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  3. I tried testing FaceGym and there was no face tracking available. But what's really strange is that when I connect the USB cable from the Linkbox into a USB2.0 port the camera is detected and almost works (it is very jumpy and less than 1fps) but it works!!! When I move back to USB3.0 port it is not detected. I have tested using onboard USB3.0 ports and a PCIE USB3.0 card (intel chipset) and both the lip camera is not detected. Why would USB 2.0 work better than a USB 3.0 ? Is there anything I can do??
  4. Hi, Recently I set some small steps in the world of VR but hit some limits that seem related to the computer the Vive pro eye is currently connected to. (ryzen5 1600, 16GbRAM,geforce gtx 1060 6Gb) I intent to buy a new pc that may fit the usecase and hope to get some feedback from you on what to buy (and what not to spend money on). We recently already bought a "vive pro eye" which we intent to use in an academic study focussing on "speaking tasks for people who suffer from speech disablities". Trying to create controlled environments, we play a pre-recorded 360 video on the vive
  5. @AirMouse I tried resetting it from my console. You're account goes back to the old forums and the new forums must be pulling from an old database for this to be happening.
  6. I just tried updating the Runtime to v1.3.2.0 but get exactly the same issue. So I am still unable to use both my eye tracker and face tracker at the same time, Please can someone help me figure this out !!
  7. Hi, sorry if this is wrong place but each time I log to my account here I notice my avatar picture keeps being reset to a image I uploaded a long time ago, I do not want any avatar image associated with my account but despite clicking the option to remove the avatar image it just keeps reappearing after some time or when I log in... I just tried unsetting it a minute ago, so maybe it will remain unset, but after some time I think it will always reset it self back to a image I uploaded earlier. Can admin PLEASE clear my avatar profile picture so that i will remain unset?
  8. I am trying to use both eye and lip tracking together in my Unity scene. I can not get them to work together at all. If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working. Is it even possible to use both Eye and Lip tracking together at the same time? If not then can somebody please explain why would it not be possible? SDK-v1.3.3.0
  9. I am also trying to use both eye and lip tracking together. I can not get them to work together at all no matter how they are initialized. @benaclejames Where you able to get both working together in the same scene at the same time? If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working. Is it even possible to use both together? SDK-v1.3.3.0 Runtime v1.
  10. We're a VR tech developer and content studio based in London and we've recently partnered with Twitch to create 5th Dimension, a space for creation of live music events in VR presented with a range of high profile DJs, record labels and music culture brands.website here -www.5thdimensionxr.comWe're looking for 2 unity developers to collaborate on this project, one focussed on UX / UI / front end and another on core app dev. Our existing team has some super talented people involved, however we are a small indie operation, total team size 12 ppl including biz dev / sales.The roles will be remune
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  12. I uploaded video file as attachment (NAS server is in maintenance) 1474762065_SRWorks2021-04-1411-27-01.mp4
  13. Hello, I am trying to start with SRWorks Experience in Unity. When running the sample scene I downloaded from here I get the follow error: I couldn't find much info about this. What's causing the error? - HTC Vive Pro Eye - Unity 2018.4.33f1 - SRWorks_v0.9.7.1_Unity_Plugin - Unity SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15) Thank you for your help.
  14. I've kept getting a white screen when I launch a camera-related feature with SR Works. (I tried both SRWorks default sample project, Compiled source code with 2019 LTS version of Unity) Video: AIRTAXI (kagamine-rin.com) I tried to address this issue below: 1. Installed clean build of Windows 10 and tried the same thing again. tried both Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home. 2. Removed all Vive USB Driver and re-installed them through Steam VR Developer Settings 3. Used OpenComposite instead of SteamVR (Not worked though, it keeps showing error with error code -3001) 4.
  15. @Asish Depends on your setup, your engine, etc... Most Unity devs would take their VR camera rig and then script against it to create variables they can then apply conversions on to get an output of an quaternon, a euler angle, or a rotation matrix. It really depends on what your project looks like and how much error is allowable since quaternon or Euler angles will introduce conversion error, especially Euler conversions. Note that it's particularly a rabbit hole in Unity that can be headache inducing. Here are some posts which may help lead you down a working approaching.
  16. @SinnStudio @Maze Theory @Survios Yes, there is now a CLI tool you can access via the dev console (Binary Build page). Here is the documentation: https://developer.viveport.com/documents/viveport-uploader-document.pdf
  17. Firstly, sorry for posting yet another "help me, my Vive isn't working!" post. I've probably looked through hundreds of others over the last day or so and know it can bloat the subreddit. I went to use my Vive yesterday after a couple of months of inactivity. My room setup has changed slightly since then, so I went through the room-scale setup without issues and booted up SkyrimVR. I didn't have any display to the headset itself (although I could see in the desktop mirror that the title screen was loaded). Figuring it was some weird glitch with the wireless adapter, I restarted SteamVR. I
  18. As for me would be simple create software development team for this project. Choosing the right software company for your project is quite a challenge. Most likely, you will have to look through several options before finding the right one.
  19. Hello It seems some post-processing effects such as bloom or anti-aliasing are disabled whenever the SRWorks camera mode is set to "mixed" in Unreal (using 4.26). Where in the scripts is this behaviour defined and can I change it? Below is a picture of a 3D scene, on the left the SRWorks camera is set to "mixed", on the right "virtual", every other setting is identical, the switch can happen during gameplay: I need anti-aliasing and bloom in order to smoothly blend between the real and the virtual environments using "mixed" view, but currenly the 3D model in "mixed" view looks very low
  20. I am using a VIVE pro which can provide a passthrough view. I am developing a game, but without Unreal or Unity3D. So we choose to use C++ with SRwork. However, when we try to write the content of passthrough view, we can only get the first frame. After 1st frame the res is False ( in res = ViveSR_GetModuleData(ID_PASSTHROUGH, see_through_element.data(), see_through_count);) Is there anything wrong?
  21. Note that it gives exactly the same error when I'm trying to use TobiXR.
  22. I have the Vive Pro Eye with Facial Tracker and Vive wireless adapter. The facial tracker doesn't work for me when using the wireless adapter. Eye tracking works fine when wireless. Everything works when wired. The facial tracker is detected with the SRanipalRuntime when wireless but doesn't work at all. The system tray icon always shows this. It also shows up as "HTC Multimedia Camera" in Windows and SteamVR when wireless. I contacted Vive Support and received this response: "Regarding your question, you're right the VIVE Facial tracker is not supported by the VIVE Wireless adapte
  23. Hey all, was working with the model they include with the SDK, but it wasn't rigged to the UE4 Skeleton so I fixed that https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vi83X3pziugJQZZvGWPZ6tX0csrEUrMp/view?usp=sharing Enjoy! Please reply to thread with cool stuff if you use it
  24. Hi @Tony PH Lin, thanks for responding. I have indeed already looked at the documentation in the functionality, and although I ran into some hiccups, specifically concerning correct input from one controller VS the other, I was able to utilize that baseline to make standard teleportation function by shifting the teleport method onto the LinePointer blueprint and calling it from the same via Touchpad Press. In this same situation, would you happen to know where in the various blueprints the system specifies which is the active/focus controller? It would seem that for some reason, only the
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