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  2. Hello! I have a critical problem about SDK in Unity editor. When I run SDK's sample scene, It occurs very often even if there are no errors or cautions starting unity project. Headset sees sensors very well and Steam VR shows no problems about that. If you know about this error, please inform me your valuable tips! At least, if I know what occurs this error, I may be cautious about that. Hope you all safe in pandemic.
  3. do you mind grab some logs for me to check under below folder? %ProgramData%\HTC\ViveSoftware\OOBE\Log %temp%\ViveSetupTempLog
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  5. Both... Well, as far as I can tell, "Viveport" installed. The attempt to update on the last patch failed and froze up at about 173mb downloaded, however, I'm not overly concerned with having the Viveport application running until after I ever get the hardware installed. The ViveportCosmosEInstall.exe, that can't complete a 627.5mb download. Somehow, during one attempt, made it to the next step, Headset display port and usb detected, controllers paired, room setup in SteamVR complete. Then during the last set of setup it would eventually freeze with the progress bar at 95% and "more than 60 minutes remaining". At one point, the light on the headset did turn green with SteamVR running, still a black screen on the headset, and ViveConsole throwing the "oopps" 205 error code. Even after freezing, that part of the install that tries to download about 1400mb in the background while checking hardware connections, would eventually just stop all network activity, still frozen, nothing after restarting tje computer. Restarting setup would just result in the same behaviour. After following customer support in "uninstall, delete all temp files, start over" I'm back to being stuck attemping to get the 627.5mb download after first running the ViveCosmosESetup.exe. Then crashing, stalling out, or, if it does reach 627.5mb completion... It will just start over at 0mb without restarting the exe. IF it reaches 627.5mb, usually it goes up, then drops a few hundred MB, then crawls back up. Yes, its that ... Problematic,
  6. Are you having issue when installing viveport or the hardware setup after?
  7. Hi, Thank you for you new version, The problem is completely solved in v0.9.3. Applying changes in my project took about two days. However, it worth. 🙏 🙏 🙏
  8. .... apple is not consumer friendly, they place placebo fans that doesn't blow air on any anything in their laptops which then just die later from over heating expecting the consumer to bring it back to charge them to repair it.
  9. Last week
  10. Pretty sure HTC have given this headset up as a dead duck now. All the updates were just to string people along until their headset was beyond the return period. Agree that they should be sued over this for people who still have it and have given up on the updates (which I think is most people now). Given the advertising they did on release it would be an easy win for the consumer. Luckily I managed to get a full refund a while back and (guess what) I bought an Index. Even with the cable, an overhead pulley system did the trick for me. I read something that Valve have patented a wireless VR peripheral and if true, I think it would be a final nail for HTC in this industry. Pretty sure Wireless is why most people would even consider their first Cosmos now. Personally, I would never buy from them again over this debacle.
  11. Look at how Apple handle things because Apple value its customer. If Apple made thing which has flaw, Lawsuit in the way. And Apple always admit it and give replacement or free repair program. And then Bose which do worldwide recall for its sleepbud. And Look at what HTC do....you never can imagine how a company can act like this. No promise, no roadmap for fix, just nothing, completely silence....
  12. No noise at all. The VR consumer base is small. HTC is not Apple or Bose, and I pretty sure they know. If they do worldwide recall, they should have done it long time ago. I still haven't finished Half Life alyx yet. I know if I can bare the tracking issue, I can beat the game. But I have no mood adapting to this faulty product. HTC is the most terrifying brand so far in my experience of all times.
  13. Apparently this is still an issue. I've been at this point for 2 weeks. 627.5mb download trickles up, then drops, might hit 627.5mb, then starts over. Slower than Christmas at the best of times, crash, download failed, or it just drops large chunks of data from the download at random. Regardless, I can't get the entire thing downloaded, meaning $900 paper weight. It even tried to run me through the setup several times, then gets to setting up, more than 60 minutes remaining... 90% progress bar and no activity a day later. Restart and it goes all the way back to the 627.5mb download, again. Already deleted everything, turned any security off, all that customer support BS, more pike waste as much of ypur time as possible, keep you busy long enough it can't be returned as trash. What sort of "functioning, marketable" hardware takes over 2 weeks to set up the software? Really?
  14. since the discontinuing of the og vive prices for them have sky rocketed they are being advertised for 1300 aud atm and its really hurting the used market id be lucky to find a used one for under 1000 its fucking ridiculous tech is not supposed to get more expensive the older it gets. I got a cosmos that I want to upgrade to elite and there is still no financially reasonable solution to do it and these scalpers are causing a massive trickle down effect on the used market so that option isn't available either i meen ffs you where selling refurb vives for like 750.
  15. 6hours? And you complain? I've had thus problem for 2 weeks! If I had started cussing this $900 paper weight at 6 hours my head would have exploded by now. 2 weeks and nothing more than an expensuve paper weight. Customer support? Still telling me to open ports on a firewall that I've already stated multiple times does not exist, and making exceptings on security protocols that have already been removed. After brute forcing through weeks of failed downloading (gets to 627.5mb then restarts at 0mb, or gets to 537.4/627.5 then dropping to 87mb). After uninstalling, deleting temp files, re attempting downloads to absolutely no improvements, finally getting to a setup and now it sits on "Installing VIVE Cosmos Elite Software and Steamvr... More than 60 minutes left" Let it sit there for 2 days it froze once to no response force close, this time it says the same thing, progress bar at 90%, no downloading, some processor activity, and still nothimg actually happening. 2 weeks of banging my head against a rock! If this software ever does work, I'm not going to have a head left to wear the headset. And "open ports" "disable security" or "try to reinstall from scratch... AGAIN" suggestions from "customer support" are really starting to piss me off.
  16. Hi all, We've recently updated our Rigel Demo by adding 3 Paragon Characters, Revenant, Yin and Lt.Belica, in order to show the Adaptable IK Retargeting. Rigel Demo Paragon Characters You can find the demo download, video setup and documentation using the link in the first post.
  17. you bought it from a ebay seller then second hand or new?
  18. Count me in. They totally ignore us the first beta testers, and refused to provide a fair option to upgrade to Elite version. They just leave us with the rubbish tracking and hope we just disappear. They should be held accountable for treating us like shit.
  19. Still not fixed Still pissed off about it Please set the variable to 0 instead of 15
  20. Here again to confirm that nvidia version 451.48 and so on will cause error 220. So, I use DDU and install driver version 446.14 and no more error 220. If someone got this Error 220 with HDCP compatability issue please reinstal your graphics driver back to 446.14 to fix this error and pray for HTC or Nvidia to fix this. This bug was 2 month old now. Sad. 😔
  21. It is august 8 now. with the nvidia driver 451.67, Vive cosmos still got error 220. I test my Vive cosmos HMD on my friend PC which he use AMD Graphic card and it works fine. Talk to support with this problem for 3 weeks now. Still cannot fix this bug. I never rollback driver (the lasted driver I have was 451.48 which ASUS gave me when I ask for New V-Bios. I try and it it still got error 220. Sad. 😢
  22. In the same boat, agreed, they need some sort of upgrade program for previous adopters where we pay the difference between the normal and eliete and get the faceplater/controllers and basestation. In the mean time if you adjust your grip on the controllers as if you where showing your wrists (the under side) so both the light sensors on the controllers can be seen clearly in a line of site, it helps quite a bit for rifle operations. Some games like half life alyx has some excellent programming that makes dual handed operation of a weapon work wonderfully. It shows that game developers have to put in the effort also for games to work on the vive cosmos.
  23. standard xHCI controlled ports ?? WHAT? can you say that in non science tech terms please. I plug the headset into a 3.0 on my motherboard at the back it goes all screwie, but when I use the USB 2.0 headers on my PC CASE (Cosmos 2) the WANDS (NOT TRACKERS) well tracking for them whatever is fine and stuff
  24. Hi Nicholasvegas, VIVE Pro is the specific feature for VIVE Pro headset, which is designed to bring excellent spatial audio experience when you put on the VIVE Pro headset. The generic option is the original 3D sound in VIVE 3DSP, which is designed to fit almost all headsets and headphones. You are encouraged to choose the VIVE Pro option when you create the VIVE Pro specific content. Best regards, Prof. 3D Sound
  25. Hi Lor, It depends. The occlusion effect is for simulating sound decreasing when passing through an obstacle. The frequency dependent mode would simulate sound level changes , with frequency considered. The frequency free mode is simulated only the sound level difference. If the loading is critical in your case, you should choose frequency free mode. In other case you could use frequency dependent mode. Best regards, Prof. 3D Sound
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