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  2. So i tried the samples they don't work as well: I am not sure if it matters at this point but i am using a valve index if that makes any difference. The logs: output_log.txt Fallback handler could not load library C:/Users/cm/Downloads/ViveHandTracking_0.10.0/Prebuilt samples/ViveHandTrackingSample_Win64/Sample_Data/Mono/aristo_interface Fallback handler could not load library C:/Users/cm/Downloads/ViveHandTracking_0.10.0/Prebuilt samples/ViveHandTrackingSample_Win64/Sample_Data/Mono/.\aristo_interface Fallback handler could not load library C:/Users/cm/Downloads/ViveHandTra
  3. Hello! I tried to become a new user of the cosmos elite, but i have the same problem in windows 7. It is very sad.
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  5. Vive Wave SDK Starting from 4.1.0, Wave SDK officially support hand tracking interaction on Vive focus 3 for content creation. You can find detail instruction below to enable the Hand Tracking. Welcome to join the new adventure of future VR. More documentations to Getting Started for Unity Developer: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRHand.html More documentations to Getting Started for Unreal Developer: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnrealPlugin/UnrealHand.html How to enable hand tracking In “Connectivi
  6. Thanks for the advice, of course, but all my life I have been playing Viva Las Vegas Slot Machine that are presented on the site https://slotmine.com/viva-las-vegas/ and won more than once, and withdrawn the site always work. And I have never felt thr feeling of a gambling addict, I enjoy it.
  7. You can get additional PCIE slots with an adapter from m.2 PCIE to PCIE slot. You can search for „m.2 pcie mining adapter“. I have a pc with mini itx board with only one pcie slot. The HTC Wireless Adapter works with such an adapter. Only the placement is a bit tricky, i have to place it outside the pc housing.
  8. I really hope HackPerception sees this one, that dude knows his stuff. So I'm an idiot and didn't check for ports before getting the Pro2. Of course it has no display ports, but I have a StarTech Dock that's connected to the laptop via USB-C. When I saw the pic HackPerception posted some time ago of the 'configure surround, physx' settings I was a little discouraged because mine looked EXACTLY like the pic he posted in saying what wouldn't work, showing the intel GPU connected to the display. I took from that to mean my USB-C wouldn't work. But as soon as I plugged my dock back in to connect t
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  10. Ok so there is definitely a bug in Unity3D but found a work around. The BUG: For some reason when trying to use the UI to add that Cosmos profile it borks the "Open XR Package Settings.asset" file causing duplicate entries in that file etc. The workaround: * Delete the "Open XR Package Settings.asset" file if its messed up. * Use VS-Code & find "nameUi: HTC Vive Cosmos Controller Support" * Set "m_enabled: 1" to enable it. * Save file & go back to Unity3D then re-open your settings window. * You can now normally add back your other profiles.
  11. Then how did you add it? What is the workaround? Here are my package versions & they all seem fine.
  12. I can't add the profile in Unity 2020.3.12f. Clicking the + button and selecting it does nothing. Tried restarting Unity, no errors etc, just doesn't work.
  13. why impose on us different modes with a resolution and a designated framerate? Please let us choose the framerate and resolution. I have a 2080S and I find it very difficult to play games with the Vive Pro 2 in good conditions: the framerate does not hold up and the image is blurry. In the end, I have a much better visual rendering on my valve index ...
  14. Hi, my name is Extrys and I'm developing a virtual reality game called Hyperstacks https://hyperstacksgame.com We currently have a Vive Costoms development kit which has been a great help for us to make the game compatible with that headset. We are planning to release the game in August and would like to know if there is any way to order the new Vive Focus 3 hardware to facilitate the port and test the performance capabilities for this and other games we are working on You can contact us via mail if needed team@squirrel-bytes.com Thanks a lot and have a great day! Extrys
  15. Hi, I'm facing one issue with HTC vive tracking. When we start the tracking the Tracked game object's orientation is changed, its x axis has 90 degree rotated. I used "SteamVR_TrackedObject" script for tracking the game object. I tried to change the tracker role to Camera, Waist and Hand held and that is not making any difference. There is one work around mentioned in this post and that will work but I'm looking forward to a direct option if possible.
  16. Here is how to report an issue step by step, and noted that: Only report one issue per report. This allows us to identify and track each issue uniquely. Please identify the issue, what you were doing, when the issue occurred, what happened as a result, and what you instead expected to happen. Go back to Lobby by pressing the Vive Button -> “Back to Lobby” Be sure to have valid Internet connection, so the issue can be uploaded to HTC (“Settings” -> “Network”-> “Wifi”) Press “Settings” on the lower tab -> “General”-> “About” Sc
  17. Hey there, My team has build a sample app based on the github you provided, and it is working fine without crashing on our end. I sent it to you via your registered email already please take a look at it. Please let me know if it is working fine on your end. Thanks
  18. Hi @C.T. Sorry about the delay had a cable issue all sorted now. Did as you suggested and now everything is working fine. Thanks for your help. Cheers! Fink
  19. This also fixed my stuttering problem with Pro 2; thanks! However: hardware accelerated gpu scheduling is supposed to be a performance-enhancing (relatively new) option. The original Vive worked with that on, so does the HP Reverb G2. Therefore, it is clear that this is a Pro 2 issue that needs to be fixed by HTC!
  20. Does Vive actually communicate by Telegram or something? Are they paying per word hence their lack of communication?
  21. So HTC then please show me your audio specification, I did not see anything in the manual or on your website. I could only find this on your product page: „Submerge in high-quality sound. Hear VR environments the way they're meant to be heard. With 3D spatial sound integration and a powerful amplifier, the Hi-Res certified headphones deliver immersive soundscapes that will change your world.“ There is no note about an annoying buzzing sound that have to be accepted by your customers.
  22. VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.116 – Public Release Notes Released June 24th 2021 1. Vive Reality System 2.0 Updated device setup assets and UI Added Voice Over (English) for device setup Added file browser to preview screenshots and video recordings Added option to enable hand tracking under connectivity tab for content creation purpose *see notes for detail instruction Added support for Bluetooth keyboard pairing 2. Enabled Vive Business App Store 3. Introduced Vive Business Streaming – wired VIVE Business Streaming software is
  23. Normally I would say I cannot believe the audacity of returning a broken device to a consumer, willfully, Knowing damn well that this buzzing is unacceptable.... All they had to do was swap out your unit with a unit that didn't buzz. Some people genuinely don't notice it or don't care. You obviously cared enough, as did I, to return it and that is how they treat you? Unbelievable, but these days I'll believe it. Just earlier today I returned mine straight back to Newegg. No restocking fee. Free return label. It sucks though because I'm based in the USA and was able to get this at 7
  24. So i returned my Pro 2 two weeks ago because of this: constant buzzing on both sides of the headphones. I got an answer by Vive today, telling me that the perceived buzzing/humming noise is "within specification" and will therefore not be fixed and they'll send me the device back. I'm disappointed by Vive. I really liked the device but this really annoys me. There is nothing you can do about it other that to accept it or switch to the competition.
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  26. Also forgot to mention how zooming doesnt work when using Desktop view. I even removed the beta drives and zooming still doesnt work. Look like I'm not going to get any help here and im just wasting my time. Going to open another support ticket and hoping this isn't yet another bad hesdset.
  27. Anyone else having issues where the Vive Lens never shows up or takes up to 5 minutes to appear? As well as flickering and windows just rotating diagonally? Some messed up drivers lately. I think it's time to stray away from beta's.
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