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  2. got my 8kx,and all i can say is that it does indeed have it too but about 20% of what vp2 had,and the lines are invisible so easy to ignore unlike on vp2 where they turned black the difference is night and day and proly pimax can fix that too but i wont bother as it isnt distracting,also nice to use the panel at 100 without auto brightness bullshit,the colors actually pop the same there is no negative to the pimax maybe a little jitter but thats ok because it also has no glare at all and 150 fov,expensive but at least we get what we pay for,im 1000% it could have been easily reduced on vp2 too with a collumn correction like on index.
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  4. I experienced significant frame loss (VBS Console showed error code 601 "dropped frames"). In headset, the dropped frames were very common (maybe every 5 to 15 seconds or so). I tried various bitrates and quality settings, but to no avail. It feels like there was no smoothing at all during the dropped frame interval and it was very jarring and honestly not suitable for long term use. In between dropped frames, things felt considerably smoother than before though, so if you can somehow manage to achieve this level of performance without the frame dropping issue, that would be really nice. I opted out of the beta for now, and immediately noticed how it felt a bit 'swimmier'. Looking forward to the next update!
  5. So far so good, SteamVR was a little crashy on my two first attempts at running it but it stablized after forcing everything to halt and restarting it. I am noticing maybe more chop/judder when moving forward and back (while wifi streaming) to the point in games like Eleven ping pong I have to stay stationary or it starts making the experience uncomfortable. If I stay still and only turn my head and move my arms, everything is performing very well on a 5 Ghz/877 Mpbs wifi connection. I thought maybe it was just Eleven but Half-Life: Alyx was experiencing the same "chop." I tried to capture it as I was playing but I won't be able to check it out until tomorrow. Otherwise, things seem to be continuing to improve! Thanks to the team.
  6. Most excellent! I was getting pretty used to using the native OpenXR for WMR runtime on the Reverb G2, so very much looking forward to that being supported as well on the Focus 3. I've also been experimenting with StereoKit a bit which is focused on OpenXR, so a native solution would be helpful there too. Even with SteamVR's OpenXR implementation while using Vive Business Streaming, for some reason I haven't been able to get controllers/hands working in StereoKit, but head tracking is otherwise working well.
  7. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.03.4 – Beta Release Notes Released July 28th 2021 VBS Console – 1.03.4 Improved performance and stability Direct to VBS tech Forum from clicking the version number on VBS console Welcome to raise any issues and suggestions on the forum VBS Client – 1.0.4 (update through Vive Business App Store) Fixed a bug where virtual boundary could show up unexpectedly after resume
  8. @nanome - Your correct. Beta submissions aren't presently supported on VBAS due in part to the ongoing lockdown in Taiwan which crunched the F3 release last minute. You can theoretically check your DRM integration by publishing a beta via the devcon under One-Time, and then going into your library on the device while signed into the account that you're publishing the beta under. Using the "beta list" won't work - it has to be the account publishing the beta. Some devs have had success with this. Is it just the DRM you're attempting to test or are you attempting to test other features as well?
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  10. @jefmes OpenXR is definitely the future - we're engineering the hardware level integration for Focus 3 presently. Its takes a chunk time to do the hardware level integration/optimization because of the hyper specific XR2 architecture. We even have an OpenXR beta runtime for Cosmos - you can actually run content in that headset without SteamVR if one was so inclined in the future and had a compatible .exe.
  11. Hi all, Does Focus 3 currently support beta testing? It looks like beta build submission is only available when I select VIVEPORT Store (One-Time Purchase) for opt-in program, but this will set the distribution channel of the app as Home instead of Enterprise. After some troubleshooting, I just can't get our beta app to show up in the Focus 3 store. I'm guessing Focus 3 doesn't support beta testing yet?
  12. Hello! I tried finding how I can use the button on the left side of the Focus 3 headset for input but can't find that info anywhere. Current project is using Vive Input Utility but tried looking through Wave Native and Essence SDKs for Unity as well. Am I able to use that button in my Unity project? Thanks! Kevin
  13. Ok I found the issue on my side. It was read only materials in Packages. They have to be copied into Assets and makes sure they aren't read-only.
  14. @Dariothanks for the reply. We have gotten the project up and running on another machine and it looks to be building out as we would expect it to. This looks like it could be isolated to my machine somehow. Last week I completely deleted my project and repulled it back down with version controland I still had the same problem. I will be deleting everything again and re-pulling our latest version down after verifying its working on another machine to see if it is resolved.
  15. If we put the plugin in Engine folder we have the following error : ERROR: Missing precompiled manifest for 'WaveVR'. This module was most likely not flagged for being included in a precompiled build - set 'PrecompileForTargets = PrecompileTargetsType.Any;' in WaveVR.build.cs to override.
  16. Hi there ! We have great troubles building our apk on Unreal 4.26 for Vive Focus 3, here is the unsolvable problem : Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugAidl'. UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): > Could not resolve all files for configuration ':app:debugCompileClasspath'. UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): > Could not find any matches for com.htc.vr:wvr_client:+ as no versions of com.htc.vr:wvr_client are available. UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): Required by: UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): project :app UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): > Could not find any matches for com.htc.vr:wvr_permission_client:+ as no versions of com.htc.vr:wvr_permission_client are available. UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): Required by: UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): project :app UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): > Could not find any matches for com.htc.vr:wvr_resource:+ as no versions of com.htc.vr:wvr_resource are available. UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): Required by: UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): project :app If someone can help us troubleshooting this. We don't know what to do, documentation seems incomplete & outdated and the plugin not stable (we have a new bug everyday).
  17. I was wondering if any changes are planned on this front? I'd love a more convenient way to pay for titles from the entertainment catalogue (such as Climbey). A seperate category for native Vive Focus 3 apps in VIveport would be amazing.
  18. Other sources of data include: postal codes, sales volume in a certain area, tax rates, time period spent on a customer, and sales tax rate https://belkins.io/blog/lead-generation-research/how-to-generate-b2b-leads. Using these variables, companies can create the DNA sequencing required to generate the ideal b2b sales leads. In addition, they can also use sequencing to separate qualified prospects from random leads. Once the sequencing is complete, companies can assess the accuracy and usefulness of their marketing campaigns https://folderly.com/.
  19. i wonder how to do that vidmate w3toys/instagram
  20. We got this Trusco XL size case for our HP Reverb G2. https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00762HQES/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . I can tell you that it will hold the Focus 3 just fine for I tested it and it fit without issue.
  21. Thanks, can you get into msinfo32 and screenshot this page for reference? I don't too many experience with AMD CPU laptop, this will help me identify the problem.
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  23. I have tried the other ports and other cables to no avail. The laptop is a Razer 14 https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops/Razer-Blade-14/RZ09-0370CEA3-R3U1 Specifications AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Processor 8 Cores / 16 Threads, 3.3GHz Base, 4.6GHz Max Boost Windows 10 Home 14-inch QHD 165Hz, 2560 x 1440 NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 (8GB VRAM) 1TB SSD (M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4) 16GB DDR4-3200MHz (Fixed Onboard) Per key RGB Powered by Razer Chroma™ N-Key rollover keyboard Product Code: RZ09-0370CEA3-R3U1
  24. Perhaps not. I subscribe to a couple of flight sim forums and there are a few Vive Pro 2 users there now, have not seen anyone mention an issue like this. And these guys can be hard to please at times. Mine is still doing quite well for me , very pleased so far.
  25. Hi @kjakubison We've had URP working since 3.2 (even 3.2 legacy before Unity XR plugin system) so this is unexpected. I tested several apps (and a new project) that uses URP (with Unity 2019.4.28) and updated to the latest Wave 4.1 and no problem Then I tested with all the latest versions: Wave 4.1, Unity 2020.3.14 - in a new proiect using the URP template but using a scene where I converted materials to URP... and I was able to repro. So I will confirm with older projects as well as the template scene soon. So what I see is that the build process is some how reverting the materials to non URP - the editor is showing the pink materials after the build - again this is after converting materials to URP before building. It looks to me so far as a Unity bug - I'm going to continue to isolate the issue and follow up here. I would suggest if you can revert to 2019 - or start going backwards from your current 2020.x version until it works would be the immediate recourse until we can isolate and report the issue.
  26. The mini display port to type c didn't work for me, still giving me black screen after 10 seconds
  27. Hey all, Duplicating a post as I may have posted it to the incorrect area. Unity Version - 2020.1.17f1 URP - 8.3.1, Single Pass Vive Wave XR - I've attempted all of them. 4.0.0 - r28, r39 and 4.1.0-preview 5.1 Vive System Version - 3.0.999.124 Wave SDK Version - 4.1.0-u4 Everything now renders as pink due to removed shaders. Deployment to device provided no issues until Monday afternoon(probably deployed .apk to device over 20 times without issue and shaders/materials rendered properly). To my knowledge, I made no changes to any graphics settings, shader stripping, etc. 2021/07/21 15:16:38.725 10355 10393 Error Unity Unable to find libGfxWXRUnity 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Shader 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/Lit': fallback shader 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/SimpleLit' not found 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Unsupported: 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/Lit' - All subshaders removed 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Did you use #pragma only_renderers and omit this platform? 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity If subshaders removal was intentional, you may have forgotten turning Fallback off? 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity Unsupported: 'Universal Render Pipeline/Particles/Lit' - All subshaders removed 2021/07/21 15:16:44.781 10355 10393 Debug Unity WARNING: Shader Unfortunately, the file upload is not working. Graphics links below. forward renderer https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpervnhrciptb5b/forward_renderer.png?dl=0 graphics https://www.dropbox.com/s/nt39gci0cjfog8r/graphicssettings.png?dl=0 urp https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lpwx04quj98jlp/urp-renderer.png?dl=0 wave sdk https://www.dropbox.com/s/ys6c6yjpibwslu4/wavesdk_settings.png?dl=0
  28. Hi I am curious if there are near-term plans to upgrade the SRWorks plugin to work with UE5 or Vive Pro 2?
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