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  2. I fully agree! It will be great to share our experience and recommendations for the best VR games, which not only covers gameplay but also things like game resolution, textures, immersion, control scheme and general VR-playability etc. Perhaps I can start by sharing a VR hidden gem game... "Crashimals" - found this gem of a game after checking out Youtube's recommended must play VR games. The gameplay is much like Angry Birds where you knock down objects by flying a RC plane releasing bombs on them. It's a simple but addictive game much like Angry Birds. The graphics are lush and vibrant and the animations are a joy to watch. The control scheme takes getting used to as you will need to use both wands to control your RC plane's trajectory to make bombing runs on the targets below. It's one of those games where a short playthrough always results in you wanting to keep playing until you realized how much time you had actually spent playing than you had anticipated.The game is available for free download at VivePort Infinity for VivePort subscribers.
  3. We need a forum for "VR GAMES"..
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  5. Ok thank you. I'll reply back in a few days if I've not heard anything. Do you know where I can find my order number?
  6. @SpudTheCat - Shipping lookup is here We contract with regional fulfillment centers for order fulfillment. That tool doesn't get updated with info until the fulfillment center sends an update to our system. The info in this system is generally the most updated info our live chat agents will have. Monday was a business holiday in a number of countries (i.e. Memorial Day in the US) Global logistics are slower overall due to COVID I'd contact support if the tracker doesn't update in a few days, otherwise everything is probably fine and you'll get an update when it ships.
  7. @zardosch 1. Currently the SRanipal SDK does not have a saccade recognition feature. 2. Please download the SDK and check the included documentation and samples for more information about gaze direction.
  8. Hi, I recently bought some VIVE trackers 3 days ago but I'm concerned as I haven't received any email confirming my purchase and I cannot see anywhere on the website how to track packages. Please someone help.
  9. Hi @MariosBikos_HTC, I am using ue4 4.24, sdk and steam VR 1.11.11. I was able to fix the issue by manually moving anchors in the SranipalAvatarSample in the middle of new eyes. I was wondering whether you need to do it every time you load a new mesh or is it something that is supposed to be done automatically and I am somehow missing this feature? Thank you!
  10. The sample itself does not match my use case. It uses Focus() to check if the gaze hits a collider. I need to know the origin and direction of the gaze, even if the user is not looking at an object. I log that data and show it to the user afterwards to give them feedback on where they were looking at. And I traced the method calls and saw that Fccus() calls GetGazeRay(index, out ray) and then GetGazeRay(index, out origin, out direction) and that last one is the same as I am using. But I did learn in the meantime that I can use the LineRenderer with local space. If I do that and set the points to: 0,gazeOriginLocal 1,gazeOriginLoca+gazeDIrectionLocal*lengthOfRay I get a quite accurate gaze pointer. It still would be great to get world coordinates as well, since it requires converting the gazeDirectionLocal to a world verctor, using the head rotation, so if someone has a good method for that I would be very interested (Vector3.Cross is not the right one, I think, as that gives a vector perpendicular to two other vectors and we need something like an addition). And to get back to my original question, it looks like the asnwer is yes, system origin in the diagram is camera.transform.position in Unity.
  11. Hello, For my project simulation, I'm planning to spawning an object--in unity-- at the position during saccade; the position will be at the coordinate between two fixation. I wonder if saccade recognition functionality --or similar one--existed in SRanipal SDK? If not, how can I capture the final gaze-point (x, y, z) --where in the user looking at? I'm quite new in unity and c# programming; hence I'd be appreciated if you would be more elaborate in your answers! Thank you very much and Regards, @Daniel_Y @Corvus
  12. Hello @DustProductions, exactly as you reported here, I am suffering. Do you have any new progress ? Thank you.
  13. Have you tried callback mode, referring to this thread How to get output from the eye-tracker faster than Update in Unity
  14. HMD's front camera please
  15. Have you tried the Focused sample code enclosed in SRanipal's Unity plugin?
  16. Hi, Are you asking about the eye tracking camera or HMD's front camera?
  17. Hi @Withcat, what version of the SDK are you using and what version of Unreal Engine? Also can you share what is your version of SteamVR software? If you can share your custom mesh then we can try to reproduce the issue locally and see if we get the same issue as well in which case we will be able to fix it.
  18. Hi developers, The Vive SRWorks SDK has a new release v0.9.3.0 today. You can download it from here. Release Notes: Support Pass-through, Depth, 2D segmentation of AI.vision etc. running on AMD Graphics card but exclude 3D reconstruction related function Add EULA, so need wearing HMD to make selection before SRWorks_Runtime start Remove Calibration from rotary panel of Unity Experience demo but add a Settings for configurable pass-through FOV selection Overall performance improvement in Unity Experience demo by providing several configurable modes, ex: rendering plane size, postpone segmentation after 3D reconstruction stopped Fix several no pass-through rendering cases Fix several runtime or application crash cases UE4.24 compatibility Unity 2019.3.10f1 compatibility We look forward to hearing your feedback! P.S. You can follow the HTC VIVE Developer Twitter for the latest news and updates.
  19. @Daniel_Y Thanks a ton man! Everything works now!!!
  20. Please try the latest version v0.9.3.0 here, "https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/" which addressed incompatible issue with SteamVR 1.11.
  21. @uantwerpenFTI @Daniel_Y @mbaat Did anyone manage to get it working? I tried with three different vive pro eyes, two similar spec PC's, and different windows 10 operating systems. It has to be a sr runtime or steamVR issue
  22. @Arto @deron3 @chlorescent02 @Jbraam This issue has been addressed in the latest SRWorks v0.9.3.0 release here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/ Please download and try it out. Thanks!
  23. Last week
  24. Download the latest version v0.9.3.0 here, https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/ which addressed incompatible issue with SteamVR 1.11.
  25. Ok, I thought I would be able to edit my previous post, but I can't seem to find that option. I did some more testing using VIU's ViveCameraRig and here's what I found. I am using the Combined ray and I use a LineRenderer to draw a line from the origin in the direction gazeDirectionLocal. gazeOriginLocal is fairly constant at (0.001, 0.007, -0.05). When I add that to camera.transform.position, it looks like the origin of the line is behind my eyes. If I look up or down the ray moves a lot more than when it would come from between my eyes. So I discarded the z-component of gazeOriginLocal. Then the ray was more natural, but still its origin seemed to be slightly too high. So I also discarded the y-component and now it looks quite ok. Since the x-component of gazeOriginLocal is very small I am inclined to say that camera.transform.position is in fact the position right between my eyes. That would mean that gazeOriginLocal has no added value, which sounds strange. Am I correct? I am now struggling with the rotation, since the direction is local. I notice that when I keep my head straight the line follows my eyes pretty ok. But when I tilt my head up or down, the line goes crazy, it seems to point in the vertically opposite direction (so the line goes up when I tilt my head down and look straight). I expect that it is relative to the hedaset, in other words relative the camera.transform.forward. Is that correct? It would really help if someone could give me some feedback or support on this. It is very hard to figure this out by myself, with the headset on. Whenever I try to look at what is happening I influence the gazedata of course.
  26. SanityGaming Do you only provide contact or have you contacted yourself and you know something more? 🙂
  27. My requests are about VIVE Pro Eye device, in order to acedemic use. .Number of installed cameras an their resolution .What is the output of these cameras .If we can take images from real world and obtain these also as output .If images caught through the camera are black and white or full color .If device supports Linus as operative system and if not, if it is possible to create and interface suitable with Linux. Thank you very much @Daniel_Y @Corvus
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