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  2. We were updating our upm this week to ensure that the latest versions were selected as the default. The times seem to correlate roughly when this work was happening, from my best understanding. Thank you for your patience πŸ™‚
  3. @C.T. I just got my 2nd RMA report. It says no fault found. Yet in their email earlier, it says they fixed the problem. I hope to God when I get the Vive Pro 2 it will produce a display and no more error code 200. Email received earlier today before the report was done... Now I just got this report... ***EDIT*** Oh wait... ANOTHER report has just come in... πŸ˜‚ I don't know if I should laugh or cry, or if I'm going to get a working Vive Pro 2 back for a 2nd time.
  4. Hy executing the file did nothing. It just won't open. The path you mentioned regarding the log files sadly does not exist.. Thank you for helping!
  5. Have set up everything on a colleague's machine and it works perfectly for them. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Unity and so on but afterwards I still get the same issue. Just re-importing the library folder now to see if that will fix it. Otherwise I must assume that something is very wrong with my machine, but I have no idea what. It still only refuses to compile shader variants when deploying with Wave XR checked in the XR Plug-in Management part of settings. This could be related to the following issue as it seems pretty similar:
  6. @Dario could you possibly elaborate on what you mean by read only materials in Packages?
  7. My requirement is that when users use HTC Vive Pro Eye to watch panoramic videos, I record the time stamp, video playback time, and eyeball position data. The official SRanipal SDK C source code solved most of my problems. But I don’t know how to record the playbacktime of video when the user watches the video. In addition, there is a structure about eyeball information in the C source code, in which I am very curious about timestamp which indicates the time when the frame was capturing in millisecond // The code is in SRanipal_EyeData_v1.h which is offically provided. namespace ViveSR { namespace anipal { /** * Eye module */ namespace Eye { /** @struct EyeData * A struct containing all data listed below. */ struct EyeData { bool no_user; int frame_sequence;/*!<The frame sequence.*/ int timestamp;/*!<The time when the frame was capturing. in millisecond.*/ VerboseData verbose_data; }; } } }
  8. Hi everyone! I have one question about the Vive Tracker. Currently, I would like to detect the posture of the user when running while wearing the HMD. I would like to use the Vive Tracker to detect the user's movements. Since the HTC Vive ProEye is too heavy for the user, we tried to use the Oculus Quest 2 or Vive Focus Plus. Is there any way to use Oculus Quest 2 and Vive Tracker at the same time, because I can't seem to use Vive Tracker with XR Interaction Toolkit. Also, is it possible to use Vive Focus Plus and Vive Tracker at the same time? I'd like to avoid using running VR content for long periods of time while wearing the Vive ProEye.
  9. you don't need to install vive console if you are using HTC VIVE (OG Vive)
  10. mine works fine. with the same W11 built. Have you tried this article yet?
  11. Sorry to confuse you all, the OpenXR option is for Cosmos only. Cosmos Elite and VP2 will need to use SteamVR OpenXR, and by default you don't need to change anything.
  12. Using motion smoothing in VR, Valve or HTC, is sort of like using stretched SD on a 4K TV. If you need that, you are indeed better to stick to your 27" CRT.
  13. Last week
  14. Good Afternoon, I'm trying to identify the differences between the above two packages to see which fits our needs better for Unity Development. I've explored both a little but I'm hoping for there to be a document or reference highlighting the significant differences. We intend to use Focus 3's as our target headset, as well as the most recent support Unity LTS. Thanks
  15. Hey @zzy I've tried with 2020.3.11f1 as I already had it installed and had the same result. My phone is a Xiaomi P20 Pro in case that matters and also tried with a Samsung A50, both of which are on the ARCore supported list. I've recreated the project and attached it together with two logs from the P20Pro. One where there is no XR Provider set and one where ARCore is set. I see that there is a camera error when transitioning from reconfiguring to capturing. AnotherARProject.rar Thank you for the help. ARCoreXRProvider.txt NoXRPluginProvider.txt
  16. C.T. I updated but do not see an Open XR option in the Advanced settings menu of Vive Console. Is that only for Cosmos? I have Vive Pro 2.
  17. This is for Wifi Direct Preview. It is working in a similar sense to USB debugging so far. URP is not enabled the current version is 2020.3.18f though I have tested and had matching results on 2019.4.30f
  18. I am working on an application that is fairly heavy and cannot quite keep up the native 90FPS refresh rate of the Vive Focus 3. As a result, it drops to the next harmonic: 45FPS. The app could keep up a 60FPS rate, maybe even 72FPS. So I'm wondering if there's any way to tweak the VF3 firmware to change the native refresh rate down to one of those values?
  19. After reinstalling SteamVR and Vive again motion smoothing trough steam seems to be working as it should
  20. Hi all, I'm having issues getting the wave sdk to work with Unity. Details are as follows: When I run the application on the Focus 3 all materials are pink. The shaders have not been found 😭 I'm using the following Unity Version: 2020.3.17f1 (LTS) "com.unity.xr.management": "4.0.7", "com.htc.upm.wave.essence": "4.1.1-r.3.1", "com.unity.render-pipelines.universal": "10.6.0", Basically the issue/repro steps are as follows: Create new URP project, use the default scene in the build. Switch to Android platform, add OpenGL, remove Vulkan (may take some time) Try and build an .apk, observe that shader variants are compiled for build (cancel, before they all compile) Package manager -> install com.unity.xr.management Try and build an .apk, observe that shader variants are compiled for build (cancel, before they all compile) Add "scopedRegistries": [ { "name": "VIVE", "url": "https://npm-registry.vive.com/", "scopes": [ "com.htc.upm" ] } ] to packages manifest, enable Preview Packages and install com.htc.upm.wave.essence via package manager Visit Project settings, XR Plug-in Management (at the bottom), and enable WaveXR under android Plug-in providers Agree to all settings suggested by WaveXRPlayerSettingsConfigDialogue (found via ProjectSettings, Wave XR, playersettings configure dialogue button) Perhaps convert main camera to an XR rig, not sure how important that is. Try and build an .apk, observe that shader variants are NOT compiled for build. If you run this build on the device you should observe that all materials are pink. Return to Project Settings, XR Plug-in Management (at the bottom), and disable WaveXR and enable Oculus under android Plug-in providers Try and build an .apk, observe that shader variants are compiled for build (cancel, before they all compile) For me it seems that URP shaders just don't get compiled for some reason when using the wave sdk. They do when using the Oculus sdk. I have no idea why. I tried adding a shader variant collection tracking the URP lit shader variants etc, shoved it in a resources folder and even referenced it in a scene. Still no shader variant compilation during build. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  21. I will add that i see an update box come up at times andsays download completed but blue bar at 10% and seems it just crashes with no codes or anything almost instantly. Then console wont start but starts the next time. Same once Steam VR restarted to update HMD and it never asked again. Hard to say if its actually doing anything.
  22. Hello Windows 10 latest Nvidia 472.12 3090 Amd 5900X Msi tomahawk X570 Im trying to get motion smoothing with my htc vive v1 When i installed it via viveport and selected it it would not install vive console at all. So i installed vive console trough steam. I have tried every troubleshoot tip but it just says the headset cannot be detected in the console yet it works just fine in SteamVR. What am i supposed to do here?
  23. Hello, I am just curious. What was the motion behind idea of adding loading bar to website https://developer-express.vive.com ? It loads on every page and it's really annoying. Though the page consists of just simple text and some images and it doesn't need this functionality at all. Why did you do this? Have a nice day
  24. Hi @jwatson, May we clarify if you use USB or WIFI for Direct Preview? If it's under USB, then it's non issue. In addition, may we know if your environment is Unity 2020 and do you enable URP? Thanks.
  25. Hi @C.T. You received my HTC Vive Pro 2, link box and cable on Monday. This was after the 1st RMA when I received it back from HTC Romania. Did you experience the same issue? No display and error 200? My 1st RMA only took 1 week. Do you have an update for me please? Thank you.
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