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  2. @ori333 Are you referring to the external forward facing cameras? Yes, developers have access to the camera. For Focus Plus you will need to use the Wave SDK, relevant camera api here: https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/Sdk_WvrCamera.html For VIVE Pro Eye you will want to use the SteamVR api or SRworks: https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-srworks-sdk/
  3. Application: Academic Research Goals: Install SDK ----------------------------- [ X ] Get Eye Gaze ------------------------- [ ] Get Fixation --------------------------- [ ] Get Pupil Dilation ------------------- [ ] Run Subjects & Get Tenure ----- [ ] Question: How do I reference the SDK's framework / API to extract close to real-time eye tracking data that prints either in a data.frame or CSV file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there, I've been able to get the VR and eye tracking set up and working per a previous thread with UE 4.25.3 and have a demo with VR functional. The only thing is I'm not sure where to go from here to get the SDK to write/print data to a csv or similar file. Presently I don't need any eye tracking interactions within the VR environment so the dartboards and mannequin head are useful in that they show this data exists but I need to get that data out of whatever loop it is in and write it to a data file for processing in statistical programs and the like. @MariosBikos_HTC , you've been a great help so far. Let me know if you or another HTC fellow are the right ones to ask about this function. Once I get something functional I'll definitely be sharing it for future folks in my position.
  4. Hello, Does the Vive Pro Eye or the Vive Focus Pro have access to raw eye camera feed? Is there a Research Mode available?
  5. @Franka I'm trying to get some pupil dilation data as well. I wanted to run this fix but wasn't sure what you meant by header file. I'm also thinking of extracting this data and writing to a file of some kind for processing in R or Python. Sounds like the detection isn't working great though so I'm going to try my hand at figuring it out and will let you know if I can get something. -CTE
  6. @Corvus to give you more information. same problem persists with: SRanipal SRanipal Framework Version 2 For the first 70-200 frames (changes each time when registering the callback function) the callback function works fine and as intended. After the first few hundred frames, the NullReferenceException is thrown each following frame. Unregistering and reregistering the callback function repeats the described behavior. best, Stefan
  7. I want to connect a device with bluetooth in vive focus, but in HMD, there's also "smartphone notification" to link the phone which has vive app. I found the method of adb tool; however, the vive focus is not allowed to access the root in adb. So, are there other ways to solve this problem?
  8. Hi @Tima We plan to release new version before end of October.
  9. @EntropicLife You can use below API to get the trigger press value. public ViveRoleProperty role = new ViveRoleProperty .New(); ViveInput.GetPress(role, ControllerButton.Trigger); NOTE: remember to set the role to Tracker Role and also double check your tracker settings in SteamVR.
  10. Hello, As the title says, I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the input feedback from the tracker POGO pins. After a lot of research, I've come across mostly solutions for Unreal Engine but I need to use Unity... they removed the SteamVR_Controller a few years ago and I've been unable to find a tutorial that doesn't include SteamVR_Controller or UE. So far, what I've managed to do is just track the tracker pucks location. :( In case you ask, I have been looking through the steamVR docs but... It's kinda going over my head. (I'm new to VR in general) So while I leave this here, I will continue to peruse the documentation.
  11. Last week
  12. Thanks so much for the direction. I've been getting my feet wet with OpenVR and I am super excited about this project. You saved me some time and probably some stress as well. Thank you, JNU
  13. Hi there, we have developed apps for Oculus Quest with Unity and now want to port them to Vive Focus Plus. Want to find some universal solution which will work on Focus, Qeust and maybe Pico. We are a bit of confused with HTC SDKs. Are we right that we should use VIU as universal SDK solution plus use WAVE for Focus and Oculus tools for Oculus respectively as low level SDKs? We also can't find any API doc with classes description etc... Does it exist? Any task becomes a problem without doc. For ex, how can I discover HMD availability? In Oculus SDK we have class OVRManager. OVRManager.isHMDPresent - the flag. Can't find the same in VIU because can't understand the SDK principle without proper docs 😞 Help please :-)
  14. We've tried 4.24 and 4.25 with 3.20 ( for 4.25 ) and 4.24 with some earlier options, not sure 100% right now. For earlier version and 4.24 we did copy "third party" folder into engine as advised in manual. Even fresh 4.25 engine install and following perfectly these instuctions https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnrealPlugin/UnrealSampleStarting.html doesn't get me anywhere. We've been able to start packaged project from one of our computers but then we've had issues with it and we can't reproduce successful packaging anymore... We've even tried frest windows istall with only necessary software and it packages but doesn't start on focus plus.
  15. Working off of the new errors I reported above, I was able to get everything working and the dartboards and eye tracking functional. For the first chunk of similar errors: I applied the earlier fix provided in this thread where you: Replace RelativeLocation With GetRelativeLocation() Where they appeared in the code. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upon fixing this, I was faced with "Fatal Error C1083" This was linked to the XXX_XXX_Lip.h series of files found both in "Source/SRanipal/Public/Lip" and "Source/SRanipal/Private/Lip" folders. This error was caused by the compiler not being able to locate tehse files. To fix this I simply added the exact directory location to the points where the errors were flagging. So, for example if I saw: #Include "SRanipal_AvatarLipSample.h" I would replace this with #include "SRanipal/Public/Lip/SRanipal_AvatarLipSample.h" This fix took a few iterations of building and fixign the error until I built and there were no errors. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the working source folder that may contain all the fixes needed to make things work. Source.zip This can replace the existing source folder in: \Plugins After all that I was able to ge the dartboards and eye balls in the head working well enough. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next I'm going to look at extracting pupil dialation which I think is maybe convered in:
  16. Applied fix detailed by @MariosBikos_HTC above and additional errors were triggered. ======================================================= Fix Applied to: ~\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Plugins\SRanipal\Source\SRanipal\SRanipal.Build.cs Modified SRanipal.Build.cs Attached. SRanipal.Build.cs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Errors
  17. Downloaded the latest version of the SDK on 09/28/20 and I am still seeing a similar errors I was seeing before this release. Download URL: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS and Screen-caps: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. @MDV Games Unfortunately, there is a delay in posting the next firmware update. It should be soon. I will post on this forum when it is available.
  19. @Valvoa What version of UE4 are you using and what version of Wave SDK?
  20. Hey @MariosBikos_HTC, till now I could not figure out why I do not get proper pupil size values. Sometimes the data is not valid and therefore the returned pupil size equals 0.0f. In other cases (without changing anything) the data is valdi but still equals 0.0f. Any ideas on that? I really appreciate your help!
  21. Hi @zzy Can you tell me when x86 build will be available? BR Tima
  22. Do you mean you want to rotate camera root around HMD? public static void RotateAroundHMD(Transform vrOrigin, Transform hmd, Quaternion rot) { vrOrigin.position = rot * (vrOrigin.position - hmd.position) + hmd.position; vrOrigin.rotation = rot * vrOrigin.rotation; } public static void OnSomeRightTurnEventOcurred() { // Turn right around Y axis for 45 degree RotateAroundHMD(vrOrigin, hmd, Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0f, 45f, 0f))); }
  23. How can I temporarily rotate and move the HMD camera by myself in VIU? I wanted to rotate the HMD's camera when an event occurred, so I rotated the ViveCameraRig, but I couldn't get the correct results. I referred to Teleport in Examples. It rotates the x-axis after moving forward, which is not the intended result. I think the cause is the movement of the camera. How can I change the camera transform directly?
  24. Hi Mirak, Could you let us know your country location? We have a proper channel to handle cases based on region. @cesar_a
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