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  2. @Khronno - It's hyper-dependent on where you are - some regions are pretty locked down. To my knowledge, there are currently no major delays within our fulfillment centers but once that package is out in the world it's going to be really specific to where you're shipping to. In the past few weeks the overall volume of packages has decreased alot and things are generally starting to recover a bit but if you're shipping to really hard hit regions like NYC, Italy, or France - you could incur additional delays.
  3. @csabal Instructions for what part of the tech stack? If you're talking about the Optitrack hybridization - that support comes from Optitrack. We do not work with Optitrack to develop their hybridized tracking solutions - that's solely their effort and it technically is a competitive tracking solution to the tracking solutions we're integrating into our products.
  4. Wow that sucks, might sound stupid but A sounds like the display is rotated 180 are your base stations displaying A, b, c the right way up? if they're sending out the laser signal in the wrong orientation to reality your headset and computer might think it's upside down. For me my power LED is at the top If that helps with the tracking you might be able to find something that works to resolve B. I know when certain things are loading for me I get jitteryness, certainly opening up each dimension in the lab gives me 10 seconds where tracking just fails because my computer is probably focusing on other things this usually clears itself up though.
  5. Have you run the ViveSetup.exe HTC sent you when you brought the headset? (is this what you meant by Vive cosmos elite software?) Have you plugged everything in as directed? There's an order to setting things up, I don't know if it matters but I know it's easy to forget a power lead or think a cable is optional when it isn't Can you start the Vive Console? that should make the headset come on at least with a totally white display. Can you run Vive Room Setup? it might be if your floor is calibrated wrong then the screen might not have anything to display You should be able to drop in screenshots, or photos even if you have to save them, use the snipping tool to take and save your screen shots it's super useful *hopes I can help I'm new to VR stuff myself*
  6. Hey all! Got a Vive Cosmos Elite today and I'm either A: Having the Vive work well from a hardware perspective BUT the X and Y axis are BOTH mirrored so not only is the image upside down but the text is backwards! B: The same as A but the WHOLE HEADSET is flickering white. Usually if I reset the headset a few times (Reseating cables then running a reset from the Vive console) it EVENTUALLY works but I've yet to track down WHAT causes or fixes it I've tried researching but all I've found is a forum post that's ongoing between a few people and who I'm guessing are Vive Devs going "Huh that's weird" Anyone encounter this yet and figured out a workaround?
  7. Ive been trying to download this due to not being able to see anything on the headset even when the green light is on and its just stuck on 60 mins left nearing the end of the download with it saying, Installing vive cosmo elite software and steamvr, software installation almost complete. What should i do. Id send a screenshot but i think it doesnt let me on this sub
  8. Hello, Doing the same, but with Optitrack Primex13 series. (10 of them), 6x6m play area, 3m high truss system. Full skeleton tracking, with active pucks. Decided to go with the HTC wireless adapter, not backpacks. There gonna be only 2 players at the same time. Did not choose the HMD yet. Maybe we go w the Cosmos, bacause it has hand tracking, so we can utilize that inside the VR environment. Can you send me some instructions too? Thx in advance.
  9. I ordered on Sunday29th arrived Tuesday 31st, Ordered a spare lighthouse yesterday before 12noon and arrived today, basically still seems DPD do next day delivery within the UK
  10. Anyone order a Cosmos Elite recently? Thinking about purchasing one but not sure how long it would take to arrive. I know all this Coronavirus craziness has delayed some things. Just wondering before I spend a lot of money.
  11. Hi grovelearning, I test SDK 3.1.6 on Unity 2019.3/1f. I did not see the issue you meet... What's your gradle file for? BR, Sean Lu
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  13. @Djangi Currently the documentation is only available with the SDK download.
  14. Okay so for others with this problem the answer: First don't panic. It may seem like the end of the world when something like this happens but it's really not Second, you can play VR with only one base station. the tracking can have bad moments but it still works, you're not going to be without VR although you may lose out on quality temporarily Third get in contact with Customer Services, I couldn't do this right away cause they were closed when I first posted but they'll help, a repair should always be cheaper than a total replacement. Fourth and finally having a spare. If you've broken one Lighthouse you might want to think about keeping a spare. You can't mix and match 1.0 and 2.0 because syncing uses a different technique/technology between generations. 2.0 you can use up to 4 lighthouses at the same time for the same setup so a third station will only improve tracking if you have a third, 1.0 you can use only 2 bases but again having a spare may help you down the line, if one stops working you can recover the set up in a near instant with the spare and arrange sending in the broken one for repair, and right now the value of second hand base stations is almost the same as new, and this is likely to remain the case for a while if you want to sell your spare on ebay once you have had your repair you'll not lose much if any money spent on the spare itself.
  15. Thanks @corvus for your input. Maybe this is because of lack of experience but I actually had a pretty hard time to access the wanted parameters since you can't access the wanted directly. It would be nice to have some code examples in the documentation. I did the following: private void Update() { SRanipal_Eye_API.GetEyeData(ref data); Debug.Log("left eye pupil: " + data.verbose_data.left.pupil_diameter_mm); Debug.Log("right eye pupil: " + data.verbose_data.right.pupil_diameter_mm); } I'll also try to get this running at 120hz with the example code from the thread that you shared with me previously. Btw, is there also an online reference to the documentation?
  16. One of my lighthouses fell from where I secured it last night (it's been there 7 days the whole mount came off the wall) and now doesn't seem to want to turn on, I'm not sure what to do, I've had my Cosmos Elite for a week now. Do I need to assume it's dead and need's replacing? is there anything I could try to trouble shoot this problem? The first day I had them the other lighthouse did it's own jump to the floor while I was setting them up and survived, so I didn't think they were that fragile... I'm not sure what to do? @stvnxu
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  18. Thanks @Cotta! This works great and I wanted to expand on the answer here for others. If you are writing a native app the manifest change above is all you need. If you are building in Unity 2018 versions or newer the old way of modifying a template file no longer works. I found 2 options that both work. 1. Export the project and open it in Android Studio. Unity makes 2 manifest files and the one you want to modify is the unityLibrary/manifests/AndroidManifest.xml and add the above in the <application> section 2. You must implement a callback OnPostGenerateGradleAndroidProject in which you can edit the dynamically created manifest. This is detailed in this excellent link but find the response referencing this callback.
  19. Hi, @Tony PH Lin, @Cotta, @JustinVive I want to try the experimental features on my device, but it seems they do not work (hand tracking and gesture). I assume this is related to the ROM version. How can I check it? Can I somehow activate these features? I used Unreal Engine 4.24.
  20. Reminder: This webinar will begin in ~40 minutes from this post.
  21. @Kastle, I can't reproduce? You can download it from https://hub.vive.com/en-US/profile/material-download
  22. Join live tomorrow April 7th at 10AM PST, for a hands-on coding webinar session as part of HTC's GDC Live Webinar series. Register now: Vive Hand Tracking SDK You can view last weeks GDC Webinar here: – A Step Ahead of the Curve: Using Data Trends to Build a Successful VR Experience. Below is a schedule for the remainder of the sessions For more information on each session, check out the Vive Blog. Tuesday, April 14 @ 10am PT – Working Remotely in VR using Vive Sync Tuesday, April 21 @ 10am PT – Lessons Learned from Marketing 100+VR Games Tuesday, April 28 @ 10am PT – Viveport Developer Console: What’s Coming in 2020 Tuesday, May 5 @ 10am PT – XR Continuum: Merging VR & AR Development Tuesday, May 12 @ 10am PT – What’s the Opportunity in Enterprise?
  23. @Kastle - There exists no offical 3D model for the Cosmos HMD but we do have a controller integration package in the thread below. You can download the .zip at the bottom of the first post. We currently do not plan on releasing an HMD model unfortunately due to IP concerns.
  24. Thanks for the extensive and fast response! Great work!
  25. @BouwDEVCake 1. I'm unsure whether to select "Vive/OpenVR" or "Mobile VR" content. Select "Mobile VR" to support Mobile VR devices such as the Pico and Vive Focus. Vive/OpenVR is for desktop applications. 2. Later on in the submission process, I'm also required to list the supported headsets, but Pico 2G 4K is not an option. For Mobile VR submissions you will use the Wave SDK and setup an android manifest with the apps hardware support (i.e. 3DoF vs 6DoF, controllers, etc.). For PC submissions you will manually check the boxes for supported headsets. https://forum.vive.com/topic/6959-wave-android-manifest-guide/ 3. Also, Is it required to use one of the SDK's mentioned above to do submit our app in Viveport? Yes, please use the Wave VR SDK for submitting content to Viveport M. 4. Once uploaded and available, will it be possible for the installed application (built directly from the Unity) to replace (i.e. update) the existing application, as long as the bundle ID's match? Yes, updates will replace existing applications as long as the package name and signed keys match. 5. In addition to the above, I'm also unsure to select the runtime WAVE, Cardboard or Link. As stated before, I'm currently using neither. Please use the Wave VR SDK and Wave runtime for submitting content to Viveport M. 6. Also, I would prefer the device to launch the application in Kiosk mode. This would require the bundle ID and main activity to be "com.picovrtob.vrlauncher", according to http://static.appstore.picovr.com/docs/KioskMode/chapter_two.html#androidmanifest-xml-modification. Is this still possible when downloading from the application? You will have to reach out to Pico or test this out since I don't currently have a G2 4K available to test and confirm.
  26. Thanks for the quick reply! I understand this is required then? There is no other way to do this? Could you help me with my other questions perhaps as well?
  27. @BouwDEVCake You will need to integrate the Wave VR SDK in your project if you would like to distribute via the Viveport M (Mobile VR) store. https://developer.vive.com/resources/documentation/viveport-submission-guide/
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