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  2. Did you lower the resolution in the steam vr settings?
  3. Hey Marios, Sorry for the delayed response. Good to hear the fix is incoming! I would test out that change, but the image isn't loading for me. It looks like this:
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  5. Hi all. After using the Elite faceplate and base stations for a while I thought I'd got back and re-experience the convenience of the base Cosmos I particularly like the Lens as a quick and easy launcher and while I was there I tried to load the Origin environment and it started to load with the usual swirling nebula thing and then a message on the screen saying that you need a cosmos headset to access this (not verbatim but close enough). I tried a few more times over a few days but the same result. I was using the beta version of the software so i just went back to the main steam version and I was able to load it again. I'll see if it happens again just wondering if anyone else had this issue? We should be able to swap faceplates without having to reload different version of the software to get it to load I would think assume 😞 Fink.
  6. I saw some article back in 2017 about vr keyboard with vive tracker. Is that still possible? Is there way to view your keyboard now in vrchat?
  7. Thank God for this fix, I was losing my mind over the flickering and having to restart every time it popped up! Was sifting through all the software and completely overlooked this simple fix, thank you so much!!!
  8. Hi, I found this post about upside down issue. You might try to update Win 10.
  9. Hello, Is it possible to customize the eye tracking calibration? specifically: Can the number of points be customized? Can the background color be customized? Can the shape or color of the points be customized? Can the placement or movement of the points be customized? Thanks, Michael
  10. Hi @Stefano, can you share the VRS settings that you are using when you see this issue? Is this happening with every combination of settings(Foveation Pattern Preset, Foveation Shading Rate)? Also are you using the latest version of SRanipal SDK? Can you send your logs at @marios_bikos@htc.com so that we can have a look? Anything that can help us reproduce the issue e.g the steps you followed.
  11. Hi AmeliaPan, In audio clip, the audio file is extracted and played by Unity, therefore the supported file type is the same as Unity. In the Unity document, the supported audio formats are listed as follows: Supported formats Format Extensions MPEG layer 3 .mp3 Ogg Vorbis .ogg Microsoft Wave .wav Audio Interchange File Format .aiff / .aif Ultimate Soundtracker module .mod Impulse Tracker module .it Scream Tracker module .s3m FastTracker 2 module .xm For further information, you can reference to Unity documentation page: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AudioFiles.html Best regards, Prof. 3D Sound
  12. @marcob Did you try your code yet? Will it work? I did not try threading to simulate the click event. Are you testing this in Unity?
  13. I have only gotten this error with the "sign in with your vive account" part of the installation. I have done everything in this video and everything in this article https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/dns_probe_finished_nxdomain/#dns-domain I have no idea what to do.
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  15. I am new to the treadmill but doing my own thing for weight loss and diabetes II. My doctor doesn't want me to run so I am walking 5 minutes twice a day so far. I have increased the speed and incline and have been doing this for about 3 weeks. Any input will be nice. I am getting tight in my legs and loosing flab in general so it is helping. Craig
  16. @MariosBikos_HTC Thanks for the great tutorial! I'm running into a bit of a problem though. I've followed all the steps for to implement it into 4.24 but it seems to only work when one of my eyes is closed. When I close one of my eyes it tracks the either one just fine, but when I try with both eyes open it doesn't work. I've checked Is Stereo Gaze Data Available and Is Eye Tracker Connected and they are both true. Do you know why this is happening and what I should look into to fix it?
  17. I just received my Cosmos Elite today. Set it up and found the Vive app and Steam VR app is upside down. Tracking seems correct, it's just the display that's wrong. Desktop mirror shows correct way up. I've gone through numerous attempts at fixing, such as setting resets and reinstalls. I've tried updating my graphics drivers and headset drivers. Tried different display ports and different monitor set ups. Using a Nvidia GTX 1070 4GB with latest drivers as of 25/11/2020. Also using win7 and i'm aware they're ending support soon. But I saw issues from april with w10 users having the same issue. Is there some kind of override setting I can use to force the display to flip? That seems like a simple solution if it's possible. Issue trace number is 20201125062652
  18. I know this thread is from a long time ago, however I ran into this same issue. I ended up closing SteamVR, and then connecting the bricked controller, after about 30 seconds or so, SteamVR recognized that the device had a failed update, and brought up a message saying: "A device connected needs updated to restore it to a usable state." Click update. and then bingo. This didn't show up for a few days, but I guess you need to have SteamVR closed. Make sure you do the button reset prior. (hold trackpad, one of the grip buttons, the trigger, and the button above the trackpad down for at least 10 seconds.
  19. That is my code, I'm using example setup for clicking emulation void MyDevice::startEmulation() { joystickX = 0; joystickY = 0; trackpadX = 0; trackpadY = 0; std::thread thread_object([](void* device) { MyDevice* myDevice = (MyDevice*)device; for (;;) { myDevice->joystickX = 0.95; myDevice->joystickY = 0.95; std::this_thread::sleep_for(std::chrono::seconds(1)); myDevice->joystickX = 0; myDevice->joystickY = 0; std::this_thread::sleep_for(std::chrono::seconds(1)); } ; }, this ); } That's where is it calling EVRInitError MyDeviceProvider::Init(IVRDriverContext* pDriverContext) { EVRInitError initError = InitServerDriverContext(pDriverContext); if (initError != EVRInitError::VRInitError_None) { return initError; } VRDriverLog()->Log("Initializing Finally Functional's VR Shoes"); controllerDriver = new MyDevice(); controllerDriver->startEmulation(); VRServerDriverHost()->TrackedDeviceAdded("teensyDriver", TrackedDeviceClass_Controller, controllerDriver); return vr::VRInitError_None; } Is it good idea to use threading in openVR applications? @chengnay
  20. @jeonsanghyun Sorry for the late response. I will recommend to use Vive Input Utility(VIU) if you are thinking of cross platform(OpenVR <- -> Oculus or PC <- -> Android) development. You are required to import SteamVR Unity Plugin for development even if you use VIU. For Viveport and Steam, you might need to read the revenues or related stuff from their websites. But, I found this online, hope this helps.
  21. @dxrova - These types of SteamVR errors are usually PC-specific issues which makes it very difficult to remotely troubleshoot without physical access to the PC to try and troubleshoot. Some common things that can help are: Preform a clean install of your Nvidia drivers using this guide. In this case, it may be helpful to use this page to find an older version of your driver. Sometimes new drivers jjust mess stuff up for some people. Double check your PC's power management settings and ensure you're on a "high-performance" plan and not an energy saver plan Uninstall/Reinstall SteamVR fully Try switching into the SteamVR beta branch. Your problem has been happening for a while so I don't think this is likely to help. ' Go into your task manager and see what your resource usage is. You could have a virus or a program in the background eating up your resources leaving non for VR. I've seen some cases where only a complete reinstall of Windows fixes this issue. Windows updates can really mess stuff up.
  22. @ralfdestroyer As far as I know the VIVEPORT Video's owner is Viveport team. You might need to contact them directly.
  23. @poljot Can you please share more reproduction steps? We don't control SteamVR updates - Valve engineers and pushes those updates so if there's a problem, we need to investigate and then work with Valve for a fix. @C.T.
  24. @Chris1000000 - It's definitely physical damage to the LCD. The shape is consistent with solar exposure damage. As said in previous posts, I would try to dispute the purchase or chargeback because that unit is definitely damaged. A repair like this is out of warranty and would be expensive since the LCD is one of the more expensive elements in the headset.
  25. @itzdaniel483 - What letter is the little letter in the bottom left-hand displaying? Looks like it's in channel A? Hard to tell in this photo since you can only see part of the reflection. If so, channel A is single base-station mode. You'd want to hit the button on the backs of the unit until one of the units channel B and other is channel C. That said, you need to be very careful about not moving the units too much when pressing this button as the motors inside may be spinning at high speeds and jostling them too much can damage them.
  26. @DanielePillan - The Viveport SDK only contains APIs which support the integration of Viveport store/platform features for titles which will publish to Viveport's content store (e.g. leaderboards, DRM, etc...). You're not able to derive SteamVR/OpenVR pose estimates from this SDK so I'm confused about what you're reporting. In order to derive the pose estimates and talk to SteamVR, you'll need to integrate OpenVR's native libraries into your binary. There are documents and samples on the SteamVR github. Valve is providing API access via C++ interlace classes. Integrating these libraries allow for both pose estimation data, I/O from the controllers, as well as video IO to the headset via a handful of compositing frameworks (DirectX, Vulcan, OpenGL...)
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