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  4. I'm reporting an issue I'm experiencing with this new update. Good to see so many fixes on this update list though. But since I installed this update yesterday, all of my games performance all of sudden becoming very bad, or straight unplayable. In HL Alyx, even moving in small corridors will cause very bad lag and stuttering, this also happened in Skyrim VR and Boneworks (so far I've been testing) - as well as playing any game in Virtual Desktop. I reverse my system back to a point just before I update to, and everything is back to normal. So I'm sure it's somewhat related to this update. Maybe there's something still need to be fixed regarding the update.
  5. my cosmos is just giving me error 200 headset just has red light on it after updating it just like an hour ago
  6. Hello, I am a personal developer. I want to make multimedia content using Vive Pro Eye and Lip Tracking Module(Unity-based). how can I get a Lip Tracking Module?
  7. Hello Corvus. I'm a c# developer with unity, and i also interested in a lip tracking module for education purposes. I have developed vr contents before, and I want to develop contents using vive pro eye and lip module this time, How can I get my hands on it?
  8. Now if you switch back to Cosmos OG face plate, the Cosmos mic will reappear? That's kinda weird. I thought the mic is embedded in the headset itself not the plate.
  9. Using Steamvr version 1.12.5 beta as well as tried the current version 1.11. While using the VIVE pro wireless as soon as it loses tracking for a bit from the wireless camera everything resets fine except for the front facing cameras which stop. When doing a test it still shows "Camera Test Passed" but the images are frozen. As well as all camera functionality stops working (room view, hand tracking, etc). Restarting steamVR fixes this issue completely but I am developing for unity and need to have it so users can take off and hand it to other users (which causes accidental tracking loss sometimes) and they don't have to restart the system every time. Is there a way to restart the front facing cameras via script? This was tested on multiple vive wireless headsets as well as different computers.
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  11. Device Descriptor request failed error occurs, mostly due to USB power settings. There is particular USB selective suspend setting in USB Power setting management is responsible for this error. You need to disable disable USB selective suspend setting. To change this just go to Windows power options and change power settings. Under Power settings, you will find advanced power settings. Click on USB settings under advanced settings and disable USB selective suspend setting. Now hit OK. it should fix your problem as i was able to fix mine. When i encountered same problem few days back, i search through many blogs on internet and found one blog that helped me fix my USB Device Descriptor request failed error, if you want You can check too, for better understanding and for other suggested methods.
  12. Hey there. I see that you already tried using a USB 3.0 extension cable. I would check to see if it is actually a USB 3.- cable and not simply a cable that "works with USB 3.0". My brother told me a story about when he worked for a computer shop, they would sell USB 2.0 cables that were marketed (by the manufacturer) as USB 3.0 compatible. It wasn't a lie but it was much like saying Xbox 360 games will work in an Xbox One. They are backwards compatible but still don't perform as well. As you may know, USB 3.0 is not only faster but also supplies 900mA instead of just 500mA as does the USB 2.0. This actually may be your problem as it was likely mine. The 500mA is enough to get the blue light on, but not enough to power the card so much that your computer recognizes it. I must say I was disappointing in HTC for committing anything on their website about the need for our computers to be in the same room as our Vive play area. I like you all was left having to figure this out on my own. I want to thank the posters in this thread for all the help. After a few weeks I finally have my wireless working and am loving it. Here is what I did. Order my HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Literally is on my doorstep the next day (OMG) Plug it in to my computer, set it up, wonder what the hell is going on. Extreme disappointment sets in Hit up this forum and reddit and realize this is an huge oversight by HTC. Realize that extending the antenna will result in signal loss, but extending the PCI-e card will not. Purchase this part (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07N38Y799/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and wait a week Download and 3d Print this model(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4045975) thank you gullberg88 Drill a hole through my wall and print this handly little mount (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3195432) thank you doppelkeks Part comes, get excited, plug it use my usb extension, nothing Troubleshoot everything, pots, cords, uninstall vive wireless, reinstall... Second round of disappointment Research USB 2.0 vs 3.0 and find an actual 3.0 cord (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00C7SA21U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and wait a week Get my part today, plug it in, turn my computer on.. . nothing.... Take a deep breath, uninstall vive wireless, reinstall...... BINGO!.. works amazingly. I hope you and others can find the same success!
  13. @HSC - I haven't been able to get WebXR working with SteamVR on my test devices lately. I've been trying to hunt down some answers in the backend but WebXR is a particularly weird since so many companies are involved and that market is not really formed yet.
  14. Nice, thanks for sharing this. Like you said, this game is very addictive.
  15. Thanks for the update! The error doesn't occur anymore and I am now able to start an test the SR Works Unity Experience build. However, when I'm in the Experience Demo scene in the Unity editor and hit play I get 999+ errors: [SteamVR] Could not find actions file at: D:/mypc/user/SRWorks Overlay/SR Works UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) Valve.VR.SteamVR_Input:IdentifyActionsFile(Boolean) (at Assets/SteamVR/Input/SteamVR_Input.cs:1296) Valve.VR.SteamVR:CreateInstance() (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR.cs:188) Valve.VR.SteamVR:Initialize(Boolean) (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR.cs:98) Valve.VR.SteamVR_Behaviour:InitializeSteamVR(Boolean) (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR_Behaviour.cs:119) Valve.VR.SteamVR_Behaviour:Awake() (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR_Behaviour.cs:100) I followed the step by step instructions in the documentations, what am I missing here? Again, thanks for your help.
  16. We are seeing an issue with Enscape (Enscape executables only, not any other games or Prospect) where when you move your head the graphics glitch and drop to a lower resolution for a frame or so.
  17. Gonna take a stab and say its within the steam vr settings, maybe to do with the resolution scaling when you use it in wireless mode.
  18. Hello, I have the same problem, can't reedem my code to get Half-Life after reedeming viveport subscription. Can you help me with it too?
  19. Seems interesting, fresh install is causing the trouble. Do you think reinstall windows again is one of your option?
  20. Dear all, we were using webxr a lot either by Google Chrome or by Edge. Fire Fox currently does not support WebXR. Currently we are facing the fact that both Edge and Chrome (83) return "VR not supported", although the HTC Vive is connected and SteamVR and "Viveport VR" manually started do run and show a scene. Does anyone else face the same issue? Example: https://threejs.org/examples/?q=webxr#webxr_vr_cubes
  21. VIVE Cosmos – Public Release Notes Released in June 2nd 2020 [Runtime] Cosmos Elite & Cosmos Improved double image effect when hit heavy loading content Updated the hidden area mesh to solve the content crash that built by UE 4.24 Tuning content startup timing to avoid performance drop Fixed error 210 to avoid only show black screen and error 216 to avoid miss detect SteamVR status Improve the stability when cable or adapter (miniDP to DP) hotplug Fixed compositor initialization fails on AMD graphic card for the PC does not install DirectX 9. Fixed vrserver cannot be closed normally after Vive Console was closed Fixed the screenshot notification does not disappear Fixed reading the AMD graphic card driver version incorrect Block initialization if it is not using external Display card While HMD is in standby, stop updating in mirror mode Cosmos Elite & Cosmos Fixed the ViveLens didn’t auto relaunch at some cases Fixed the low battery notification overlap on left and right controller [Vive Lens] [Lens] Fixed blurred scene when pressing “RETURN TO ORIGIN” in Origin
  22. For a small concept demo I was thinking to render some 360 images in various location of the 3D environment trough our used realtime 3d engine, and next connect them to create an interactive virtual tour. I have never done that (the nearest thing was a recorded 360 video so far), any suggestion about an easy to use tool that can allow me to set a hotspot in the 360 image to just relocate to another image, run the demo with just click, rotate and zoom command using a standard business laptop (just purchased the suggested USB-C to DisplayPort adapter) + our Vive Cosmos headset.
  23. Thanks all your feedback is very valuable. I suppose the ML performs some sort of feature extraction so to find not changing details in the environment, so that if the people are not too many so to occlude this fixed features the tracking can work.
  24. Hi @joellipenta here's something I'd like you to do for me while I circle around our internal experts. Thanks, ***** How to disable Oculus Virtual Audio Device Open Sound Settings Open sound control panel (highlighted) Select “ Recording” and right click “Oculus Virtual Audio Device” to disable.
  25. Our team checked from VIU and Wave SDK with provided data, but didn't see what caused this issue. Please confirm if this project is set to Android platform and run with VIVE Focus/Focus+ ? We'll need more information to investigate further. For example, would you sand us a sample dummy project to reproduce this issue?
  26. Good for you, will 2060 S ship faster than 2060? just one thought.
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