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  3. Hello everyone,, Vive Wave VR open platform, which is basically Daydream for China with 12 hardware partners already signed up, including Quanta, Pimax, Nubia, iQIYI and more. With the Vive Wave SDK, vendors can integrate accessories -- be it a Leap Motion, gloves or even outside-in solutions for 6DoF input (and potentially eye-tracking solutions to ease up rendering resources). more info about what is it in the original article : https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/13/htc-vive-focus-standalone-vr-headset-daydream/
  4. Hi A-Jey. I had a similar experience and then later the inside out view changed to the outline view seemingly by itself. I couldn't change it back via the console so I went to the Origin start point (not my default) and on the shelf there are two HMD's I picked up the Cosmos and brought it up to my head and it changed back to the more familiar (realistic) pass through view for the Cosmos and has stayed like that. Give it a try.
  5. Played v1.8.0.3 tonight. Honestly, it was the most fun I've had in the headset. It was much harder to notice the edges of the field of view without the vignette. However, can't say I'd recommend this headset just yet for $699. Tracking was... OK, but still worse than the competition. I think the biggest problems are wobbling controllers and controllers getting "stuck" (usually from brief occlusion or brief exit of the camera's tracking volume). I would still get occasional "low light" warnings. Headset tracking had a very slight wobble to it, but much better than the controllers. Frame rate drops <90 FPS are quite apparent... I'd love to use the compensation option in Vive Console, but it causes significant artifacts, likely because it isn't using the depth buffer. I think I'm going to keep it, and I really hope you guys keep improving it. I'm more hopeful than ever.
  6. After using v1.8.0.3 beta, I'd consider this issue resolved! Disabling the vignette squeezes out another ~2 degrees horizontal to about 98 degrees, and it feels like that is as good as its going to get. The Odyssey+ is a hair better horizontally, but I think the Cosmos is better vertically and diagonally by a hair. Thank you and well done! I will note, you really need thinner facial padding (or none) to really benefit from this. Thinner forehead padding is icing on the cake.
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  8. Office rooms normally got a very even lightning condition and normally bright walls. Users gaming rooms usually are the opposite of that. So our feedback is important imho.
  9. @stvnxu: I mean, every Monitor got brightness and contrast controls and every Smartphone got a brightness control. For me it makes no sense to spare it out on a VR Display. And it's not only an advantage for games for dark games to get them brighter. It's also an arguments for bright games on wireless adapter where you could turn it a bit darker to get more playtime out of the battery juice. About integration just look here (starting at 15:13)
  10. @stvnxu: did I see wrong or did you change something with the inside out cam settings? The camera view seems to be different as with the old beta (kinda more milky/brighter appearance of the see through view now. Under the same cloudy conditions that I got yesterday there were situations where the controllers went crazy with the new Beta. This time I tested Racket NX, first with the and directly after that with the new Beta update. With the Racket NX was working without problems. With the new update I missed quite a lot of hits. Back in the main menu of the game the controllers stuck in front my chest, doing all turnings but no movement sideways or up/downwards. Also I got more dark light messages again. For me this Beta update feels a bit like a step back.
  11. Yes I tied it but it doesn't really affect in game content. Do you get to try the product yourself with these sorts of things? Thanks
  12. Is there a plan to sell just the battery? Or is there another compatible battery? I'd love a spare to swap out without having to purchase another $50 kit.
  13. @hamez88, Cloudhead is still working on ironing out a few technical things for the Viveport release - there should be a formal update on the release very soon.
  14. @Landable_land might work but not very well imho. The mobile version of the gtx1060 is not as powerful as its desktop version. I believe that Vive recommendations a gtx1070 or better for laptops.
  15. So this is what i get. Would this work in the same way yours does?
  16. What is happening with the release, it said it was meant to be released on the 18th of November, which has come and gone, but it still says coming soon. Now the release date has dissappeared from the page and it says latest update to the game was the 19th of November. (back on the 18th) Does anybody know what is happening?
  17. I also tried this beta last night (fairly low light conditions) and tracking was worse. I could not even play Angry Birds (slingshot). I tried again this morning under better lighting and tracking was much better, but not any better than imho. I agree with Dickytwo, we need some significant tracking improvements asap. Also, tracking must be a lot more light tolerant imho.
  18. Just to elaborate on my sub comment, I would really like HTC to say some comment like 'We are bringing out some kick ass tracking update that will most probably solve all your tracking issues' on so and so date. At the moment, we get updates which explain what they think they are fixing, and then seem to rely on us to give the ok on them. I know and appreciate that they are trying to fix this, but can you please give us a timeline on the major issue, which is overall tracking. At the moment we seem to be getting 'mickey mouse' updates to tide us by.
  19. I tried this update briefly at lunchtime but had to return to work. Now this is different testing for me because most of my testing takes place under bulb light in the evenings. My orientation had me facing a window with sunlight but not shining directly at the headset.. However I found the tracking worse than the night before (playing Beat Saber). Should this be the case? The controllers suddenly decided to stay in one place occasionally only turning when I turned the controller. Surely I don;t need to re calibrate every time under different light conditions? So unfortunately, overall, giving the ok to tracking is still way off for me 😞 As a sub comment, you seem to be relying heavily on us to do all the testing for these updates. Isn't HTC a big enough company to do this testing 95% themselves? And if so, why are we still having issues? This is the biggest thing that worries me.
  20. @Phr00t Nice picture but maybe try to find one with a Cosmos approved GPU. I don't think a GeForce GT 555M is going to make the cut, lol! @Landable_land If I were you I would avoid any VR with a laptop. It's always going to be a bit hit and miss imho. I've been there done that btw. I started VR almost 3 years ago with a pretty good quality Alienware 17r4 gaming laptop (i7 7700hq, gtx1060 6gb, 32Gb ram, 256mb ssd 1tb hdd) and to be honest it really did not run very many VR apps very well, esp. flight and racing sims. I finally bit the bullet and built a proper desktop gaming PC 6 months ago (i9 9900k water cooled, gtx1080ti, 32gb 3000 ram, 1tb ssd, 4tbhdd). This has made the world of difference to my VR experience. If you cannot afford to do this I would maybe consider a mobile VR option like the Vive Focus, Oculus Quest, or Oculus Go.
  21. Look for a DisplayPort icon on the side of the NVIDIA card in these NVIDIA PhysX settings: There should be a DisplayPort icon on the USB C port indicating it supports this "alternate" mode. If not, there might be another MiniDisplayPort on the laptop that outputs from the NVIDIA GPU, which case you'd need a MiniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. I haven't confirmed any cables of that type to work personally -- but I suspect one exists. If it says it supports DisplayPort v1.4 or 8K video, you should be OK. EDIT: This information should be pinned, in my humble opinion.
  22. @viacom-wes The first thing that comes to mind is generational compatibility. There are two generations of trackers and two generations of basestations currently in circulation. Trackers with grey Vive logos can only be used with 1.0 basestations Trackers with blue Vive logos are the newer SKU (tracker 2018) and are compatible with both 1.0 and 2.0 basestations. I'd first recommend checking which generation gear you have as the behavior you described is most consistent with what you'd see with a generational mismatch.
  23. How would one check if my USB C port is also a DisplayPort in "alternate" mode, and it connects directly to my NVIDIA GPU? Sorry i'm a bit of a noob with this stuff.
  24. Hello everyone,, The first thing we tend to think when we hear about eye tracking in the vive pro, is that foveated rendering isn't that usefull without a better resolution. But then we see use cases, with a coaching application to help speak in public, that can check if we do good eye contact. Then I am thinking that it means than in Pavlov I could see the eyes of someone, when he is talking, and just know he is talking to me. Actually this is often so awkward, you must wave at someone, or put yourself in front of him so he can understand you are talking to him. This brings better social immersion, and this really mater I think. However what is funny is that when you buy knuckles you benefit the most of them, but with eye tracking, I think it's the one watching you that benefit the most of your purchase xD
  25. This one works, *IF* your USB C port is also a DisplayPort in "alternate" mode, *AND* it connects directly to your NVIDIA GPU: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-DisplayPort-Aluminum-Compatible/dp/B07F17ZHJY/ I use it with my Vive Cosmos. No other USB C -> DisplayPort cables worked.
  26. Hello Were in the same predicament with Casting from HTC VIVE FOCUS, I can cast to Samsung TV and via Microsoft Wireless adaptor but it only shows half the screen - see attachement. Has anyone got any advice on how to rectify this? @Tony PH Lin
  27. I have more but are running out off time for my real tennis night
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