive Pro do turn off its the controller led once fully charged. No real big deal for me.
  5. Hi, Recently I set some small steps in the world of VR but hit some limits that seem related to the computer the Vive pro eye is currently connected to. (ryzen5 1600, 16GbRAM,geforce gtx 1060 6Gb) I intent to buy a new pc that may fit the usecase and hope to get some feedback from you on what to buy (and what not to spend money on). We recently already bought a "vive pro eye" which we intent to use in an academic study focussing on "speaking tasks for people who suffer from speech disablities". Trying to create controlled environments, we play a pre-recorded 360 video on the vive
  6. @AirMouse I tried resetting it from my console. You're account goes back to the old forums and the new forums must be pulling from an old database for this to be happening.
  7. To confirm - this is a status LED misreporting issue. The controllers have hardware-level overcharge protection that protects the battery from overcharging. Leaving them plugged in after charging sessions is okay, regardless of what charge state the LED is reporting.
  8. I just tried updating the Runtime to v1.3.2.0 but get exactly the same issue. So I am still unable to use both my eye tracker and face tracker at the same time, Please can someone help me figure this out !!
  9. Hi, sorry if this is wrong place but each time I log to my account here I notice my avatar picture keeps being reset to a image I uploaded a long time ago, I do not want any avatar image associated with my account but despite clicking the option to remove the avatar image it just keeps reappearing after some time or when I log in... I just tried unsetting it a minute ago, so maybe it will remain unset, but after some time I think it will always reset it self back to a image I uploaded earlier. Can admin PLEASE clear my avatar profile picture so that i will remain unset?
  10. I am trying to use both eye and lip tracking together in my Unity scene. I can not get them to work together at all. If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working. Is it even possible to use both Eye and Lip tracking together at the same time? If not then can somebody please explain why would it not be possible? SDK-v1.3.3.0
  11. I am also trying to use both eye and lip tracking together. I can not get them to work together at all no matter how they are initialized. @benaclejames Where you able to get both working together in the same scene at the same time? If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working. Is it even possible to use both together? SDK-v1.3.3.0 Runtime v1.
  12. We're a VR tech developer and content studio based in London and we've recently partnered with Twitch to create 5th Dimension, a space for creation of live music events in VR presented with a range of high profile DJs, record labels and music culture brands.website here -www.5thdimensionxr.comWe're looking for 2 unity developers to collaborate on this project, one focussed on UX / UI / front end and another on core app dev. Our existing team has some super talented people involved, however we are a small indie operation, total team size 12 ppl including biz dev / sales.The roles will be remune
  13. I've always found the same with mine as well using a wall charger. They fully charge but I never get the white full-charge light. If I've had them on charge for 5-6 hours and know they are charged, if I disconnect the charge cable then plug it in again I get the white light. If not, I leave them on charge for another hour and unplug/replug again. Now I just use an external 10000mahr battery (actually ones I got for my vive wireless adapter) pack to charge these and when they are fully charged the external battery automatically turn off. If I manually restart the battery pack I get a white
  14. When I opted into the beta, everything was super duper laggy and unplayable unfortunately. I hope it works for them.
  15. Last week
  16. Just received my Vive Pro Full Kit. Both controllers, headset, and basestation received updates yesterday. I believe the controllers were going white prior to the update, but are now stuck on orange. They've been plugged in over 12 hours. When I unplug and plug back they flash blue and back to orange. Base station is also still on despite the PC being in sleep mode. My SteamVR hasn't indicated that any addition updates are pending 😕 They appear to be charged within SteamVR but it's unsettling not having some kind of indicator at Full charge.
  17. Having the same problem here on several Focus+ devices. Right out of the box, the controllers would never pair with the HMD and could not get past that step in the setup. Any help on getting these devices up and running would be greatly appreciated. @sn6783 when you mention volume button, is it volume up or volume down, and when you mention controller system button, do you mean Vive button, Menu buton, trigger? No documentation labels a button as system button.
  18. I thought we did update the page already https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/vive-cosmos-software-release-notes-beta-latest/ the improved pass through launch time version will be out soon. stay tuned
  19. wait, are you using Cosmos(not Elite) with Index controller?
  20. @black dothole - There's a bit of a language barrier here. The little black dots on the headset aren't IR filters - they're actually IR windows specifically designed to allow IR to pass through to the sensor that's embedded underneath them. So three things could be happening: Your occluding too many sensors The motor and wiring isn't well shielded is and is emitting eletromagentic interference (EMI) which is interfering with the headsets circuitry. The motor is generating vibration which is interfering with the IMUs. It's probably the second one if you're using
  21. Hello, support team. I developed VR contents playing with some kinds of motors(servo, ac motor, etc.) But when the motor is "on" and touch the black point(IR filter on headset front), then vr screen display gray screen I heard gray screen means tracking is disconnected I assumed the motor noise effected to vive in/out signal But I can not check it because I don't know how to see that So I want to see the input/output signal between from pc to vive headset How do I that?
  22. I uploaded video file as attachment (NAS server is in maintenance) 1474762065_SRWorks2021-04-1411-27-01.mp4
  23. Hello, I am trying to start with SRWorks Experience in Unity. When running the sample scene I downloaded from here I get the follow error: I couldn't find much info about this. What's causing the error? - HTC Vive Pro Eye - Unity 2018.4.33f1 - SRWorks_v0.9.7.1_Unity_Plugin - Unity SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15) Thank you for your help.
  24. I've kept getting a white screen when I launch a camera-related feature with SR Works. (I tried both SRWorks default sample project, Compiled source code with 2019 LTS version of Unity) Video: AIRTAXI (kagamine-rin.com) I tried to address this issue below: 1. Installed clean build of Windows 10 and tried the same thing again. tried both Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home. 2. Removed all Vive USB Driver and re-installed them through Steam VR Developer Settings 3. Used OpenComposite instead of SteamVR (Not worked though, it keeps showing error with error code -3001) 4.
  25. The "it worked fine then suddenly lagged" types of problems are statistically the hardest to solve remotely because whatever is causing the problem is mostly likely specific to your hardware or software environment. When this happens, I usually do the following: Preform a clean install Nvida driver to a previous known good version Reinstall SteamVR Doublecheck my startup programs to ensure that no new/suspicious tasks are suddenly eating up resources. Eventually I've found it can be cleaner to reinstall windows then trying to needle in the haystack some compos
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