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  2. @MariosBikos_HTC Update: Missing Modules error solved. Here's what I did for anyone who might run into this particular problem. 1. Check IDE version, mine was 2017, so I removed and did a clean reinstall of Visual Studio 2019. If the installer crashes, make sure to turn off software's like RTSS and MSI Afterburner, which interferes with the installation and makes it crash. 2. Copy the SRanipal plugin folder to your project file, then right click on your .project file and generate visual studio project files. 3. Open the project as usual, activate the SRanipal plugin and restart. The engine would give an error but also give you an option to rebuild manually. It'll work this time.
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  4. @Corvus I've made a little progress with some help from @VibrantNebula and deleting from the windows registry. However now I face a new error, when I go to install the below message pops up any help would be appreciated.
  5. pixelfairy

    IPD Popup

    got some help on discord. turns out my nose was pushing the lenses, so i tried wearing up higher and it worked for me. hope this helps any of you. but, Vive, please either let us disable this, or at least make the dialog transparent so we can see through it. A others said, could easily just put the dialog in the dashboard.
  6. Hi @MadisV We will have a try and feedback to you when we have result.
  7. @MarcLeander Could you try with a new project? Could you provide more detailed information such as Unity Editor version and Wave SDK version?
  8. @HTCSCAMMEDUS - Minecraft bedrock is broken for all VR headsets due to updates Mojang introduced in 1.16.200 and .201 released in early Dec 2020. It's not specific to Vive - that update broke VR full stop and is related to them changing their runtime to OpenXR. Switching to another headset won't fix it at this moment as the problem is with Minecraft bedrock itself. Only Mojang can patch this as the problem is with the 1.16.200 and .201 versions of bedrock. Vive has nothing to do with this - the bug is within the bedrock client itself. It affects Vive, Oculus, Index, Quest Link, Windows Mixed Reality - VR is broken for everyone full stop. Here's the bug report they're consolidating this issue to (115 comments): https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCPE-16946?jql=text ~ "VR" There are several dozen open bug tickets on Mojang's tracker: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCPE-32178?jql=text ~ "VR" @HTCSCAMMEDUS I am a bedrock player myself and haven't touched my server since this update broke everything. I understand your frustration but we just need to wait for Mojang to patch
  9. Fraser

    IPD Popup

    Another vote for A-Jey's suggestion, I get the same issue. Also on latest beta, problem persists
  10. pixelfairy

    IPD Popup

    Some games are interrupted randomly, which is annoying. Some games, like "thrill of the fight", are unplayable because of this!
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  12. Hello How to achieve the same result in Unreal 4.25? I have both SDKs and separately they work fine, but dragging both in the same level makes the pass-through crash. What hand tracking components should be added to SRPawn to make it a single actor? Thanks @zzy
  13. Fuck this HTC VIVE and fuck the company too. Cant even play minecraft on bedrock MINECRAFT the most simple games cant be played never buying vr again thanks to this broke company
  14. @MariosBikos_HTC thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have to use blueprints because I don't have any coding experience in Unreal. I downloaded the relevant files, and copied the "sranipal" folder from the 03_Unreal/Plugins folder into the Plugins folder of UE 4.25.4. I opened up my project, activated the sranipal plugin but after restarting it gives the Missing Modules error. I went through the forums and saw a workaround where someone edited the SRanipal.uplugin file inside the plugin and changed "Installed": false to true, but that didn't work. Any help is appreciated. On another note, I plan to use the SRanipal functionalities using the new C++ Class option in my Blueprint project. As I mentioned earlier, I have a few VR scenes and I want to extract status, focus and eye datasets from the Pro Eye. Would it be possible for you to give me any useful links/tutorials other than the webinar?
  15. @Federica Here is the documentation about SRWorks Pass Through to get you started: https://hub.vive.com/storage/srworks/srworks_unity/plugin_guide/unity_passthrough.html
  16. @brizz9 Please see my post here https://forum.vive.com/topic/9209-problem-with-vive-pro-setup/?do=findComment&comment=38887
  17. For the single user we have already implemented a in-app possibility to control >themself< and time is limited by the lesson. I am not sure from where you come from but it is against the law to monitor people here. It is further against security to connect outside to the internet (and I would not rely on external solutions for education with strict time-plans anyway). I also hope hidden marketing is not against the forum rules? 🙂 🙂 I appreciate any input and I´m always looking forward to have rich discussions but please stay focused to the (technical) topic asked in the initial question, otherwise this thread will last forever... 🙂
  18. Hi, we are trying to integrate the Wave SDK into one of our Unity projects to run on a Vive Focus plus. We have followed the installation procedure and upon building and running our application on the device we are only met with a black screen. Investigating the resulting logs shows us the following two potential issues: ... 01-19 15:33:41.438: D/WVRUnityActivity(2271): onPause 01-19 15:33:41.587: D/WVRUnityActivity(2271): Call UnityPlayer Pause +++ 01-19 15:33:42.232: E/Unity(2271): [EGL] Unable to acquire context: EGL_BAD_SURFACE: An EGLSurface argument does not name a valid surface (window, pixel buffer or pixmap) configured for GL rendering. 01-19 15:33:42.233: E/Unity(2271): [EGL] Unable to acquire context: EGL_BAD_SURFACE: An EGLSurface argument does not name a valid surface (window, pixel buffer or pixmap) configured for GL rendering. 01-19 15:33:42.275: D/WVRUnityActivity(3161): Construct 01-19 15:33:42.286: D/WVRUnityActivity(3161): onCreate ... and also: ... 01-19 15:33:42.881: I/WVRUnityActivity(2271): surfaceDestroyed 0 0 2880 1600 01-19 15:33:42.881: D/WVRUnityActivity(2271): Call UnityPlayer Pause +++ 01-19 15:33:42.882: D/WVRUnityActivity(2271): Call UnityPlayer Pause --- 01-19 15:33:43.023: E/Unity(3161): Unable to find libGfxWXRUnity --- Looking into the Unity projects, we can locate a arm64 and a armv7 libGfxWXRUnity.so files. When building the .apk and unpacking it we can find the library at lib/armeabi-v7a/libGfxWXRUnity.so. Any clues on whether the black screen we are experiencing could be caused by the above errors? Also, why can't the application find the libGfxWXRUnity when its clearly included in the .apk?
  19. I agree with the administrator. Spending a lot of time on virtual reality can be harmful. Please make it a rule to control your time. For example, when I work, I use special employees monitoring software. It controls the time spent on the Internet and individual software. Try this out
  20. Thanks @Tony PH Lin - is this plugin compatible with UE4.25/26? Most projects we work on are on 4.25 or higher and as the engine isn't backwards compatible, it would be great to be able to use this on the most current version of the engine.
  21. For me the next steps worked well: 1. Import SRWorks package into Unity Project 2. Reload Unity 3. Download SteamVR package(I have loaded it after the SRWorks package to avoid problems with the input action file) 4. Download SRWorks Expirience package(optional)
  22. Last week
  23. I was on a beta testers account, logged in with the account that had made the listing and can confirm that this fixes the error !
  24. @Corvus Are there specific legal terms or agreements that cover the usage of the controller models in your software? Specifically if you are using them in a different engine other than Unity or Unreal. Or are they free to use without an agreement or covered by another agreement? Thanks for your input.
  25. Hello. I am trying to download the UE4 Samples, but the link leads to a 0kb file that seems to be damaged - https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-srworks-sdk/0971/srworks-xr-sdk-ue4-samples/
  26. @VibrantNebula: Thank for your response! That is what I thought. Do not worry, I constantly switch between real life and VR! 🙂 With the technology available right now it's for sure not healthy to work for a longer period of time. Since I develop some sort of enterprise kiosk-solution for XR-education it would be fine to have everything connected all the time. Maybe there is a chance to have a switch in order to set the "boot-behavior" in the future or at least provide some sort of built-in wireless charging...?
  27. Hello, I'm using Vive Pro Eye headset with Unity and SR Works SDK for an Augmented Reality project. I would like to get the stream video experienced through the front facing cameras and then apply to it some processing tecnique to have a real time modified aspect of the real world. Do you know where I can get the video stream and how I can use it? I have already read the documentation provided by SRWorks and the previous topics but I didn't find a solution. Thank you!
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