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  2. @Pulse Sorry things have been moved around a bit. I have attached the Cosmos controller Unity package to this post. cosmos_controller.unitypackage
  3. You could try Eroding and Dilating in OpenCV to remove small islands, referring to https://docs.opencv.org/2.4/doc/tutorials/imgproc/erosion_dilatation/erosion_dilatation.html
  4. I've been working on a project using the depth map occlusion offered by SRWorks and am relatively happy with the possibilities offered by the SDK. The depth map does have quite a bit of noise in it, presumably due to the limited resolution of the cameras. Enabling refinement improves the image, but I there are still some artifacts present. For my project I only need to differentiate between two regions: close and far. Everything that is beyond the far occlusion distance should be culled. Since I only need such a simplified depth map, I thought about using OpenCV to process the map to my requirements. Unfortunately, I ran into trouble trying to convert my OpenCV mat back into the Rfloat texture format seemingly required by the material/shader. SetPixels only works for limited formats, so I'm at a loss for how to turn my mat back into a Rfloat. Is there a way to either configure the refinement process used by SRWorks, or implement additional processing using OpenCV to apply connected component analysis or similar? Attached is a screenshot of the current depth map with occlusion visualised. Ideally, I would like to refine the map so that the small islands disappear.
  5. Hi @krasi_quarkvr, This ROM code update isn't related to your issue. We can repro. your issue under RD environment based on your sharing app. Will keep you posted once we find further info. Thanks.
  6. Hi @pascalvanbeek, Sorry for missed your request. We have new ROM update this week with 2.04.623.2. Could you check on your side, and let us know what's your expected upgrade version? If nothing happen on your side, we may need your S/N via PM to check from the server side. Thanks.
  7. @h-shirakami Please update your SDKs (VIU v1.10.6 from Asset Store and WaveSDK 3.1.4) to the latest version. And add below code, Under Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\Modules\WaveVRModule.cs, line 771 after the override function TriggerViveControllerHaptic, #if VIU_WAVEVR_3_1_0_OR_NEWER public override void TriggerHapticVibration(uint deviceIndex, float durationSeconds = 0.01f, float frequency = 85, float amplitude = 0.125f, float startSecondsFromNow = 0) { var deviceInput = WaveVR_Controller.Input(s_index2type[deviceIndex]); if (deviceInput != null) { if (0 <= amplitude || amplitude <= 0.2) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Weak); } else if (0.2 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.4) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Light); } else if (0.4 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.6) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Normal); } else if (0.6 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.8) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Strong); } else if (0.8 < amplitude || amplitude <= 1) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Severe); } } } #endif Now you can trigger vibrate by calling ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibration(role, hapticValue). hapticValue is in seconds, if you set it to 1 sec, it will roughly be alittle bit more than 1 sec up to 2 sec. I double check internally that Vive Focus Plus' controller does not have any intensity level, I hope this new API is enough for your development.
  8. Hi @JCSegula Thanks for your test. I will investigate why Unity 2019.3 does not work on my side.
  9. Yesterday
  10. @Claud It doesn't matter what account you use to download the installer. It seems the issue/bug is with accepting the license agreement. The calibration button will be grayed out until you have accepted the agreement. @Daniel_Y
  11. The Vive Eye Pro I am using was not purchased by me. I am using it to set up eye tracking in a project of mine, so I created a Vive account in order to download the Vive_SRAnipalInstaller. Would I need to download the msi file on the purchaser's account? Would this be why the Calibrate is grayed out and unclickable?
  12. Yes, I have done all those things. But SR_RUnTime seems to be running in the system tray. Now, I'm thinking maybe customer support was incorrect. It seems the msi file might be ok. The real issue I need to solve is why the Calibrate button is grayed out in the VR dashboard. When I click the slider to turn on eye tracking, it takes me to the agreement page, which I click ok. But then I'm taken back to the Calibrate page with the slider to turn on eye tracking, which is still grayed out. @Corvus
  13. @Claud Can you check this troubleshooting guide and see if any of the suggestions work for you: https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/6482-vive-pro-eye-calibration-initialization-error-troubleshooting/
  14. @wky1995, You can capture camera image by enabling mirror view in your Vive Console settings then taking a screenshot of the mirror view window. Beyond that, users and developers cannot access Cosmos camera data at this time. Steve
  15. I should only have windows default security turned on
  16. @Claud Can you try disabling any antivirus before the SRanipal installation? Some antivirus may corrupt the installer.
  17. I am also having this issue. I have downloaded the Vive_SRAniapalInstaller and every time, it cannot be installed. See attached error. I have deleted it, uninstalled it, repaired it and tried to reinstall it, but it seems it's corrupt. The issue that led me to this is "Calibrate" in the Vive VR dashboard is grayed out (also attached), and cannot be clicked. So, customer support led me to try and reinstall this file, but I have not been able to.
  18. @huiwang Did you receive a dev kit before release or is this a release version of the HMD? Also, what are your system specs?
  19. i think to found the right way to use ! a little script call too earlier, now its ok when i call later from start running runtime. @chengnay
  20. Update: We managed to upgrade one Focus Plus device to version 2.04.623.2. Unfortunately, the issue still persists. @Tony PH Lin
  21. i really need help because it is a solution for multiple customers. need to improve the product with more stability and simplify installation process for customer. let me know how do for use correctly this binding scene configuration. Best, Loic
  22. in tracker dialog box all tracker box are disconnect everytime i have tracker on but it is indicace it is disconnect !? difficult to know which tracker is on, what is off
  23. Hi, i updated input utility in my actual project. some change appears, i don't have interaction from vive input virtual button script (for receive interaction from pin tracker) i receive nothing now. any idea about that please ? (before update it was ok.)
  24. Hi @zzy! I´ve tried the 2018.4 LTS version to make the build and it works. I have also tried to import the package in 2019.3, make some changes, then re-do a pack to export to 2018.4 and create a new build, and it also works. So the thing is not to do the build with 2019.3 as it doesnt work. Hope this clarify something... if you need anything else from me, please make me know. Thanks for your help
  25. @h-shirakami I found out that VIU currently is using old haptic API. This API's maximum vibration time is very short. In latest WaveSDK(v3.1.4), there is new API for haptic. I will provide patch for you by tomorrow to fix this part.
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