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  2. Hello, I am a second year student in Software Engineering, working on a thesis regarding authentication through eye-tracking and recognition and the security of these methods. The research is important because of the steady increase and development within the xR field. Eye-recognition and tracking is becoming a bigger part of many headsets. It is important that biometric data used in these devices can't be stolen and is properly secured. Additionally it is equally important that such options can't be fooled by upcoming imaging and video techniques. So far I have been
  3. Code is invalid. So stupid and frustrating.
  4. It was motion compensation, But did not work. And when i started it steam crash and blocked add-on. That was when vive dashbord gave me high Cpu usage https://ovrmc.dschadu.de/en/faq
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  6. I recently moved out of my old apartment and moved into a new place. before i took it down it ran smooth as butter. When i set my vive back up and tried playing some beat saber, it was stuttering horribly. instead of minimizing the app like SteamVR usually does, the display would freeze in place. It's a full system freeze for just a second, I am unable to move my mouse or do anything while it stutters. It happens pretty randomly but is very prone to happening when the boundary appears. Theres no rhyme or reason, sometimes it stutters, while other times it's relatively fine. Ive che
  7. Does the "Pro Attach kit" come with the wireless adapter now or is that an additional charge? I am assuming that it does and that the "Pro Attach kit" is just for those who bought the wireless adapter before the Vive Pro 1 was released.
  8. HTC never specifies on their website whether the 120 degrees is horizontal or diagonal. It just says in the specs sheet "Up to 120 degrees". There is a HUGE difference between 120 degrees horizontal which is much wider than many standard VR headsets, and 120 degrees diagonal which in comparison, Reverb G2 has 114 degrees diagonal. So can HTC answer this question clearly once and for all? Is it 120 degrees HORIZONTAL? Or is it 120 degrees Diagonal?
  9. Hello @Nosnik Things are a little different in HK. Please fill out the following form and someone will contact you directly to arrange for it https://business.vive.com/hk/enterprise_inquiry/ https://www.vive.com/hk/product/vive-pro2/overview/
  10. @Fangh I can confirm that at launch Focus 3 will not support API-access to the cameras due to the privacy concerns for our enterprise clients. This is a topic of active conversation - if the situation changes we'll certainly communicate it loudly.
  11. @Fangh- I will ask the WaveSDK team for a first party confirmation about API access to the front-facing cameras. Privacy is a key concern on this HMD due to the clients buying it. The headset itself does have stereocorrect pass-through on the OS level so you don't have to take off the headset to view the outside world. That said, the camera output within the HMD is similar to Quest 2's - albeit a bit higher resolution and I think a bit faster frame-rate.
  12. Forgot to mention, all the issues are on the Vive Focus Plus device.
  13. Ya, my OG pre-order Cosmos is still in its box waiting for improvements which never seem to ever happen. At least my Vive Pro full kit w/Index controllers does work very well.
  14. Damn I don't know why I had hoped this would spark a more active discussion or that I might find other quiet and frustrated cosmos users to discuss it with. HTC are such a massive letdown, it must be depressing to have worked on the cosmos and produce such a terrible result. You're right, I suppose we should just face the music and accept that Cosmos is abandoned and the poor state of the tracking now is truly the best their engineers could do. I just wish there were more effective ways to communicate how upsetting this whole ordeal was. There's no way I buy anything that HTC ha
  15. Hi, I am a developer on the Unity asset AVPro Video. We have had a few developers who use our asset report crashing issues when using the Vive Wave SDK Unity plugin with our asset. I am wondering if anyone at Vive could help us iron out what might be causing the issue such that they are able to better co-exist. We have three bug reports that an be found at: https://github.com/RenderHeads/UnityPlugin-AVProVideo/issues/499 https://github.com/RenderHeads/UnityPlugin-AVProVideo/issues/644 https://github.com/RenderHeads/UnityPlugin-AVProVideo/issues/775 Any an
  16. Hello Everyone, with the Vivecon going on, we know that the Focus 3 will be available soon and that's a greate news. However, this source, states that it will be no more possible to get access to the camera video stream. It is a shame because, as a developer, I use this camera stream to do some Mixed Reality. I use it to read a QR-Code to be able to read the position of a real object and position the virtual one at the same place. The camera stream was very useful to make some Mixed Reality app and be able to merge the real and virtual world. If it is not possible, I have to s
  17. Hi, Patrick Can you tell us, what is a name of bad add-on ?
  18. How to preorder the Vive Pro 2 in HK? Many thanks!
  19. @luiluks No need to thank me 🙂 it is mostly from the the script written by Yu Imaoka and Andri Flury at D-HEST, ETH Zurich. (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.visres.2013.02.007) be sure to reference them if you use the script! did you update the file name every time? if the script detects a file with the same name, it would shut off. Do you have SRanipal Eye Framework prefab in your scene and enabled eye data callback & using the version 2? make an empty game object in your scene and add the script on that empty!
  20. @Greenbert - You would not be able to do full body tracking with Cosmos without implementing an expensive external tracking system like OptiTrack. What you're going to want to use is an HMD that uses SteamVR tracking (I.E. Vive Pro) and then use the Vive Trackers. Cosmos can use the trackers if you have the external tracking mod. Here's an example of motion capture software designed for the Trackers: https://www.enter-reality.it/project-rigel
  21. As Fox said, Wireless Adapter work does with with Pro 2. You need to "Pro Attach kit" which is the kit that contains the special short cable to attach a Pro/Pro 2 to the adapter. There will be a software update post launch, which will be needed to achieve higher resolutions. Out of the box, it will upscale.
  22. @bert.haddad You can simply use VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex()) to get device state which you can query information such as serialNumber, modelNumber, deviceModel, ...etc. Let me know if you are still having issue. UPDATE: Code sample as follows, ViveRoleProperty role = ViveRoleProperty.New(HandRole.RightHand); var deviceState = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex());
  23. For further clarification.My name is Sebastian Jonsson and I am a second-year student at the Swedish Linnaeus University, working towards my candidate.I am reaching out to you because I am currently doing my second-year thesis at a B-level which is regarding biometric authentication in regards to the ocular and periocular areas, very well used in many Head-mounted displays.I hope that you wish to take part in an anonymous survey that has been sent out to several other companies and forums.I will leave a link to the survey here as there is a time limit on the thesis I am working on, and any que
  24. In your profile...tick the checkboxes under "marketing communication". Let us know if the discount code you receive works. My promo code comes up "invalid".
  25. Last week
  26. Looking a bit further by myself, it seems Support may have misspoke. I went to the main page: https://www.vive.com/us/ And scrolled all the way down and found the newsletter you can sign up for. Whether the ViveCon 2021 registration link HTC Support provided me is equivalent to the Newsletter I found by myself after scouring the website is unknown. I would just do both if I were you until we have some confirmation.
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